Revealed: DWP’s full list of 87 Jobcentres to be axed across Britain over the next 7 months – and the dates they’re due to shut down – Mirror Online

16 thoughts on “Revealed: DWP’s full list of 87 Jobcentres to be axed across Britain over the next 7 months – and the dates they’re due to shut down – Mirror Online”

  1. Just watching an interesting but terrifying programme on BBC 2 about the changing world of work – Billion Dollar Deals And How They Changed Your World (How did work go from being what we do to who we are?). It’s actually quite sickening how companies & corporations are using technology to manipulate, exploit, & de-humanize us. I am very worried for the future of mankind. This is just insane.


    1. To think that it was 45 years ago when economist (and Buddhist) E.F. Schumacher was writing about the need for available technology to be used to improve people’s lives and create more leisure time, rather than just to maximize productivity and profit, which is quite true. And about 100 years ago the esotericist/Mystic/Occultist/Rosicrucian Rudolf Steiner, said that Mechanization was a Satanic plot to de-humanize mankind. I fear the latter may also be true.


  2. I attended a group session at the Jobcentre this afternoon, optimistically entitled ‘Get That Job’. It wasnt as stressful as I imagined but I don’t think I learned anything. It consisted of a talk about filling in application forms, how to giveexamples of transferable skills in various situations you might have experienced, and the usual spiel about the importance of tailoring your CV to specific jobs. Heard it allbefore, just common sense. This took place in a little room on the Universal Credit floor. The door to the room was left wide open throughoout so no privacy. There was an officious G4 SS guard overstepping his duty, poked his head in & asked if everyone had turned up – Wtf’s it got to do with him? Everyone on the Universal Credit floor looked very depressed & oppressed. What an awful situation. Sooner the Jobcentres close down the better.


  3. Well, as much as I hate the Jobcentre & would like every one of them to burn to the ground (may their walls crumble, and may I liv e to tell), and oh how I wishthat my Jobcentre would close its doors, for ever and a day, I think I can see what’s going to happen here (can’t you children?), they plan to eventually close all JobcentresaNd put the whole process of claiming Benefits online, which will undoubtedly be a complete and utter shambolic disaster in true incompetent Tory style.


    1. I think the solution as I would prefer it is not closing the Jobcentres as such, but getting rid of the “Plus”, or at least replacing the trainwreck of Universal Credit and other basic sustenance benefits with a universal minimum income. (For those who don’t know what that is, it’s an idea that every citizen gets paid a non-means-tested basic amount of money irrespective of circumstances or conditionality.) Keep the Jobcentres as a place of advice and information about jobs and employment, maybe some computers to do job searching etc. for people with no internet. But none of the people whose job it is to sign you on or decide whether you are eligible for benefits or not.


      1. yes, I am totally in favour of an unconditional citizens basic income, and one way to help pay for that would be to shutdown the Jobcentres that cost billions to run , the figure i heard was that they spend twice as much on running jobcentres as they pay in JSA, which is sheer madness. Better to shut them & just have some smaller IT/Advice centres instead for those who need them, but the conditionality, bullying & harassment needs to go, along with all those awful, useless, expensive back-to-work schemes that bully & exploit the poor & vulnerable whilst pouring millions of public money into the coffers of those dreadful companies – A4e, G4SS, Interserve, Ingeus, Pinnacle People, etc etc. all those companies riding the lucrative Welfare-to-Work gravytrain at our expense.


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