Suspended payments for 6 months because they were seen carrying a food parcel.

Dear readers it’s Thursday and blog day. Please may I start by thanking you all for your support for my blog and my campaign.

I’m still here writing and it’s all thanks to you all.

Today was freezing cold and the crowd was gathered awaiting out food parcels.

This week we had a very kind donation of four extra food parcels from a friend.

It’s a good job that we had these extra food parcels because they were all taken.

I’m going to list today’s conversations. Please note that everyone was given appropriate help, advice, signposting etc. I even went to Wilkinsons to buy some dog food for a dog who’s owner needed a food parcel.

Many people either forget that people struggling have pets and they need to eat. Others reckon that we shouldn’t have any pets, we aren’t deserving of anything.

A much loved pet can be a lifeline for their owner and no one should be criticised for owning one.

The first conversation that I had was with a man who told me that his payments have been suspended for six months. He is claiming the ESA element of Universal credit.

I asked why and he told me that he had been reported to the DWP because he was seen carrying one of our food parcels.

I advised him to appeal this decision and he told me that he’d been advised that he can’t.

Luckily I have contacts that will be able to help him, but regardless of that he shouldn’t be expected to go without any payments for 6 months.

It’s absolutely ridiculous and is so punishing. It’s hellish and shouldn’t be happening at all.

I spoke to a young man that had to walk miles from his home to get to the Jobcentre. He told me that if he’s lucky a bus driver will let him get on a bus for nothing, if they won’t he walks.

I signposted him and bought him some dog food for his dog.

I had a conversation with a woman regarding self employment and universal credit.

Gordon spoke to two people that were making new universal credit claims and needed documentation to do so.

I spoke to a man that’s in the process of being evicted from his home. We advised him to the best of our abilities and I signposted him as well.

I overheard a man shouting ‘B####d sanctions.

I then had a long conversation with a young 18yr old woman that was crying when she was leaving the Jobcentre.

Her advisor had told her that she’s not trying hard enough to find a job, her efforts are rubbish etc. You get the idea.

The truth is that she is trying her hardest to do everything properly but it is a struggle.

No one has shown her how to find a job, how to apply for one and no one has given her any decent career advice.

Her advisor hasn’t told her about further education nor have they told her about apprenticeships etc. They refuse to help whilst criticising her to the point of tears.

Luckili we were there and I sat down with her and gave her some advice, but equally as important compassion.

For heavens sake she’s only 18 years of age, she needs guidance and hasn’t got a good family network to support her.

I gave her a copy of our survival guide and asked her to phone me if she needed my help or even just a cuppa and a conversation.

The advisor that upset her to the point of tears should be ashamed of themselves, but they won’t be. An 18yr old claimant is an easy target for them isn’t it.

I spoke to a chap that had just failed his universal credit esa element medical assessment. He is appealing this but as usual the DWP have zero compassion.

He’s been told that he has to agree to look for work whilst his appeal is being processed. If he doesn’t agree to this they’ll stop his claim.

The DWP don’t recognise that having a disability can and does prevent a person from working. Persecuting them for this won’t cure their disability it’ll make things much worse for them. Many die, some take their own life.

It’s sickening that people are being treated in this manner, it’s not getting any better it’s becoming much worse.

I honestly don’t know how we’re going to survive another five years of this.

Please read, share, tweet, blog, email my blog. It’s so important that we get the truth out there.

We will be returning to Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre next week from 10am to 12 noon. Please come and say hello.

For anyone wanting to donate there’s a PayPal button at the top and side of my blog.

Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Suspended payments for 6 months because they were seen carrying a food parcel.”

  1. The DWP are the most two-faced, hypocritical liars and fraudsters employed by the government. They are nasty trying to guilt-trip claimants into feeling ashamed and in the wrong when claiming entitlements, as well as being manipulative and deceitful towards them. No wonder there has been so many assaults on DWP staff.
    I intend exposing the nastiness, lies, fraud and deceit they inflicted into my life, and I shall use the titles to politely show what I think by means of acronyms to sum up all who work for this fraudulent institution:
    Fraudsters Under Cover Known In National Government
    Corrupt Uncivil Narcissistic Thuggish Servants
    And No Doubt
    Bureaucrats Are Such Their Attitudes Really Do Stink
    I’m not going to let them brush the wrongdoings they have done to me under the carpet – I have too much evidence and am finding more out about these cheats, liars and deceivers daily.


  2. That’s ridiculous, they can’t sanction someone for receiving a food parcel! Regarding pet food, my local foodbank where I volunteer are appealing for cat food at the moment as they have completely run out and are desperate for it, so if anyone in the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire reads this and are able to donate cat food or anything else it would be greatly appreciated:


      1. Oh I see, so it’s a disability issue, if you’re able to carry a bag of food you are fit to work. Still ridiculous. I’m not disabled but I struggle to carry shopping home, and can’t afford to use buses, I feel shattered when I get in, but it doesn’t mean that I’m fit enough to do manual labour 8 – 10 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. It’s enough for me just doing part time voluntary work at the foodbank, which is hard work in itself at busy times of the year, plus it’s a 40 min. walk to get there and I’m nearly 60.


      2. And just how are they to get their bag of food home? If they can’t afford to buy the food, they can’t afford to get a taxi to take it home, can they? Or do they just starve?

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