Today’s demo. Food parcels going at a record rate, overwhelmed with issues and cold weather. 

Today’s demo as usual started at 10am when I arrived. Already waiting for me were a few people awaiting their food parcels. I hate having to make people wait, but it was only a few minutes and I spent the time talking to them to see if there was any updates on their situations. The queue grew larger and for those not believing me I will post a photo below. 

The first couple that I spoke to are very vulnerable. The lady is heavily pregnant and is due her baby in approximately four weeks. We have helped her as much as possible and she is now waiting for her money to arrive in her bank which will hopefully be Thursday, but like they realise they can’t depend on this. 

They had ran out of electric and I couldn’t see her and a possible new baby go cold. It’s very cold at the moment. So I gave them money for electric and also the food parcel. 

They have been accessing all local help and are getting hot meals locally. I’ve really taken to this couple. Their situation is complicated and I admire their strength of character. She also has everything that they need for the baby. I’m awaiting positive news before next week’s demo. I often stop and talk to them during the week and have a cuppa with them. I know what it’s like I’ve been there. 

We had alot of people asking for advice regarding failed ESA medicals (Employment Support Allowance). I’ve noticed that alot more people locally are being failed recently and are being made to suffer because they are ill or disabled in some way. Advice was given, signposting given and solidarity. This is very important. 

A chap suffering from schizophrenia stopped to talk to us. He’s having a hard time, although it’s hard to say what exactly has happened. He isnt well and is struggling to remember and comprehend some things. He struggles with letters. But we advised him, showed him compassion and told him that he’s very welcome to come and chat to us at any time. He shouldn’t be punished because he is ill. His life is valuable. 

A street homeless chap joined us for a while. It was a pleasure speaking to him. He was a wealth of knowledge and is trying to sort his life put despite the DWP trying to mess it up. He said that he’s doing his best to stay strong and is accessing local help. He said that tries to travel to Manchester at some point in the week because there is more hep there for him. He realises that our town is only small, and he is concerned that Street homeless people are travelling from Manchester to Ashton and we don’t have the resources. He’s correct. He does advise them to stay in Manchester. I hope that he stays strong and we see him again next week. He told me that word had got round that we are a nice group of people and that we are easy to talk to and aren’t judgemental. 

We spoke to many people today, took a person for a cuppa with us after the demo and gave some help and advice. A really lovely person. 

On Tuesday we also did an extra pop up demo in support of a street homeless man who was badly treated by our local Housing Advice department. Their compassion is akin to that of Teresa May’s. Not many turned up but we were there and the solidarity was strong. 

My week has also been very busy, all unpaid. But it’s very important to get the word out there. I had an interview with RT news on one of their channels named Going Underground.

They were fab and I think that it went well. 
I also had another article published in The Morning Star. I will also post a link to this also.

I had a fantastic interview with one of the amazing women from the brilliant Crossroads Centre in London. They do amazing work there and I always feel inspired to do more positive work after meeting and talking to them. One day I might be able to afford to spend a day in London and be able to visit their centre. 

I’ve also had lots of other issues to deal with and I haven’t stopped. To give an example my typical day this week has consisted of me leaving my home at 8.20 am for the long school walk and returning home with my daughter at around 6pm ish. For anyone that says activists are lazy, I’d like to see them spend a week as I do. 

I’m also arranging with the other women in out group an event for International Women’s week. We will be holding a banner in solidarity and maybe wearing something symbolic in solidarity. We haven’t decided as to what yet. This will show our support for the international women’s strike. 

I have managed, after a slight struggle to obtain tickets from my local Unite Community union branch for the transport via train to the NHS March in London on Saturday. Please note that it’s free and I am not loaded. We will be taking sandwiches.
My daughter is very keen on supporting this march, as am I. They saved my oldest daughters life on more than one occasion last year. 

I’m as tired as you can get, demands are high as times get harder. The team are extremely supportive but it’s hard work! But I love it. Helping others and empowering others to fight this vindictive government is the best medicine that I could ever have.
I’m also still struggling with technology so please be patient with me. For myself and most people that I know, we seem to be finding everything a struggle. But that’s life! 

Some of the Queue for the food parcels. Yes this does happen. We could stand there all day and constantly hand food parcels out. 

Please donate if you can. I’ve done much more than this this week, but I would bore you with all of that. It’s a full time job but I can’t abandon people that need help. We have become a necessity. As a result I’ve paid a big price, but I don’t expect sympathy it’s just the way that it is. 
Remember that every life matters, not just the ones that the government deem as being important! 


18 thoughts on “Today’s demo. Food parcels going at a record rate, overwhelmed with issues and cold weather. ”

  1. You all do brilliant work down there Charlotte. Your articles always manage to give me some hope for the future despite all the evidence to the contrary. I try to do what I can to help my community but I couldn’t begin to match your workload. Always make time for yourself whenever you can, you can’t help others if you make yourself ill in the process.

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  2. A [quite affluent] relative of mine loves his movies and buys all the latest releases, any how he bought & watched I, Daniel Blake and sent me an email — he’s his review…

    “I Saw I, Daniel Blake.
    It’s bloody depressing, I certainly wouldn’t wanna c it again.
    It shows that the system is seriously f****d up and that the DWP folks are trained to be ****s.”

    Here’s my reply:

    “they did the same to my husband
    They stopped his benefits for 4 months and nearly 6 months before they paid him
    were it not for our savings [cos I wasn’t working then] we’d have been like Daniel Blake.
    I know I’ve told you before —-, that people don’t realise what life will be like if they become sick or disabled, they are deluded if they think that they can claim any more of benefits without a fight.
    You know how ill my husband is and yet, he was told to get a job by the DWP, even though he can’t walk, has heart trouble and other many other health problems [and has since been diagnosed with cancer].
    Which is why the disabled have had to fight back via protests, through the courts, social media and web sites, they came to realise that nobody is going to help them but themselves….
    You said, you didn’t want to see the film again, but, sadly this is the life some people have to ‘see’ every day of their lives…

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  3. Can I pick your knowledge – when you speak with failed ESA claimants, who are too ill to sign on what is your advice? Have a couple of people on this merry-go-round with no money, one since November? At end of thoughts.

    Great work as always lovely, you continue to inspire xx

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    1. Hiya we advise them to appeal that decision. Whilst appealing they are then put on the appeal rate until the appeal is heard. That’s the best advice to give and to signposted people to that help, or we see it through ourselves xx. Thank you xx

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      1. Have tried both of these options when a new claim was submitted DWP refused a new assessment instead making their ‘decision’ on the initial one back in September 2016 currently at MR for the 2nd claim??
        Thanks for the prompt response x

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      2. They’ve no right to do that but we’ve been encountering that also. Some folk have had to start claiming jsa. You also have to leave 6 months between claims so you need to put in a new claim next month

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  4. “remember that every life matters, not just the ones that the government deem as being important!” great writing thank you Charlotte. The daily grind to survive for many has been deliberately caused by this government. You’re doing vital work.


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