They’ve stopped my money I don’t know what to do. Universal credit strikes again.

It’s supposed to be the festive season isn’t it? The time of year when we’re all expected to drop everything, forget all of our problems and celebrate Christmas.

Christmas won’t be coming to thousands of people throughout the country though will it. Presents won’t be bought, toys won’t be wrapped, food won’t be bought, homes won’t be heated and time won’t be spent with family.

For those that reckon that I’m exaggerating then think again because I’m not. This is the cold, hard reality of life whilst claiming universal credit. The DWP shows absolutely no sympathy, the government even less so. They’ve got hearts made out of  stone.

Whilst I’m writing this blog someone thats working and claiming Universal credit will come to the stark realisation that because their employer has been kind and paid them early for Christmas, they won’t be receiving a universal Credit top up payment in January.. Why? Because universal credit doesn’t take into account a four week month or an employer simply being kind.


Today’s weather echoed the atmosphere emanating from the DWP, it was freezing cold much like their souls, although I often wonder if they have one but that’s another subject. The cold weather did nothing to encourage people, and yes this does matter a lot.


As I approached the Jobcentre I was approached by a woman who I speak to regularly. Despite being skint she told me that she was doing well in her efforts to get better, it was nice seeing her smile.


We then took the food parcels out of the car. All five of them didn’t have chance to touch the ground. They were taken straight away and I offered some chocolate out that had been donated to me from a friend.

To be honest the food parcels went at a record speed which shocked me even though I shouldn’t be shocked. This happens a lot, too often and it shouldn’t be happening


A man that’s receiving help from the law centre in Manchester stopped me to tell me about his latest bad treatment from the DWP.

He claims universal credit and had been told by the DWP that he has to transfer over to the new system for his universal credit claim. H did just that, provided all of his ID etc and reckoned that he’d be ok.

He thought wrong, and he was told that it’d take five weeks to process…. Remember he’s already claiming universal credit and therefore shouldn’t have to go without money for five weeks. Not happy with this he visited our local citizens advice center. Luckily they managed to sort it out and he’ll now receive a payment in two weeks.

Complete madness. No Christmas for him, absolutely nothing to look forward to. His claim should have automatically transferred over but it didn’t. Someone or something decided that his claim would be different. Universal credit doesn’t work and this is a perfect example of why it doesn’t.


I briefly spoke to a gent and I offered him a leaflet. He told me that he had thought that being on universal credit would be a short term thing only it hasn’t been and he’s fed up. Totally understandable.


I spoke to a woman that told me that she won be getting her first universal credit payment until next week. Out of that shes got to pay all of her bills etc and she reckons that she’ll be left with nothing.

If this carries on we’ll look back at Christmas and believe that its only for rich people, for people with money much like a private club. I despise the government for this.


Ii spoke to a woman that had failed her PIP assessment so had started the appeal process.


I then walked over to a young chap who was desperately trying to get through to the DWP on the phone. Yes he was stood outside the Jobcentre doing this because they no longer have telephones that claimants can use, nor do they make telephone calls on behalf of a claimant.

He was frustrated and understandably so, despite having no money he was forced to listen to that flaming Vivaldi music.

His story is this. He went through a relationship breakdown and had found himself homeless. Luckily he’s got a bed ever night through the Andy Burnham scheme, but he’s still homeless and trying to sort out his money.

He said to me frustratingly that he had worked all of his adult life, had paid his national insurance and had also been in the army for four years. He doesn’t understand why the DWP wont help him when he’s paid into the system.

Of course he’s correct, they should be helping him but they don’t, infact they don’t care less about him and everyone like him.


It was then when I was asked to help a woman that I’ve spoken to on a regular basis. She was stood in the corner of the Jobcentre entrance with her head in her hands crying. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her money had been stopped because someone had told the DWP that she’s moved house. She hasn’t of course, shes still living in her home albeit a cold home.

It really pisses me off that some people have seemingly nothing better to do than to report other people to the DWP and effectively ruin their life’s. I’m sure that some people get a kick out of it but I don’t. It’s cruel and as a result she’s without an income to feed herself and to keep warm.

Don’t forget it’s almost Christmas although like I said earlier thousands won’t be celebrating it so lets not forget them at this time of year, and every other day of the year. People are dying and until this stops I won’t stop either.

I cant thank the team enough for coming along today, I bet they’re all still defrosting.

Please come and join us for our special Christmas demo next week. We’ll be handing out special Christmas food parcels, laying a wreath, making speeches and releasing doves in memory of everyone thats died as a result if the governments cruel austerity regime.


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Thank you to everyone that has and does support my blog, this means a lot to me.


5 thoughts on “They’ve stopped my money I don’t know what to do. Universal credit strikes again.”

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  2. Kirsty
    I have read your post. You have had it difficult bless. My thoughts are you will make it to your dream place. So many times you have stumbled and fought your way back up. It may have been very difficult but you have climb back up. Keep going, I have every faith you will get there. You have already proven, the establishment may kick you down, but you are a fighter. Sending love and strength x


  3. Charlotte you never cease to amaze me, I myself have had an issue this ‘festive period’ this may highlight another avenue of which we are screwed under this government. I have worked since i was 13;paid into the system since I was 16-29. Had my daughter at 21- still went back to work even though I was only pennies better off after childcare.

    At 22 I had an ectopic pregnancy -still went back to work after a week-! At 24 another ectopic still went back to work after a week off sick. At 25 I was diagnosed with tumour a blockage of the throat and respiration was limited over a 6 month period of tests I still worked and had a 9 hour operation to remove it (week off that’s all) went back to work Feb 2012. March 2012 company went insolvent and was made redundant. Company didn’t have any money for redundancy so after 6 years -received less than two weeks wage and that was scrutinised as I was only over 25 for part of my work there. Got another retail management job -over these next four years I worked extremely hard -had another few operations relating to pelvic and tonsils , more tumour removal but took limited time off and mainly used holiday pay. This shop had no heating no running water no toilet -“, yet took over 500,000 per year. In 2016 it was extremely cold and as the store faced out on the high street their was no protection from the elements – I had to get environmental health and health and safety in due to a staff member gaining numerous chest infections and being hospitalised pertaining to the working conditions. I had sent 200 emails in relation to this , in march 2016 I was verbally disciplined due to contacting health and safety. I had to leave – two years l fought a court battle to win but u couldn’t claim benifits or legal aid as I chose to leave and you can’t if “you have walked out or involved in any employment tribunal”

    During this awaiting court I made several attempts to end my life, I turned 30 in a hospital and I’d lost my whole sense Of self I had to prove everyone I was right, without any income. After winning I was able to pay for private treatment to rebuild myself and took on a course to restart my Education. I did gain ESA during this point as I had a support worker and was able to study at home. In September 2018 I gained a place at university- I informed ESA that I was entitled to student loan etc and my money was stopped as I expected. However there was a problem with my student finance that lead to a delay and it has only recently Been resolved . I had no money or payment from anyone for 10 weeks,but there’s a massive loop hole here. As I was at university I couldn’t claim esa , or Job seekers. BUT due to a paperwork issue my student income wasn’t being paid as stated so I was hoping I could perhaps have something to tide me over – or maybe my ESA should of been paid until the student finance was paid to me? Either way in these 10 weeks I had to use food banks ,I ended up in 1300 In rent arrears and very nearly lost my place at university due to time off as no money for childcare or travel (yes this is frustrating)

    I have worked all my able life, with child , with illness and suffered abuse from employers to the government. I gain a dream place to rebuild my life and offer myself a future and still this is back breakingly made impossible for those from working class family’s

    I know you won’t have time to read this but it’s like there’s option no and option definitely no


    On Thursday, December 13, 2018, The poor side of life wrote:

    > Charlotte Hughes posted: “It’s supposed to be the festive season isn’t it? > The time of year when we’re all expected to drop everything, forget all of > our problems and celebrate Christmas. Christmas won’t be coming to > thousands of people throughout the country though will it. Pres” >


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