DWP advisor, I take tablets and I can work so you can too. Doctors refusing to issue sicknotes after recieving a letter from the DWP. This weeks blog.

Dear readers, today didn’t start too well. I had been unwell all night so ended up being awake for most of it listening to podcasts, but no fear I arrived at our weekly demo as usual. For anyone disputing my dedication to the cause I’d like to dispute their claims. As well as helping people, we raise awareness and I work very hard on this, its near enough a full time job.

Anyway enough about me, let’s talk about the important stuff, the people that are suffering at the hands of a cruel, uncaring government. For those thinking that the government actually does care, you are sadly mistaken. Years of experience tells me that they don’t have a caring bone in their bodies. It’s simply about persecuting the poor in as many ways as is possible.  Below are a few examples.


The first man that I spoke to is a victim of agency work and Universal Credit. Universal Credit really doesn’t work for anyone, especially people in temporary employment, it does the opposite. It places them in a state of perpetual poverty, depending on food parcels and the kindness of local organisations and friends. To say that it helps people back into work is a massive lie and of course the government knows this.

I had a conversation with him as I do most weeks, and I find it very worrying seeing him loosing weight. I handed him a food parcel but I will be helping him more also.


I spoke to an older man who told me that he had never been unemployed, he had always worked he told me. Sadly he has been made redundant and he can’t find a job. Not many employers will employ older people and no matter how many of these farcical courses that the DWP will put him on won’t change this fact.

As I chatted to him, it came to light that he hadn’t been advised about much, including his job search etc, so I advised him and handed him a survival guide. He thanked me because I had most likely saved him a lot of hassle. The system is extremely complicated and people are expected just to know what to do. Of course that’s impossible and anyone tackling the system will tell you this. I know of a couple of good advisors inside the Jobcentre and it was obvious that he didn’t have one of them.


I spoke to another older man who had arrived ten minutes early, only to be turned away and told to return in five minutes. Now it was early and the Jobcentre wasn’t busy, far from it. It’s an exercise in keeping people on their toes and enabling them to feel demoralised, and it’s working isn’t it.


A man walked out of the Jobcentre saying that they are ‘horrible in there’. Yep.


I spoke to a woman who had been late handing their sicknote in because of their illness. No concessions are made so her payments stopped immediately. She has now handed a new sicknote in and has to wait for her payments to be reinstated. They don’t take illness into account apparently, and there’s no lienance at all. The government are quite happy making an ill person hungry. Luckily we handed a food parcel over to her so she could eat.


We spoke to a lovely man who has a long term injury. He had failed his ESA medical and had tried to put in a mandatory reconsideration, which as usual was refused. He didnt have the energy to appeal but after a chat he’s now going to do so. We also advised him to claim PIP.  He hadn’t been told that he could do this.


A man walked past and said ‘I like what you are doing’ And another walked past and whispered in my ear that ‘You are doing a good job’. Thank you! We try!


I spoke to a disabled, homeless man, he is getting help from other organisations but he wanted to chat. His issues are complex, but he’s hoping to get housed soon once he’s paid his rent arrears off. There’s no escape from debt these days for anyone.

I can’t imagine how awful it must be to be disabled and homeless. He told me of his time on the streets of Manchester, trying to survive. No one should be forced to live like this rent arrears or not. This cruel system forces people to become in debt withy almost everyone.


I spoke to a couple living in temporary accomodation locally. They are grateful for it, but it’s still hard for them. The rent for the temporary accomodation is £310 a week. Luckily they don’t have to pay this but it’s a struggle living there because their flat is upstairs and they have to carry their pram up and down the stairs all the time.


I spoke to a man who had lost his case at an employment tribunal. I do think that his loosing the case is unfair, but he accessed legal advice too late. Poor fella is upset about this as would I be. Believe me there are some dodgy employers out there, but I am aware also that there are many good ones also.


I spoke to a man who had previously been working a 60 hour week but had lost his job. Luckily he had found employment  but his contract is only 15 hours a week, so now he is at the mercy of Universal Credit. He really didn’t know where to start, and he hadn’t been advised about much. We helped him etc. He thanked us.

Why on earth can’t the large companies employ more people on a full time basis? Tax reasons most likely. I remember the good old days of guaranteed, contracted full time work and I wish that we still had that.


I spoke to a young man who told me that if it wasn’t for his young daughter he would have taken his own life by now. He told me that he struggles to cope with the system and I totally agree. The system is cruel, relentless and made him feel so bad that he no longer wanted to be here anymore. Thank goodness he is.


I referred a woman to see our local MP. The DWP are giving her the run around and she has tried other organisations. It appears that the DWP havent a clue what they are doing sometimes, well a lot of the time. I hope that she seeks advice.


We spoke to a man who is educucated to degree level. He is now disabled with a condition that won’t be getting any better and he can’t find any employment anymore.  He’s a broken man, not knowing where to turn, so we helped him. It’s a shame that the government refuses to isn’t it.


We spoke to an older man who had been sanctioned for a month for being late. This was his first time being late, and he wasn’t given a chance. Typical. I asked him how he managed and he told me that he had to rely on family members, and thank god he has them he said.


I spoke to a woman that is waiting for her Universal Credit claim to be processed. Shes very worried about her council tax so I advised her etc. Everyone that I speak to is worried about something. it shouldnt be this way.


We spoke to an older chap who is two years away from recieving his pension. He went to his doctor and asked for a sick note because he needed one for his claim. His GP refused to issue a sicknote upon advice from the DWP.  So now he’s left at the mercy of the DWP

Now I know that most GPs will ignore these requests from the DWP, but some won’t. I find it abhorrent that some do take advice from the DWP rather than their patient. Of course the government allows this but it shouldnt be doing it in the first place. They have a duty of care towards their patent not the DWP. Sort it out, your patients WILL be suffering as a result. Massive respect to the many GPS that ignore these letters.


Today was busy, even though it started slow. We were joined by a journalist from a french online newspaper, so it will be interesting to read her write up. She was very nice though, thank you for coming along.


It was also lovely to see more people turn up to help today. I realise that everyone has their own commitments, but I want to thank you for the sacrifice that you have all made today to help others.

Massive thanks to my friends for helping me out with my daughter today and last week. She had a fantastic time.

Today we handed out food parcels, survival guides, help, advice, compassion, solidarity and signposting. I found it hard today, but hopefully I’m feeling better next week. Keep strong everyone, one day we might have a better future and I pray for that.


I also want to pay my respects to our friend Steve who recently passed away, and who’s funeral I attended on Tuesday. Steve worked for Welfare rights, but also had helped to set up many organisations to help people. He was an amazing chap who taught me much of what I know. We miss you Steve.


Thanks for reading.  Please share, RT, email, etc my blog. There’s also a donate button below for anyone wishing to donate. Thank you!




Hi folks, please help me to continue with my blog and campaign work. Thank you!


21 thoughts on “DWP advisor, I take tablets and I can work so you can too. Doctors refusing to issue sicknotes after recieving a letter from the DWP. This weeks blog.”

  1. DWP Staff pay rise and annual bonus delayed by Treasury.

    Annual Bonuses of between £500 to £625 and £1000 for higher grades along with the 3rd year pay rise from the Employee Deal delayed by the Government. They did get the £25 vouchers though!!! The nasty side of the DWP will get even nastier.

    Here are the links.




  2. I saw a doctor at my GP surgery in Oldham last year to get a fit note to claim ESA and she couldn’t get her head round why you need one when you’re unemployed. She’s from abroad, and so I think she doesn’t have enough experience of the system yet. I know my own health and I figured (correctly) that the condition I had would flare up for a number of weeks before it subsided again. I asked for a note for 4 weeks, she said that was “a long time to be ill” and tried to offer me one for 2 weeks. We compromised on three. (I was ill for 6 weeks altogether, as I’d predicted.) I didn’t appreciate being made to beg for a fit note. It’s one thing not knowing the British benefits system, it’s another thing to make out that people shouldn’t, or don’t, ever get ill for weeks or months at a time. The GP is in her thirties so she must have been working long enough to have had at least a few chronically ill patients. I should have complained to the practice manager at the time. I didn’t but I have at least made it clear to the admin staff that I won’t see that GP again. But after reading this, about GPs being instructed not to issue fit notes by the DWP, I’m thinking I should do more.


    1. Its awful!!! You really shouldn’t have to argue your need for a sick note. i hate the words fit note, because if you require one you really aren’t fit. It’s yet more terminology and nudge theory. The whole system stinks.


    1. Indeed, but they are also advised not to issue anymore fit notes. Most decent doctors actually ignore these letters because they realise that the ‘medical assessments’ are farcical and are not based upon fact.


  3. Hello

    My name is Mitch Edwards and I’m an ESA Processor.

    I’d urge everyone to get their MP on the phone to a) support the work being done here b) get ESA and UC sorted out.


  4. These stories make me mad the dwp and government need to 🔴 STOP targeting those on benefits and the sick leave these people alone .situations like these just make people who are struggling everyday just to survive worse, dont they have a conscience! !.I for one feel like they are targeting the wrong people and they should be left alone you as a person know your own body and how you feel day to day for some just getting through a day is tough enough without pressure from both dwp and the government.


  5. Dreadful system made worse by a strict Jobcentre. I can’t believe they won’t let people who are early to sign-on wait inside.
    In my local Jobcentre, East Anglia, everybody has to go up to the reception first and give your name and appointment time.
    Early or not, you just take a seat and wait to be called. Nobody is ever punished for being a bit early. Or sent back outside and made to come back later. Really stupid.


  6. The man who’s GP refuses to issue him a sick note – he could see another GP and explain the situation. If they still refuse, complain to the practice manager in writing . Ask why the DWP take priority over their patients, and why is the GP happy to allow the DWP to tell him how to treat this patients? I’d also get the local press and MP involved – that’s the last thing the surgery will want.

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    1. A new claim can be made straight after a disallowance on the basis someone has a “significantly worsened condition and/or a new condition”

      A short term benefit advance (STBA) can’t be paid unless one of the above are satisfied.

      A medical certificate needs to say the above on it so the DM can see its got worse/a new condition has developed. Please do not assume the DM will know or is sympathetic. They’re not.


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