Man threatened with eviction by landlord because his rent is a week late due to ESA payment delay.

Dear readers, its Thursday again and blog day. Today’s demo was very productive and many conversations were had and help given even though there was just two of us there today.

We really would like it if more people could join us but I also realise that many can’t for a wide range of reasons. It’s very hard to get the publics support for campaigns like mine because poverty isn’t pretty, poverty is depressing and harsh. It also reminds people that they could too be in the same position at any given moment. It’s a tough one I know but campaigners countrywide would love more support either face to face or online.

I’m still battling a virus and we still haven’t got a date for my dads funeral and I’m still grieving, so please be patient with me I am doing my best in limited circumstances.

Anyway enough about me onto todays demo and conversations. Please note that we gave help, advice and signposting to everyone that needed it, survival guides were handed out and lots of people were helped.

We do this all on a purely voluntary level and we aren’t funded by anyone. We just can’t abide injustice and the causes of poverty and discrimination, too many people are suffering, too many people are dying.

How many more deaths will it take before the public rise up against the causes? My guess is never, the it’s alright Jack attitude runs through our society preventing many from rising up against anything. This was highlighted today by a conversation that I had with a lovely chap this morning. His attitude towards universal credit was that it’s awful but it’s ok and we should just put up with it because everyone is in the same boat so to speak. We need to change this way of thinking and asap.

This morning there was a large queue for food parcels, indeed I had already had phone calls requesting one. As soon as we arrived with the food parcels they left with the people needing them. I’ve found that a lot of people in my area survive on food parcels being given at different places and free or reduced price meals given at various places.

Life shouldn’t be like this should it, surviving on food parcels and scraps of food. But it is, and the fault lies solely at the feet of the Tory Party. I will never, ever forgive them for this, I’ve never forgiven Thatcher either but that’s another story.

After the food parcels were handed out we had conversations with everyone that received one and checked to see if there’s any progress in their situation or if they need any more help and advice. We never let anyone leave without this.

I spoke to an older man that had been promised that he would receive his first universal credit payment in April, he had waited until this week to see if he actually got his payment and surprise surprise he didn’t.

He phoned up the relevant department and asked them where his payment was. The DWPs reply was cold and uncaring. No apology was made and he was told that he shouldn’t have been told this and he’ll just have to wait like everyone else.

His comment to me was “What am I supposed to do now? How am I supposed to survive now? They just don’t care do they”. Damn right they don’t.

I spoke to a man that was struggling trying to find access to the internet and was forced to just use the Jobcentres computers. I advised him to use the library’s free internet and computers, and also the free WiFi as Ikea etc. He was happy to know this and thanked me.

I briefly spoke to a woman that has very limited eyesight due to cataracts. she told me that she’s struggling with the new building because of the lack of signage etc. Lets hope that this is rectified soon.

We then spoke to a man whom I shall call Bob. This is his story, it might sound familiar to you.

Bob was due his ESA payment on the 16th of April but due to a doctors mistake Bob didn’t receive his payment. Bob enquired as to why he didn’t receive his payment and he was told to hand in another sick note, which he did.

Because of the above Bob was a week late paying his rent, his landlord is already threatening to ‘throw him out’ of his home even though legally he can’t do this. This obviously upset Bob because he had been street homeless for many years and he doesn’t want to have to go through that again. We advised him to the best of our abilities and signposted him.

Bob went on to tell us that his brother had previously won his ESA appeal, even though he had lung cancer and shouldn’t have been made to undergo one of these fake medical assessments. I call them fake because they more or less fail everyone and most people have to appeal this decision.

Bob went on to tell us that his brother recently died in February. He wasn’t even allowed to spend his last days peacefully because he had the DWP asking him to go for medical assessments.

Shame on each and every one of these highly paid so called medical professionals that fail obviously ill and disabled people. One day justice will come knocking at your doors and we’ll be waiting.

I then spoke to a man that said that because everyone’s being treated badly it’s ok because we’re all in the same boat so to speak. My answer was that it’s not ok, it’ll never be ok and it should never be accepted.

We spoke to a man that was given a 166 day sanction because he had attended a work trial organised by the DWP at the same time as his signing on appointment. He had informed his advisor etc, claimed bus fares etc to attend this work trial but he was still sanctioned for apparently not telling his advisor when he did.

You really couldn’t make up this could you. It’s downright persecution of the poorest because many feel that they cant fight back.

We signposted him to our local MPs office who will be able to help him with this.

We spoke to a man that told us that he had just signed off because he’d found himself a full time job, a rarity these days. We congratulated him and his smile said it all.

As he was leaving he said that he’d never sign up for that (universal credit) again. Can you blame him, I don’t. Many people choose to take themselves off the system because they can’t cope with it. Many of these people are street homeless struggling to survive.

There is a direct connection to street homelessness and universal credit and this needs to be reported more widely.

I briefly spoke to an older woman whom I shall name Joan as she was walking into the Jobcentre. She told me that she hates it in the Jobcentre because they always make her feel like shes done something wrong.

Joan has been sanctioned because she was in hospital and missed her signing on appointment. She has never been told the length of her sanction and wasn’t told that she can appeal this also.

We advised her, and signposted her to our local MPs office who will treat her with dignity and respect and hopefully overturn the sanction for her.

My heart goes out to each and every person that has been sanctioned, failed ridiculous so called medical assessment, has an awful landlord, cant manage on universal credit, can’t feed themselves or their children. It’s a long list isn’t it and I could go on for forever but you get the idea.

This state sanctioned abuse of the poor and disabled needs to stop and soon. Far too many people are dying, too many people are suffering.

I just wish that more people would realise that this could happen to them at any given time. Society needs to be more compassionate towards each other. It’s not a crime to be poor, but it is a crime to abuse those that are poor.

This all happened in less than two hours, and it was a quiet morning. Can you imagine how awful it is across the country? It’s much worse than the public and some politicians realise.

Please read, share, email and tweet my blog. It’s so important to get the word out there.

Many thanks to Roy for helping me this morning. I really appreciate this, I just wish that more people would join us.

I’m struggling at the moment, financially and physically. I know that this will pass, but each and every share of this blog helps thank you. I’m a skint single parent just trying my best to raise awareness and to correct the wrongs of the DWP.

6 thoughts on “Man threatened with eviction by landlord because his rent is a week late due to ESA payment delay.”

  1. I’ve just been watching some videos about Norway’s prison system, and how it’s based on respecting everyone’s fundamental humanity as well as respecting people as individuals. Our own prisons system is hardly a model of progressiveness or enlightenment, but at the very least prisoners in the UK are not under threat of being denied food and shelter as are the unemployed, the disabled or the in work poor in our society. Even the sometimes quoted statement of Dostoievsky about judging how civilised a society is by visiting its prisons would fall short when the way that poor people, in however way they have become poor, are treated.

    Things like Universal Credit should be a cause of national shame, and the death toll amongst sick and disabled people even partially attributable to denial of benefits is a national disgrace. I suspect that our government, as well as far too many citizens regard the death figures in the way that Josef Stalin regarded the death toll of his dictatorship; that the loss of one life is a tragedy, the loss of a million, (or 120,000) is a statistic.

    It’s easy to blame the Tories for all this, and whilst the individual politicians responsible for the implementation of these cruel and inhumane policies should be facing criminal charges, much of the population is also responsible for this regime in that they just accept it, even encourage it. This is not only extremely worrying, but tells us volumes about how they view themselves. There is no way a truly caring and compassionate, humane human being could in all conscience support a regime that systematically seeks to deny its poorest and most vulnerable citizens unconditional access to the basic necessities of life.

    And, whilst it is the Tories who have implemented this horrific system Labour has been very quiet indeed, apart from some almost apologetic and half-hearted criticism from the sidelines. Heck, it is Labour’s effective collusion with the Tories that has allowed them to implement this nastiness. On numerous occasions Labour have chosen to ignore, or sit on their hands in Parliament and basically facilitated Tory policy implementation through abstaining in crucial votes that could have torpedoed Universal Credit below the waterline and sunk it – but chose not to, possibly worried about how they’d justify it to the screaming hordes of Daily Mail readers they seem so scared of, rather than pitching a principled and rational argument as to why Universal Credit is something you wouldn’t wish on anyone, including your worst enemy. Labour should be ashamed of itself, and should by now be well aware that any Tory social policy bodes ill for everyone.

    And however unlikely it is that we as a nation will start to voice our dissatisfactions over the way that Universal Credit abuses fundamental human rights, the example that Charlotte gives in this piece about the man who just meekly accepts, we should all be outraged, And however frustrated we become with this widespread attitude, which obviously, and perniciously also affects those working in the system, the DWP staff who impose sanctions on people day in day out, not realising that they too are just as guilty as Iain Duncan Smith or Esther McVey or David Freud or Pretti Patel or any of the Tories for the deaths and hardships they cause on a daily basis, not realising that they don’t have to implement anything that falls foul of making the simple deciding to do right or wrong. Following orders that someone knows to be wrong make them just as guilty as those who gave the order in the first place. The excuse that ‘I was only following orders’ cannot be allowed.

    Sadly, DWP workers are massively let down by their union, the PCS, who pathetically claim that they can’t do anything about the implementation of Universal Credit. I wonder, what happens when they are told to start sending people to labour camps? (Though effectively they are already only a step away from this, being able to sentence UC claimants to a month’s mandatory ‘work activity’ as forced labour without pay for various companies.)


  2. Tories don’t care how much suffering and hardship they cause, one of them last week said that homelessness is just “hype”. We’ve got the ongoing debacle of Universal Credit, homelessness, foodbanks at near breaking point, the continuing Benefits freeze, Sanctions, an uncertain post – Brexit future, and now also the House of Lords saying that Pensioners don’t deserve any extra help because they’re not really in poverty!?

    Things won’t even begin to improve ’til we are rid of the Tories, but even then I think we need a ‘Regime change’, too many dinosaurs in Westminster getting rich at our expense and not serving us.

    In the meantime Charlotte, give yourself time to grieve properly, and rest sufficiently to recover – the last thing you need is a post-viral infection. Take care x


  3. You are a kind and generous lady Charlotte and thank goodness that there are people in the world like you. If only these heartless Conservatives were even a tiny bit as compassionate as you are, it would help, but sadly they are turning their backs on the people who most need help and support. Well shame on them, and I hope they eventually get their comeuppance.


  4. Same here Charlotte, I’m hundreds of miles away from Stoke, and I do feel for you struggling to always be there fo other people, selflessly. You never let others down. I want so much for you to never have to do this again, to have won the battle with the DWP, and that before that happens you get surrounded by people who support you too. XXxx


  5. Charlotte you’re amazing…x I wish I could come help you but I’m way down south. I’m an activist here however with a day job and trade union responsibilities. If I could give online support to anyone please let me know x


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