Today’s freezing cold demo. And some words from my 10 year old.

Today was our regular demo day. I say demo but we do so much more such as hand information leaflets out, offer solidarity and advice. We’ve become a lifeline to many who are desperately needing all of the above. 

Regular readers will know that we hand out food parcels each week. This week we had about 5 to start with. There was already a queue forming for them. So they went within 30 mins. Later on a comrade arrived with 3 more food parcels and they went in no time at all. It’s awful. Queuing in the street for a food parcel. This government does not care one bit, and it’s pointless trying to reach to their so called compassionate side because they don’t have one. Instead Teresa May spouts on about a “shared society”. I’d have to agree that one thing that we are sharing amongst many is poverty, and it’s in abundance. The wealth certainly doesn’t trickle down and it won’t start to until we have a change of government. They certainly look after their own. 

To say it was cold today was an understatement. Despite my layers I was still shivering. My heart went out to the people that we saw with thin coats on, cotton shoes and no hats, scarfs and gloves. We have been donated some lovely hats, gloves , scarfs and socks so we handed these out. But it still felt like it wasn’t enough. Today was a day when nothing that I was doing would have any effect. Daft I know, but I can’t keep the cold off someone’s back or the worry from their mind, although we really do our best to help. 

A lovely man started to talk to me, he was sanctioned yet again. This happens a lot because once the DWP have sanctioned you the odds on them doing it again are very high. They must see these people as an easy way to reach their targets. This is why we advise everyone to appeal a sanction and to appeal an ESA medical decision. The DWP hate this because most that appeal win. Remember they want as many unemployed people off the unemployment figures by ANY means possible. And they are ruthless at doing this. 

Spoke to a lovely young lady who had her gorgeous young baby with her. Shes on Income Support and her advisor had told her that she had to go on the work programme. I advised her and she went in regarding the law and having a child under the age of 5. She reported back that the advisor had a bit of a strop and muttered something along the lines of “Well I’ll have to take you off the list then”. This is how easy it is for them to break the rules. Once we empower people, they empower themselves even more and become a force to be reckoned with. They then help others. This is one of the reasons why we do this. Its amazing to see someone turn their situation round. 

Some weeks it does hit hard, this was one of them and I’m not ashamed to say that I feel a bit dispondent. But this will give me the motive to carry on campaigning. 

I have a 10 year old daughter. Shes very astute and compassionate. Today she said “Why can’t the government treat people with respect? Everyone deserves respect. No one should ever go hungry like this and it’s wrong.” She went on to say “I want to take the government to court for everyone that has died or has gone hungry, the need punishing because its cruel. When I grow up I’m going to try and do this. I’m proud of you mum, and I’m proud of everyone else that is campaigning.” 

Shes 10 years old. She can see the unnecessary cruelty, many could learn from her despite her young age. I’m very proud of her. Maybe one day she will be able to make a difference and I will do everything within my power to enable this. 

Many thanks to everyone that attended today. I do appreciate it, and I do know that its freezing cold and its very hard work. A massive thank you from myself because you are ALL amazing!
Please donate if you can. If you can’t please share. Its very hard campaigning and every share, kind word etc helps so much!  Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Today’s freezing cold demo. And some words from my 10 year old.”

  1. I think what you are doing is great but unfortunately I do not use my debit card on sites I am not sure about. I know loads of people here in London who have been sanctioned, one guy got sanctioned twice, appealed twice and won twice. I am sure you tell people to write everything down they say and keep the letters they send. I have the impression that the DWP and those disgusting companies which run the work program do not know what they are doing. Best Wishes !


  2. Perhaps this isn’t the right place to type this, so apologies if so. I have been in the People Plus WP in Southampton for over one and a half Years now, and can honestly say that they have driven me to the end of my tether. I have done whatever has been asked of me, including being placed in a part time job that meant I would be about two pounds better off per week, working for an awful company with a Boss that constantly barked at us, instead of talk with in a respectful manner. Without the right tools for the job, which was supposed to be administrative, but was sales for minimum wage.

    Because I have been long term unemployed, have had shame and self loathing for not being able to find and maintain work (I have an unspent conviction that has been a huge hinderance). I never put too much thought in wheather the treatment I have had is ethical and legal, but beginning the wonder. I was asked to contact agencies to ask them what contracts they have got that they are having trouble filling. In other words, which jobs they have that for whatever reason people don’t want to do. So I did as was asked, and called my advisor who also wants me to email her with effectively no information. She mentioned that they will call these agencies ‘on my behalf’ etc. Do they have the legal right to do this and force us to apply for work that we are unsuitable for and physically unfit for. (Sadly I have an undiagnosed arthritis condition, which due to a very real needle in vein and blood phobia, I cannot get medication other than a moderate codiene pain killer). Also what can I do to start campaigning myself? I have signed a petition but saddened that only 1900 ish people have signed.

    I feel as though more people join the cause to boycott a expensive and cruel system such as this, if they were to experience it. And doesn’t the government realise that everyone has their limit, and if all the poor have had enough, that trouble will come their way?


  3. I can only agree with the above post on your daughter. You obviously are not just a great mum, but a great role model. I do recall when aged 10 writing a school essay about the inequities of apartheid and the use of solitary confinement for political prisoners on SA. No idea what we had been asked to write! So tell your daughter that she is a brilliant and lovely girl too. Just like her inspirational mum. We all have to keep on slogging it out to get rid of these people, life and community destroyers, so your gritty determination is an example to the adults in the room too!


  4. Reading what your daughter said brings hope Charlotte, Children like her will demand a better future armed with all today’s injustices they’ll be ready to fight. Your a shining light I know what a smile and listening can do for someone who feel like they have nothing left and little reason to carry on, even those that don’t speak to you and your marvelous volunteers know someone is fighting their corner just because every week your there xx

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