I dream about being able to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

Dear readers what a horrible week it has been in parliament, I’m certain that you’re feeling the ramifications of this.

At the moment we are having to put up with a government that throws constant hatred out towards others with absolute no ramifications at all. Their hostile environment has certainly become a whole lot more hostile.

Right wing politicians, newspapers and followers are being encouraged by the government to abuse people especially left wing politicians and individuals.

I’ve had to start carrying a personal alarm with me at all times.It saddens me greatly that this is happening, we already have enough to cope with trying to survive from day to day.

This week I will be concentrating on one conversation that I had this morning.

All food parcels were taken as soon as they arrived. It’s not becoming better it’s getting much worse.

Whilst I condone the need for foodbanks the realisation that thousands of people would have either died or become extremely ill without them.

It goes without saying that the Tory party don’t give a stuff. But we already know this don’t we.

Every week for years now I’ve had some lovely conversations with some amazing people trying their best to survive whilst dealing with the DWP system. They’re the true heroes of society not someone wearing a suit and spouting all the right words. To survive the DWP system is a massive achievement and we need to recognise this more.

This morning I had a conversation with a lovely chap, I’m probably the only person that he talks to all week. He’s always got a smile to spare for others but he’s suffering greatly.

He hasn’t been able to have a proper cooked meal for a long time, and told me that he couldn’t remember the last time that he had been able to eat properly.

Being constantly hungry and having to rely upon foodbanks is taking its toll both mentally and physically. Mentally he’s feeling completely worn down, he’s trying his best but not achieving much in the DWPs eyes. He knows that he needs to find work but it’s hard, very hard.

Physically he’s feeling terrible. He’s unable to buy fresh vegetables and fruit and his diet which mainly consists of tinned food and cheap carbohydrates is taking its toll, telling me that he dreams of being able to buy some fresh vegetables and fruit and eating them. He knows the importance of a good diet but how on earth can he eat healthily when he hasn’t got the ability to do so.

This is a massive problem in society at the moment but it’s rarely spoken about.

It’s easy to become overweight when relying upon cheap quick food yet the media fat shame just about anyone they can find who happens to be overweight.

Dieticians and celebrity chefs can have as many programmes as they want on television to teach is how to eat healthily but they haven’t got a clue about what the reality of the situation is.

We don’t have enough money to buy fancy ingredients or the next new superfood whatever that might be at the moment.

Jack Monroe appears to be the only one that does know because she’s lived the foodbank life. Check her work out she’s fabulous.

We can’t afford to eat properly we’ve only got the means to survive.

If you take any message from my blog let it be this.

We aren’t responsible for the way that the government is treating us. Poverty is extremely hard to escape from, it follows us about everywhere.

You are not to blame for this.

Don’t listen to the Tories when they say that finding work pays. It doesn’t and this has been proven time and again. Universal credit has been created to make us fail, to make us dissappear, to make us give up.

Almost every person that I spoke to today was suffering because of the system that’s intent upon making them fail.

I want to tell the man that I spoke to today who’s too ill to work but is forced too look that he doesn’t have to look for work.

Basically I want a magic wand to stop this eternal suffering felt by thousands upon thousands of people every day.

I want to bring back industry to areas like mine where there is none. I wnt suitable jobs for everyone who is able to and wants to work. I want employers to be flexible around childcare and other family duties

I want people who have a disability or are ill to be respected instead of being failed at every step and constantly punished for existing.

I want a society that understands that not everyone has access to the Internet or a computer.

I want to see the end of universal credit and it be replaced with a fair and understanding system that helps not punishes people.

I want everyone to live in decent housing, not stuck in a B&B or suchlike. Everyone deserves a good place to call home.

I want everyone to be able to have a good and varied diet without worrying where their next meal is coming from and when.

I want children to be happy, not hungry and certainly not worrying about when they’ll get their next meal and certainly not to be forced to wear clothes that they’ve grown out of because their parents can’t afford to buy new ones.

I could go on forever but you get the jist.

What I can do though is to buy some fresh fruit and veg for the chap that I was speaking to today.

I can continue to help others and advise them. I can become a friend to them and I can be a shoulder to cry on. I can do this and I will continue to for as long as I’m able to.

I apologise for this weeks rant. Today hit me very hard, we’ve now become so poor that instead of dreaming about going on holiday or suchlike we’re dreaming about being able to eat fruit and vegetables.

Sad, bad times indeed.

Many thanks to Gordon for helping today. I apologise for this weeks blog I’ll be back to normal next week.

Please read, share tweet and email my blog.

Please support my blog and campaign. Many thanks to everyone that has already. You all mean the world to me.

9 thoughts on “I dream about being able to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.”

  1. Are there any local allotments that could maybe help out by donating spare food to the foodbanks. I know someone who has set this up in one area by contacting the allotment president and asking. I get that we shouldn’t have to do this but they have gluts of food sometimes and might donate it ifvthey know who to give it to.


  2. I sympathise with the man who can’t get fresh fruit and vegetables. Almost the only time I’ve had fresh fruit this year is when I went out to pick the wild stuff (there’s a small advantage to living in Oldham in that it has a lot of uncultivated patches of countryside within its boundaries) but much of it was crab apples, which as people know is inedible unless you cook it with plenty of sugar. And the only way I can afford fresh vegetables is when I get spuds and cabbage to put in the scouse (stew). I have had to try to explain to my practice nurse and GP that I can’t afford the fresh-fruit-and-vegetable diet they recommend for diabetics, so they don’t think I’m just ignoring their advice, but they just don’t get it.


  3. Do you have a link to Jack Munroe? Does she have a blog or is she a book author?
    My friend C, pretty much survives on Food Pantries. The last ones only had a few fruits, one bread, one milk and one meat. Nothing canned, at all. I know donations are down now. But, they should get better around the holidays.


  4. I need to improve my diet too. Just got blood test results and my cholesterol has come down a bit but is still on high side, and my blood sugar has risen again back into pre-diabetic range. They say I need to cut down on carbs and eat more protein, not easy when you are skint and get by on cheap staples like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc. Having said that I made a chickpea & potato curry and bulked it out with Nasturtium leaves out of the garden, a cheap green leafy alternative to spinach. I remember a few years ago in Bradford my neighbours were so skint they were eating nettles. Remind me again which century are we living in?

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    1. Charlotte and Trevor like u I’m so angry about the situation. Just yesterday we had 3 siblings in our school come in so hungry we provided a breakfast. They’re new ro the school. Hopefully our Safeguarding team can find out what’s going on and help. Within a few weeks of our town going onto UC we had referred 5 families to foodbanks


      1. That’s awful it really is. The sad fact is that some foodbanks only allow 3 food parcels a year. That ruling needs to change. Independent foodbanks are usually more tolerant and understanding.


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