The government controls us with fear and oppression. We are controlled by it everyday. Please read.

Today and everyday thousands of people will receive a dreaded brown envelope in the post from the Department Of Work And Pensions.. most will feel scared, intimidated and feeling at a loss of how to carry on. No one can underestimate the fear and dread upon seeing that envelope arrive.

As I write this I have learnt that a friend of mine has been denied his PIP payments even though the DWP informed him that he didn’t have to attend another medical assessment for three years. As usual they recalled him within months and he’s panicking. He might loose his home. You see, the loss of an essential benefit payment has massive ramifications and he can’t claim the appeal rate until his appeal has been lodged but first he has to ask for a mandatory reconsideration. This is another step that the government uses to delay appeals and to make people give up altogether. Many do.

I spoke to a gentleman who is a carer. He told me that the person whom he cares for has received a letter asking him to attend another ESA assessment. and he’s been in bits ever since. He can’t understand why he is being constantly asked to attend assessments because his disability is never going to get better.
He’s been trying to learn about his legal rights and has been trying to get in touch with a local organisation that can help him. He is 64 in October and had always worked until he became disabled.
As a result many people in the same or similar position will commit suicide because they can’t cope with the DWP regime. Most of these suicides won’t be recorded as such due to a lack of evidence, therefore their suffering continues unchallenged officially, whilst the government continues to wipe their hands of such matters.

Yes people are dying as a direct result of this governments actions and I hate the government for this.


Every day thousands of people will be made homeless, or have the threat of being made homeless. They can’t afford to pay bedroom tax for the homes that they live in. When housed in their accommodation their local councils deemed them suitable and a decent size legally for them.
When the Bedroom Tax was introduced the rules changed, and what was previously thought to have been a home for life or a great many of years suddenly made their accommodation temporary based on their ability to pay this new bill.
They can’t move because they owe rent, most social housing organisations won’t allow a house move until there are no rent arrears, and there is also a distinct lack of smaller accommodation. It’s a loose loose situation for them
Meanwhile, their ‘social housing’ landlords can evict them and then charge the next tenant more rent and let the property on a short term basis.
Security of housing no longer exists. Whilst landlords often benefit from this.

The onset of the Bedroom Tax coincided with the introduction of the Council Tax Supplement, meaning that many people claiming benefits have to also pay an amount towards their annual Council Tax bill.
This financial year the poorest will have to pay more council tax than ever before, many councils have increased the amount to be paid due to the lack of funding from the government for local social care provision.
Whilst they don’t begrudge the idea of having to pay an amount towards this, they can’t afford to pay it and as a result many people are incarnated as a result. Upon being released from prison they still have to pay their council tax bill. Many will be made homeless as a result.
People who are making new Benefit claims are being summoned to court quickly by their local authorities in a matter of weeks. A charge of £50 is  often levied for presenting the summons.

I call these courts Kangaroo courts, believe me I’ve attended them. A local authority hires the courtroom for the day and it’s there that council employees speak to people demanding an unrealistic payment scheme. Many people don’t realise that they can actually ask to see a magistrate who will hear your case fairly. Do this.
The whole council tax system is discriminatory and unfair, and it scares people. The government should, by duty towards the most vulnerable, fund every local authority adequately in the first place.
This and the Bedroom Tax are the new Poll Tax, yet not many objected to it being implemented.


This week thousands of people will be hoping for warmer weather to arrive, not because they want to enjoy it but because they will no longer be cold.
Winter is cruel to everyone in fuel poverty and street homeless.
And while the energy companies make massive profits, the poorest and most vulnerable suffer.
Our energy companies have to be regulated and renationalised as a matter of urgency to prevent this endless suffering.

Everyday many people will be forced to become carers for parents, relatives and friends only to be persecuted by the government and the Department Of Work And Pensions for doing so, yet they save the government money and do an excellent job. They should be praised, not punished.

Many women are forced to live with abusive partners because of cuts to refuges and other essential services.
Funding to the police has also been cut time and time again, so responding to incidences relating to domestic is often slow.
One woman dies every 3 days as a result of domestic violence, many more woman are injured, and as a result of the governments cuts this figure will undoubtably rise.

As I write this many people will have been forced to shoplift for food, clothes and toiletries because they don’t have the means to pay. I know this happens, I speak to people all the time who have been forced to do this. I also know people that have been forced to beg just to collect money to buy food whilst they are waiting for their claims to be processed.
A claim for Universal Credit takes at least six weeks to process, leaving individuals and families to go without food and other essentials.
The government argue that they can take a loan out whilst waiting for their claim to process, but for many this isn’t an option.
The DWP loans are repayable at an amount of up to 40% of their total Universal Credit payments each month, leaving them in perpetual poverty.

I wish that I could say that the above examples are unusual, that they don’t exist. Working or not working we are all affected by them, or know someone that is, they’ve become an accepted part of everyday life, but we shouldn’t accept this as the norm. Being cruel and callous isn’t the norm, far from it but yet these policies are.


The government is using an age old method of controlling it’s population. Fear. Fear is a tool that is very easy for governments to use should they wish to. Instead of beating a person or group of people or an individual into submission they take away their very necessities to sustain life, deliberatly making it laboriously hard to appeal any decision made by them. They just don’t care. A society living in fear is easier to control and manipulate so they  use to subjugate the wider population and what form that fear takes is irrelevant.
We must continue to challenge the government upon each and every one of these issues, it has never been as important to do so.


Well done to the creator of this piece of artwork. I spotted it yesterday whilst walking around Ashton Under Lyne. Treat folk with contempt that they don’t deserve and this is the consequence.

Please join us on Thursday for our usual demo 10-12 outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

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13 thoughts on “The government controls us with fear and oppression. We are controlled by it everyday. Please read.”

  1. Charlotte, did you know that a council applying for a Liability Order in the Magistrates’ Court only pays around £4.50? The remaining amount demanded – £40-odd or more – is regarded as an extra lucrative revenue stream.


  2. I’d been waiting for the dreaded brown envelope for 10 weeks after my ESA assessment but I actually had hope this time as my mental health has significantly worsened and every answer I gave to the questions should have been enough to get me sufficient points. When it arrived, as always, they told me my money has been stopped, my total income, and I am now fit for work. They knew that last time they did this I suffered badly because I can’t sign on as I can’t leave the house. I almost lost my home and had no food or money for bills for weeks. Everything in the report shows that they took no notice of anything I wrote on the form or said at the medical. Most of what was in their report was utter lies, many of them easy to spot as they contradict themselves many times. Nevertheless I now have no income at all and although I’ve written a 4 page Mandatory Reconsideration which lists all their lies and omissions, I know it has only 20% chance of success and I will remain without any money until I hear back from them, then write to apply for Appeal Tribunal and then wait to hear if the appeal can go ahead and then they’ll let me have £73 a week until the appeal is heard. The fear of the devastation they can wreak on your life is very very real and it doesn’t surprise me that many people take their own lives in this situation. Knowing that they don’t care if you do is soul destroying. DWP are aware that I’ve recently felt suicidal from what I wrote on my form and my medical records yet they’ve still stopped all my money. If not for my family I would be one of the ever increasing number of people this government has killed with it’s cruel policies. They hold your life in their hands and they just don’t care


    1. Hi Sarah, I’m so, so sorry that you are going through this, you really shouldn’t have to. It sickens me that you are. Have you heard of the group 4UP on Facebook? They can really help you with this and they have a good success rate.
      I wish that I had a magic wand to end this for you and everyone else in the same position but I don’t. Just know that there are plenty of us that care, you are deserving of better treatment and respect. Please keep in touch don’t sit alone, feel free to comment whenever you want xxxx.


  3. Oh and great blog this week, I really want to copy it and stuff into the hand of every smug tosser I come across.


  4. I volunteer in a charity shop, so we see a fair bit of this. But, yesterday i had my first encounter with the effect this government is having on children.A lady came in with three little children, beautiful smiling kids between about 3 and 7 years old. What struck me was that the children appeared not even to hope that they would have a treat. They didn’t ask their mum for anything or even show interest in any of the toys or books we had on offer. I know that some of your commentators are going to shout that kids shouldn’t expect things, fair enough i quite agree. But this was different, like they all understood that they weren’t to bother asking because there was no point. I feel for the mother who isn’t in a position to say yes, but i’m even more worried about the future for children who have no childish hope about them, and the feelings they will carry with them into adulthood. And yes, we do know the lady, she’s a regular at the reduced rail, so she wasn’t just a stingy parent as would be clear to anyone seeing the interaction between her and her children.

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    1. Its awful, and the ramifications of having to live like this will last for generations to come, those poor children will never, ever forget having to live like that. I went through similar (I suffered under Thatchers government) and I’ve ever, ever forgotten it. X

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