Good news for a change! 

Today, as you can guess was extremely cold. Winter has well and truly set in and it is concerning because so many are without the basics like heating, lighting and good decent food.

I arrived at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre as usual and unpacked my now infamous shopping trolley. I’m sure in future I’ll be known as the lady with the trolley. Anyway I digress.

After unpacking I was greeted with my comrade Gordon who arrived with the food parcels. We’ve got a nice system going now. They are heavy so he picks them up in his car and drops them with me outside the Jobcentre. This is a massive help because I don’t drive and I would find it difficult. It’s a winner all round.

As soon as the food parcels were placed on the ground they were taken by people in desperate need. I’m so glad that we are able to do this. It makes a massive difference and they have helped so many.

I got chatting to a man who was so despondent that he said he was thinking of not bothering. We provided him with much needed solidarity, advice and a much needed food parcel. He said that it was nice to see kind people for a change.

I noticed a lady whom we have been helping for quite a quite now. She was strolling up slowly with her walking frame. We had been helping her try and sort this out but it hadn’t been easy. At first she was so upset that she struggled to remember anything except the need to survive. You see she had no food, nothing. So when we first met her the first thing that I did was to take her to the shop next door and buy her food. Ever since then we had been providing her with food parcels and these literally have kept her going.

Once her confidence had grown, both in herself and in us she began to open up. Colleagues from Unite Community took her case on as a matter of urgency. I requested this because it was a complicated case and I’m overloaded. This does not mean that I didn’t care, far from it. She was given the one to one support that she needed, and sometimes I need to delegate.

She asked me to come and speak to her, and she told me that after 8 months of having no money she’s been awarded her first payment and back pay.

To say we were all ecstatic is an understatement. Plenty of hugs were given, cheers and we even did a little happy dance.

This has made my year. The smile on her face said it all. She told us that we had saved her life and she would be eternally grateful.

This is why we help folk. We sometimes, quite literally save life’s, give people hope. We don’t realise this at the time. We just see someone in need and help them, no questions asked and no judgement made.

We only see the need for compassion, which is something that the DWP and the Government have none of. And to expect them to would be foolish.

No one should ever have to go without food, water, heating and a roof over their head. And I will carry on helping people for as long as it is needed. I will also not stop campaigning until this barbaric treatment of the poor stops.

It makes my heart break. But today was a good day and this smile says it all.

We will be returning next week as always.

Thank you so much for your support it really does mean so much. I’d be lying if I said that it doesn’t upset me and my comrades. It can, and does a great deal. But days like this make everything worthwhile.


8 thoughts on “Good news for a change! ”

  1. So glad you got to do a happy dance. To dance for even a little bit of joy is a wonderful thing and gladdens the heart body and spirit. One lady has faced a living nightmare and not only endured but seen it through with the help and kindness of strangers who thought to care. It means a great deal to read about your work for people against this cruel system. I wish ordinary working folks could see how their precious taxes are wasted, not on keeping folks fed and housed decently while they cannot support themselves but on utter stupidity and cruelty, that ought to be illegal and that is immoral. The WCA, the PIP, Sanctions, the impositions of unreasonable demands on job seekers, Paying private firms to give folks not work qualifications but just coaching them into having the skills to say the ‘right’ thing at interview, The universal credit scandal and so on. What a disgrace! After the resignation of the Brexit civil servant, IDS was on the radio boasting how he didn’t listen to the advice from his Civil Servants either. He said when they warned him things were impossible, he just went on and did things regardless and Hey Presto! Look what he has achieved? He has spent years and years and millions or is it billions now? of tax payers pounds and we yet to have a fully functioning universal credit system. A system that was only ever meant to be temporary and soon to be outdated and in need of replacing. In other words, it’s been a sinking fund for loads of money and like the civil servants may have warned, it was not a success during his tenure at the helm nor is it yet a success. Yet how easy it is for him and ministers to crow that all is well, when the hunger and destitution and humiliation of poverty is only heaped on others.

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  2. Contact me…I’d really like to help. I think Roy higham posted me. Im sure i can help …john even I don’t support Jeremy silly bugger.


  3. The power of the people, who are coming together to show compassion and offer support is the one good thing to come from the tories reign of destruction. I’m so glad that this lady, and all the many others have been helped by you Charlotte and Co. You prove that in a world of sanctions, fear and pain, there are many who care. Vital work


  4. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Fantastic news Charlotte on the woman getting her rightful monies at last.
    You definitely saved her life as without the love, hope and food parcels that have kept her going these past months, no doubt we’d have heard of another DWP led suicide statistic!
    You and your supporters are true Saints helping those in need. Thank you.


    1. Thank you! To say Ive been worried about her is an understatement. I’m walking on air. This is the best fightback that anyone can do against the government. Thats because they want you to give up!


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