An observation on the streets of Manchester. My ramblings. 

This was over a month ago and I don’t have any details for the people concerned. 
I notice a young homeless  girl living on the street. She has her blankets and bags next to her ready for the night ahead. 

She should be excited about life but instead she looks lost. She has a can of beer next to her, she says  to numb the pain and cold. 

She is sat with a group of men, also homeless but seems detached from them. I ask her if she is ok, and she says that she is and that there’s safety in numbers. 

She needs to keep safe. As a woman living on the streets life can be very dangerous. Even if you don’t like the people you are sitting  next to you stay with them she says. They are her protection. 

She wants to  make enough money for a b&b for the night, but says she has given up all hope of finding a permanent home because she has addiction issues and feels unable to deal with them. She will one day she says. After saying this her facial expression changes as worry weighs down heavily on her mind. A weight that she feels can’t be lifted at the moment.
Whilst we are talking a young  man rushes past, earphones in looks anxious. Perhaps late for an appointment. He doesn’t notice the homeless girl sat near him. He is self consumed with himself and his journey. She says that she sees this all the time. 

Her wish, she says is that people would be nice to one another. She would like more people to say hello, but they don’t and she looks down again. 
A lady walks past walking  her dog. People stop and compliment her on her dog. They don’t notice the young girl, but they notice the dog. I feel that this is rather sad. A vulnerable human life appears to be as important. 
A teenage boy stands next to the homeless girl. He says hello to her and asks her if she would mind if he plays some music and starts rapping. She welcomes it.

His rapping consists of the story of his life, that he has encountered prejudice, loss and also some lovely things. People start to give him money, but instead of keeping it himself he gives it to the homeless girl. He tells her that she is important, that she is loved and not to give up. 

He tells her that one day, life will get better because his did. She smiles and thanks him. 

Maybe, just maybe that one act of kindness gave her the strength to carry on. 

I’d like to think that she kept warm for that night.

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