You’re not working enough hours, you need to tell your employer to give you more hours. You’ve got a week to do this. The DWP really hate so called under employed people. Thank

Dear readers it’s Thursday again and luckily this week the weather was good. Yippee I thought, then I saw the already formed queue for the food parcels. I was also met by a German television film crew that had arranged to film us today.

You might ask why would a German television crew want to film us. The answer is this, they really can’t believe how the government is treating the poorest and most vulnerable, especially as the UK was previously known to them for being kind to people, and we had a good social security system. I can imagine that viewers will be shocked to see the truth.

As soon as the food parcels arrived they were taken by those needing one. They keep people going, help to prevent people from literally starving. I’ve no doubt that our advice, help, signposting and food parcels have saved life’s. Never underestimate the difference that you can make to a persons life by just being a friend.

I’ll list some of the conversations that I had with people today. As usual I wont use real names etc because of the very real repercussions from the DWP. This is a fear based upon facts. People are often targeted by the DWP for talking to people like ourselves.

I spoke to Ben. Ben is a young man and his situation is quite complex. Recently Ben had spent six days in prison and hadn’t realised that because of this and not being able to conduct a job search whilst in prison that his payments would be stopped.

As a result he’s now left with no money and has had to start again with his claim.

Most of the people that I speak to haven’t a clue what their legal rights are regarding the DWP. They also don’t know what they’re entitled to claim either and no DWP representative is in a rush to help with this either. Don’t fall for the lies spun by Amber Rudd, not one truthful word is uttered from her mean mouth.

Lets also not forget that government officials have sat on a report for eighteen months that said that universal credit was detrimental to claimants wellbeing. It also showed that people are worse off when claiming universal credit.

You might ask why they sat on this report for eighteen months and the answer is simple. The government wanted to continue with the roll out of universal credit regardless, knowingly ignoring the risk to the wellbeing of thousands and eventually millions of people. If the report had been disclosed then the rollout would have probably been halted. Simple really.

I spoke to an older man that is shocked that people are needing food parcels in 2019, stating that there shouldn’t be the need for them. He went on to say that he’s claiming universal credit and isn’t finding the process welcoming at all, saying that they (DWP staff) like to let you know that they’re in charge.

I asked a woman leaving the Jobcentre how it was going for her. Her reply was ‘It’s shit”.

I spoke to a man that spoke poor English. He had worked as a translator in Afghanistan and has lived in this country for a while. He didn’t understand that because his circumstances had changed he was now being made to apply for universal credit. He’s now been waiting seven weeks for a payment. He’s feeling upset, depressed and confused.

I spoke to Simon. Simon has been waiting for seven weeks for his first universal credit payment. He’s a fully qualified plumber and is looking for work as a plumber.

Simon told me that the only jobs available at the moment are jobs with agency’s that don’t pay a decent wage, have no reliable hours and he has to pay the agency £17 a week for them to send him any payments owed.

The DWPs answer was this… They sent him to B&Q to work for nothing for 16 hours a week. I’d love to know how much B&Q actually make out of working with the DWP. They’ve been doing it for years now. Everyone deserves a decent days pay for a days work.

I then spoke to Rob. Rob told me that he’s been sanctioned for not attending an appointment in February that he didn’t know about. He had checked his online account and any post arriving at his home. Rob wonders if his online account had been hacked or something. Theres a high possibility that the DWP didn’t even issue an appointment in the first place. Before anyone says it, yes I know that this happens all the time, I’ve been helping people regarding so called missing appointments for years. Please see earlier blogs.

I spoke to a woman with various illnesses and conditions. She uses a crutch to get around and really can’t cope with the DWP at the moment. Her situation is this.

Jenny moved into her partners home five months ago. Jenny informed the DWP eleven times via her online journal and face to face appointments that she had moved in with her partner. The DWP have now decided to stop her payments making her reliant upon her partner. To make matters worse the DWP are accusing her of committing benefit fraud when she had clearly told them.

I helped and advised her the best that I could. Now because of the inability of the DWP to do anything right she’s being punished. It’s easier to bully a disabled woman than to admit that they’re wrong isn’t it.

I spoke to a lovely chap thats trying to start his own business up making wooden jewellery. He’s happy at the moment but he won’t be after a year when he’s expected to meet the minimum income floor.

We then spoke to a chap thats already working part time doing a manual job. He likes his job however they’ve only offered him part time hours.

Today at his signing on appointment he was told that it’s his fault that he isn’t working more hours and he’s got a week to convince his employer to give him more hours. If he doesn’t then they’ll start asking him more to find more work.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to expect and employee to do this. If there were more hours at work he would be working them. This is what the DWP call being ‘Under employed’. The DWP are never happy with anyone even those working. It’s absolutely disgusting that people are being treated in this way, its sickening.

On days like this the words ‘By gods grace go I’ Meaning that I’m lucky at the moment, I’m not being harassed by the DWP at the moment but my time will come very soon and I’m dreading it.

Everyone that I spoke to today either was given a food parcel, given advice, signposting etc etc. No one left without receiving any help. We work hard to help people, because both we and I believe that EVERYONE is important, everyone deserves a decent quality of life, to be able to eat and keep warm should never be seen as a luxury. Everyone deserves a place to call home and to be safe. Sadly for thousands this isn’t the case.

As you might know the local elections are coming up very soon. Please use your vote and vote the Tories out. Use your vote wisely because the only way to stop this is to vote them out.

Please read, share, email and tweet my blog. For those that already do this thank you!

For everyone that supports the campaign and blog thank you very much. I’m a skint single parent just trying to do my best to change things and to help people.

I apologise for any quietness lately, due to my father dying I’ve been a bit distracted. I’ll be back to normal soon enough.

8 thoughts on “You’re not working enough hours, you need to tell your employer to give you more hours. You’ve got a week to do this. The DWP really hate so called under employed people. Thank”

  1. Thankyou for sharing. Life is so hard for those claiming any type of benefits. I will share on as many social media outlets as I can. I am a Waspi woman and had to stop working at 64 due to ill health but don’t get my gov pension for another two years. I’m lucky I have a husband who is still working. Shirley


  2. I’ve worked in benefits offices and job centres between the ages of 17 and 21. I’m coming 44, physically and mentally disabled. At 21, when my mental health deteriorated,my doctor signed me off that job,it was the most depressing place to work, seeing how staff on the desks were abusing men and women who have worked all their lives, assuming that they were scroungers. I knew some of the claimants as they were working in a factory maybe 60/70+ hours a week. My dad worked 100+ hours a week, and I, 76. I mentioned this to the desk staff when they were alone, the desk staff called them all manner of condescending names,yet they were the absolute personification of a hard worker. The modern day DWP have taken this level of abuse to a new level. I’ve severe pain throughout my body caused by working up to 2 jobs to feed my family. I was a taxi driver for 16 years,out of a constant 26 years work since leaving school. I’ve probably paid as much tax on wages as someone who has retired at 65. Despite the fact that a doctor and consultant psychiatrist have signed me off work,I dread the DWP stopping my benefits. It was the mental health home care team that advised me to claim pip. I was previously claiming low rate DLA whilst I was still working, and mentioned as such on my application form that I was working as a taxi driver. Some of my customers were in various predicaments with the DWP, and were reduced to claiming food parcels. I too, have relied on them to feed my family. The woman who assessed me at home for pip was shocked at the noises she heard coming from various parts of my body when trying to get me up. Various accidents at work, including a fall from a broken forklift platform,and being injured at speed as an oil lorry crashed into me after leaving off a fare when I was a taxi driver, have conspired to ruin my body. That and the terrible genetic predisposition to hip/back/leg problems in my mother’s side of the family. I worry for everyone in positions of being interested by the DWP,thanks for all the valuable help that others have required. I hope I’ll not have to deal with the interegation myself. Working for the benefits offices as a younger man has scarred me for life as it is. Stay safe everyone.


  3. Just for the record workfare no longer operates here in Scotland, the Scottish Government stopped it as soon as they got to the power to do so. Just evidence if anyone needs it that you get what you vote for.

    I’m under employed too, this month I was 60 quid down at a critical juncture because of UC. I had checked, I was correctly owed it as topup to my low wages. Then it disappeared. A reassessment had happened and somehow the aggregate figure for two months had been used instead of my month’s wages and so my payment disappeared leaving me in dire danger of unauthorised overdraft.

    I had a pleasant enough, even sympathetic and apologetic, phone call with the local office to get it sorted but I shouldn’t have needed to. UC is clearly not fit for purpose, especially when you are earning but not enough to escape them. Yes I am applying for everything under the sun I’m qualified for but my employer has no work currently and my next payment is not until the 10th of May, after the bills come out of my account . . .

    UC seems to me to be tailor made to make working in the cash in hand economy look more and more attractive. I cannot condemn anyone who does so. Fill your boots.


  4. B&Q also make money from the MoJ, prisoners package fittings and parts for them for around £12 per week, hardly minimum wage is it? Amazon and Argos are most prisons exclusive retailers too, anything the prisoner needs to buy including bedding (they are not living the life of Reilly regardless of the Sun & Daily Fails opinion) at greatly increased prices. I wonder what the incentives were?


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