I’m not spamming WordPress has had issues today.

Dear readers.

I have not intentionally spammed my latest post. WordPress was having problems and it wasn’t my fault. For that I apologise.

Sadly I don’t own WordPress and can’t control any problems that they have.

Im sorry that this has offended some people and I really don’t appreciate being sent hate messages and abuse for this.

Thank you so much to those of you who reached out to me to ask if everything was OK.

I’m just trying to do my best to help folk and to record events via my blog. And this doesn’t justify any of the abusive stuff sent to me.

We are better than this.

Once again I’m extremely sorry and I hope that this never happens again.


8 thoughts on “I’m not spamming WordPress has had issues today.”

  1. Hi Charlotte sorry you have had probs. I got quite a bunch of same message and instantly assumed there was a problem with WordPress, not that you were fiendishly cackling and posting multiple times to annoy people who wake up ready to be annoyed by the slightest thing. Not everybody who uses the internet knows how it works and what can go wrong. I am bveing kind here.Very annoying for you, I hope WP will sort themselves out. Don’t let it stop you posting.


  2. No worries Charlotte. I don’t know why anyone would get annoyed about it, I received the posting twice, big deal, simply deleted the second one as it appeared to be the same one, and I haven’t even noticed anything about the adverts. I think my brain is trained to automatically ignore ads lol 😃

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  3. Oh, thank you so much!!! It had never occurred to me that WordPress can have issues too. (But of course!) Suddenly makes you realize how well it usually works. Been having issues on one of my blogs and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. (Hackers? LOL)

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  4. Hi Charlotte,
    I was wondering how these obviously American scam artist ads appear while I read your pages. I use the Brave browser which has inbuilt ad-blocking and is normally very good at stopping ads. It’s possible WordPress has been hacked.


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