Todays demo. Cold weather yet again, new leaflets and amazing comradeship. Food parcels gone straight away again.

Today was a busy but quiet demonstration. That might not make much sense to you, but trust me, if you joined us you’d understand perfectly.

In Tameside, the area that I live in, it’s the Easter school holidays and the children have been off school for nearly two weeks already. In light of this, my daughter wanted to come along. She says that she likes the demos, and she’s already a very experienced campaigner in her own right. Today was tough for her because it was cold, so she became a tad frustrated. This was solved with the promise of a nice cheap dinner afterwards at a local cheap cafe.

The mood in the air emanating from inside the Jobcentre wasn’t a good one. There were lots of people going in and out, but all wanted to keep their heads down. It can take quite a while for new people to start to talk to us, and I think that the Jobcentre have been switching their appointments around.


We have finally, printed a batch of our new leaflets out, and we are also getting another batch printed. These leaflets are fantastic because they contain everything that a person forced to use the Jobcentre needs to job search correctly etc and it’s i a clear step by step version.

Now before anyone comments that they aren’t slick enough, they really can’t be because we had to have enough space to fit everything on and as you can see, there’s not a lot of room for fancy logos. Nor are we computer experts. Our main concern is that we enable people to help themselves through this stressful and arduous process. Once they have been able to master it themselves, they can then pass their skills along to someone else. This, my friends is how people can fight back against the government because they depend on people not being able to empower themselves. Empowering a person is the best weapon that you can hand someone ever!

Here’s the link to the PDF. All that I ask, is that you accredit us for the hard work that we have put into this.

Hopefully this link will work, if not here’s a photo of the leaflet and I will add it in my next blog which will be published straight after this one.

Not to worry. I will be posting straight afterwards.

We handed lots of these leaflets out, and also put one into each and every food parcel that we handed out.

The food parcels went almost straight away, a sad indictment of how awful this Tory government is. They simply hate the poor and will never do anything to help them. This is something that I write about regularly in The Morning Star Newspaper.

Here’s a link to my articles. Please note, I do not get paid for this. Many thanks to them for giving me a voice, its a fab newspaper and if you haven’t read it please do, its worth a read.

Today, we were also joined by a follower of my blog and of myself on twitter. He had travelled a long way from London via Liverpool to join us. What an amazing thing to do! Hes a great fella and it was lovely meeting him at last. He also provided a food parcel which was amazing.

Next week, I hope  will be better, although i don’t think that there are any good days as Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre are they. It’s certainly earnt it’s bad reputation.

BIG SHOUTOUT to all the team that come along, week in, week out whatever the weather. They also deserve a medal for putting up with me! You all know who you are! Pauline this includes you!

Many thanks to my followers on this blog, my Twitter and Facebook account. You all keep me sane, even on my darkest days and you are all amazing. Thank you! I know that I don’t say this enough but I really mean it.


Please share this blog, talk about it, or if you can donate. This has become a full time job for me and every penny helps! Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Todays demo. Cold weather yet again, new leaflets and amazing comradeship. Food parcels gone straight away again.”

  1. Keep up the excellent work, Charlotte and all at Ashton, and to all brothers and sisters nationally campaigning for benefits rights outside Job Centres


  2. It might have been cold but its warming to know there are people of all ages who care enough to try and help others that this govt are trying to make non-people.

    Our local food bank has been flat out of food since Christmas, despite putting out appeals and their collection points brimming every day. The hunger is getting worse. Every donation and every food parcel is a little bit of dignity and relief for someone worse off than us. You do great things and I will be taking some of your leaflets with me when I go canvassing in the elections. You never know who will answer the door. xxxc


      1. A long long way from yours, I’m afraid! One of the furthest reaches of Wales. Poorly populated by poor people. But thank you anyway. I really admire your London supporter BTW. You do inspire.


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