British Gas have taken my last £5 from me, I don’t know what to do. Universal credit, eating and keeping a home warm is an impossible task at times.

Today’s weather is bitterly cold, we are in the  -0s here, yet we have more and more people unable to heat or eat or do either. This isn’t going to get better anytime soon either. Summer comes as a blessed relief, and disappears far too quickly.

We were very short on numbers today, and the cold didn’t help. Regardless we plodded on. It’s not about us, its about everyone suffering under this cruel regime.

Today was quiet again, even so the food parcels were taken almost straight away. They always are and the need for them is increasing daily.

Whilst I wish all my readers a happy new year and hope that all of your life’s will be much better this coming year, I didn’t celebrate it much. I’ve got no reason to really. This year will see at least another 3 million people transferred over to universal credit. Many of these people will be disabled and self employed, all to be punished by a system that hates them. So excuse me for not celebrating, I’m preparing for battle instead.


Like Ive already said, it was quiet today, people were cold and there was a lot of rushing in and out of the Jobcentre, people desperately trying to keep their master (the DWP) happy, afterall the DWP more or less controls everything that we do and they aren’t shy about this fact either. It’s awful, and it’s been allowed to happen.


I spoke to a fella who has just been re housed into a place of his own. He’s happy about this, after all he can in theory start to rebuild his life now. This is in theory though, because he’s had problems with the smart meter that was already installed in his flat, an old tenants debt on the metre, and British Gas’s reluctance to help a chap who really hasn’t got anything.

He is in the process of sorting this out, and they are issuing him with a new smart metre, however this doesn’t help him now does it. Today he put his last £5 on the smart metre that he has and it ate it up in a very short time.

I did mention that it’s cold didn’t I. It’s freezing.

So now he’s having to find money to heat his flat, he cant afford food as well. So we gave him a food parcel to tide him over. I wanted a magic wand to make it all better for him, but I don’t have one.

Think about this though folks. Being cold isn’t just relegated to street homeless people. Thousands of people are just as cold whilst living in homes. As a result their homes become damp, and they become ill as a result of being poor.

Just because someone’s got a home doesn’t mean that they aren’t suffering, they are. They are suffering in so many different ways like shown in the film I, Daniel Blake which is incidentally being shown on BBC2 on Saturday the 5th of January. It isn’t a feel good film, and I hope that it spurs more into campaigning against universal credit like I do, or it encourages people who are able to help others more.


I spoke to a young family with a newborn baby and another young child. They didn’t realise that her maternity allowance is classed as an income when you’re claiming universal credit. No one told them of this before she had the baby, so they took her maternity allowance off her final universal credit payment.

This has understandably forced them into a very bad position financially, but they told me that they’re just coping. To make it worse because the local registry office is so busy, they cant register their baby’s birth until the end of this month, therefore aren’t able to claim any monies for the baby.

This system is rancid, it eats away at everything that a person has. It often takes away a persons sanity and their ability to feed themselves. And yet there’s been little opposition politically from this being extended to a further 3 million people this year.

There has however been lots of opposition from campaigners like myself, we know what’s coming, we know its going to be terrible but it feels at times like we’re banging our heads against a brick wall.


Highlight of the morning, a man that we help on a regular basis won £6 on a scratch card. Good on him.

Dislike of the morning, an older woman saying that the countries in this mess because of ‘foreigners’. We know that this isn’t true, and it sickens me to know that far too many people believe this.


Dislike number two, seeing an older woman crying because the DWP have accused her of claiming money fraudulently when she most definitely hasn’t been. The DWP now want her to repay this money, the money that she claimed legally. I do hope that she pursues this, we have encouraged her to.

Seeing  a person cry like this is heartbreaking and it never, ever gets easier.

This morning before I set off for the demo, I saw this posted on Facebook by my friend I’majsaclaimant. This is what can happen when you feel that your world is collapsing around you, when you believe that life isn’t worth living anymore.

This is what sanctioning people does to people, and the DWP won’t  give a toss, nor will the government. My thoughts and prayers go to this woman’s family and to everyone else that have been affected like this.



Due to a “computer glitch” some people who were due to be paid their ESA next week have received half of it this week.
This has led to a lot of upset and confusion as people have been thinking their payments have been stopped and that was a final payment.
It’s not. They’ll receive the other half on their normal day next week.
They’ve now put an announcement on the ESA phone line before all the options you have to press.
So if anyone is worried, there’s no reason to be.




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Many thanks to everyone that supports my blog and the campaign it means the world.

I’ll  be back again next week, whatever the weather.

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13 thoughts on “British Gas have taken my last £5 from me, I don’t know what to do. Universal credit, eating and keeping a home warm is an impossible task at times.”

  1. A belated Happy New Year!

    The payment glitch also affected JSA too, as well as ESA, half my JSA went into the Bank a week early, unbeknown to me, which caused some confusion.


  2. Been there regards gas. Still am actually, relating debt..put in a fiver and it takes 3£ towards debt..better than the £4 it did last year , but not really helping , debt was £100 couldn’t get them to help me either, Must be so much worse for young families. With wee kiddies 😥


    1. We moved house and inherited a prepayment meter. After 3 months we discovered we were paying off a debt for the previous owners tenant. We never got a penny back. These things need to be legislated for.


  3. Can I comment on a practical issue? The couple with a newborn struggling to find an appointment to register their baby before the end of this month, and this be able to claim child benefit etc. I work in Registration in a very busy office. While I obviously can’t comment on the appointment system at their local office, nor how busy they are, we rarely keep people waiting for an appointment for a week from contacting us, and it’s usually within days. Tell them to be insistent. They can also register at any other office within their registration district, if they are able to travel. Failing that (and again if they are able to travel which i recognise might not be an option), they can register by declaration at an office outside the registration district in which the child was born. There will be a slight delay in obtaining a birth certificate in this case but it could well be quicker than waiting until the end of the month. These are some options but my first choice would be to persist with their local registration office for the earliest possible appointment. It is ridiculous that they are being told they have to wait so long, and could potentially impact the legal requirement to register a birth within 42 days (let alone the financial impact as in this case). I hope this might help.

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  4. Reblogged this on Ladyfreebird750's Blog and commented:
    When will the majority wake up to the cruelty going on under their very noses? I don’t know which I find more frightening, that the government seems determined to push ahead with it’s ideological campaign against the most vulnerable…… Or the wider public’s seeming agreement with their actions… Because between the two desperate people are dying and no one seems to care.


  5. Globalist psychopaths are striving to place all humanity except for a few of themselves beneath subsistence level of wages/charity. They want a return to feudalism and are willing to conceal their goal with any mask available, such as Marxism, Fascism, Islam/sharia, … Our first cry for help should be lifted to God in the name of Jesus, then we must look for help on earth. God bless everyone on the British Isles and Europe, you are/ in my daily prayers, we have the same enemy. To see what will happen to that enemy, read Isaiah 14, starting at verse 12, regarding Lucifer, morning star. Written thousands of years ago, Isaiah was brilliant and a great writer. Wars, diseases, famines, and other causes of death abound around us, you have all my sympathy.

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