My son doesn’t have enough money to survive. I’m over £300 worse off a month whilst working and on Universal credit.

Dear readers, I’m sorry about the lateness of this blog, yesterday was extremely busy and I returned home late, then had to go to parent’s evening that appeared to go on forever. Things have changed so much since my oldest children were at secondary school, it certainly felt more corporate than it used to and buzzwords were being flown around by the head teacher at great speed.

Anyway, I digress, it was a busy day outside Ashton Jobcentre. It started off very quietly but became very busy. So many people are suffering and it breaks my heart. I try to keep a brave face but it’s damn hard when you know that people are upset, hungry and haven’t got a clue what to do. They certainly aren’t in any position to be able to make things better either, their life’s are controlled by the DWP. Can you imagine having to live like this? I realize that many of my readers are in this position and fully understand what I’m talking about. It’s a culture of fear, the survival of the fittest but even the fittest become ill and many die as a result of the DWPs cruel regime.

Make no mistake, the government are aware of this, but intend to do nothing to help either. They like the system, it serves them well. Creating poverty and suffering should be their moto and they mock us when they create positions such as ‘Minister for suicide’ etc. They cause the suffering and deaths, they are intent on continuing whilst also taking away funding from much needed services that could and do save life’s.

Please note that EVERYONE that we spoke to received the help and advice that they needed, everyone was handed a leaflet or two and no one left us unaided in some way.


I’ll list yesterdays conversations, its easier that way.


The food parcels went within 10 minutes, and I’m certain that there will be a bigger need for them as the winter weather draws in and more people are transferred over to Universal Credit.  It’s apparently going to be a bad winter, which in itself will bring it’s own problems such as warmth, clothing and shelter. People are hungry, many with children. What sort of a government do we live under that allows such things? A cruel, heartless corrupt government that cares nothing about human life except their own.


I said hello to a couple of men that I speak to every week, lovely men just trying to survive under difficult circumstances. They make my week, yet some would pass them by without a second thought because their poverty is apparent. Never judge anyone by their appearance, it’s wrong to do so.


I was then approached by a man that I spoke to last week, I mentioned his details in last weeks blog. He wanted to update me about his situation and he appeared to be a bit happier. He told me that he had contacted Greater Manchester Law Centre like I had advised and he was overjoyed with the help that they have and will be giving him. Saying that they couldn’t do enough to help him, and they’ve told him that they are hoping for a very positive outcome for his situation.

To put it simply, he’s been given hope, he felt that they cared, he feels valued and they will fight his corner for him and will go out of their way to do so. This my friends, makes all the difference and I’m hoping for some more good news from him next week.

Greater Manchester Law Centre you are simply brilliant and I can’t thank you enough for the hard work that you all do.


Not long afterwards I had a conversation with a politics graduate. She has been advised by the DWP to find a job stacking shelves. Whilst this is far from unusual, it does however reflect the lack of respect and understanding that the DWP have for education and real job searching. They haven’t got a clue, its all about punishing people. I mean how dare a graduate ask for help…. That’s how the DWP see it.


A polish man stopped me and asked for a leaflet. He’s been living and working in the UK for seven years, but has recently had an accident. His arm was in a sling and he was struggling with understanding the DWP system. This concerned me, because the DWP don’t have a good track record of being nice or honest  to people like this gentleman and I referred him to local services and the law centre for further help.


I then noticed an older lady walking out of the Jobcentre bemused, confused and more than a bit unhappy. I asked her if I could help and she told me her situation. She fits into the category of being a WASPI woman, who ideally should be retired but is unable to do so. She’s ill, disabled and is claiming ESA and has been placed in the support group. She had attended an appointment at the Jobcentre only to be told that she needs to find work. They lied to her, no she doesn’t, she’s in the support group. They also told her that they are going to be keeping an eye on her and want to see her again in six weeks.

Not only have they lied to her, they are now in effect bullying her. I explained her legal rights to her and informed her that she could really do with taking a witness in with her for this future meeting.

So the DWP are bullying an older lady. They don’t care, not one bit.


I handed a leaflet to a young woman with children. She claims Universal Credit but is struggling to cope. I advised her to the best of my ability.


I then had a conversation with an elderly lady, she appeared to be distressed so I asked her if I could help. She told me that her son is claiming Universal Credit, but she is also having to constantly help her son out with money and food.

She told me that out of her small pension she has to help him daily because after her son’s rent has been paid and the money has been deducted from his Universal Credit payment he’s left with almost anything and he doesn’t have enough money to survive.

She went on to say that people can’t survive like this, how are they expected to live? She’s also worried that she can’t keep on helping him because she can’t afford to. It’s plunging them both into poverty and their health is suffering.

So a poor elderly woman is expected to provide for her son, yep. This is reality folks Universal Credit isn’t working.


I was then stopped by a man who was visibly  frustrated and hungry. He hasn’t had a Universal Credit payment system since July. We are now in October. He had been migrated over onto Universal Credit after failing his ESA medical. He told me that his health was declining and he has lost over one and a half stones in weight.

Yes he’s lost one and a half stones in weight. He’s also disabled.

He showed me his paperwork and the DWP are giving him the runaround. Why? Most likely because not one department communicates with another, they don’t communicate effectively with claimants and because they can do. So they’ve left a disabled man in this situation. I referred him to the law centre and other local services,  he promised that he would be contacting them.


Gordon then asked me to talk to a young lady, she looked frustrated so I asked her if I could help her. Here’s her situation.

She works part time, she’s been moved over to Universal Credit and is now £310 a month worse off than she was when she was previously claiming working tax credits. She also has children to look after, bills to pay etc.

When she approached the Jobcentre asking for help she was told that she shouldn’t complain because there are people more worse off than her. Yep you heard it right, she shouldn’t complain.

I believe that she should complain, because now both herself and her children are living in poverty, poverty caused by being forced to claim Universal credit. She was much better off whilst claiming working tax credits, and she can’t understand why the government have been allowed to take all this money off people and get away with it.

Once again this shows that work does not pay whilst claiming universal credit, the only thing that universal credit does do is create poverty, suffering and the deaths of thousands of people.

A message for the G4S security guard that is intent on continually staring at us in an intimidating manner whilst thinking that we can’t see you, we can. So stop it. We’ve made official complaints about you before and we will do this again.

A massive thank you to everyone that came along today I really do appreciate it.


So here we have it, another Thursday but this is replicated day in day out throughout the country. I do realize that we are further on with the rollout because we were a pilot area, but take note this is coming your way.



Please read, share, email and talk about my blog. Please support the work that we do, we really need it and for everyone that already does and has thank you so much.

Also please support my blog, I don’t receive any funding for the work that I do and it would be brilliant if I could continue with my work. Thank you.


12 thoughts on “My son doesn’t have enough money to survive. I’m over £300 worse off a month whilst working and on Universal credit.”

  1. There are marches and events up and down the country- do please attend and peacefully demonstrate how this simply will not do!! If you have left work join a union applicable to your previous workplace. The local officers can help advise and will be prepared to represent you!


  2. We’ll shortly have this in Salford. Up to September it was a live service area, which meant they hadn’t taken any new universal credit claims for nearly a year. Now it’s full service. The council had a conference this month, at which a DWP official and a councillor blandly assured people how universal credit would ‘help’ people. The manager of Salford Unemployed Centre was the only person who stood up and read out the figures for how much worse off universal credit makes people, and said that the council should not be collaborating with the DWP.


  3. I am happy this person you spoke to last week has sought help and has contacted the law centre most people that go into JCP don’t have a clue what they are up against, as do the JCP employees who work there, they do whatever the company directive tells them to do.

    ?This politics graduate should be looking for work that fits their skills, not stacking shelves in a local supermarket. What is to say he isn’t overqualified for the position of shelf stacker? Managers see him as a threat to their position or someone who might jump straight into a management position a few years down the line, or voted onto a local council at an election and work their way up from there?

    This Polish man might possibly speak better English than many of today’s youth, a generation bought up on text speak and computers. I live below a Polish family and the only sound I hear from their flat is their son doing weight training.

    This lady in the support group should have told the job centre NO! I don’t have to look for work? Then she should complain to the job centre about the lies told to her by their employee. Any future letters asking her to attend should be filed in the BIN, it is totally voluntary on whether she attends the appointments, and she should complain and ask to be informed of the outcome then complain of the letter saying they don’t notify of the outcome as it is an internal matter.

    I have had three WFI’s as they call them, and that is in eight years, every one the first words they say is “I should be in the support group?” The last one asked for a contact number and I acted dumb. I never give my number out to anyone but friends and family and the DWP/JCP are on neither list.

    The lady helping her son out, IMHO should cut down with the help a bit as she will not always be there to give him the money if it goes on either one could end up dead, or they both could! A mother would go without so her child could have. She could invite him round for a meal every day that way she knows he is getting at least one meal a day, maybe two. She could also wash his clothes and let him have a bath/shower when needed all this would help him out but at the same time be supporting him.

    The visibly frustrated & hungry man, I would have instigated legal action against the DWP after one day over the fifth week. They will claim the person could have an advance but if they are legally entitled to the money why should they have to pay it back as any payments would mean that the advances are the same as if they were paid on time? He will be given the runaround because he should be complaining straight to his MP with a letter for Evil McVile (Ester McVey).
    He should state that payments as advances should be scrapped as claimants are only receiving the money they are legally entitled to so advances should be just that advances of 100% of the money they are entitled too, nothing more and nothing less.

    The young lady with children is £3,650 a year worse off this might be her WTC that has been cut for one reason or another. She should complain and ask to be informed of the result of the complaint , then when they claim it’s internal and they will not complain about their reply.

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  4. Thankyou for sharing. As you said the general public is not aware of the horrendous affect universal credit is having on families and individuals of all ages. We need to tell as many people as possible to know about this. This government just don’t care, every member of parliament should be told this. I’ll share with as many people as possible.


  5. Please read Charlotte’s blog and consider the contents carefully. Keep in mind that it represents a small but absolutely accurate snapshot of what is happening right now in Ashton-under-Lyne.
    This is going to happen throughout the country very soon on a scale which defies imagination. It will be your friends, relatives, sons, and daughters cold, hungry, and on the edge of homelessness. Your local businesses will go bust. There will be no one to help as advice services are overwhelmed, food banks will run out, and local government will not have any power or money to deal with the disaster on their doorstep.
    This is real. It’s happening.
    Support Charlotte’s blog. She deserves help. Get active yourself. Persecute your MP. Register to vote.


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