Last Thursday’s demo. Sorry it’s late.

Last Thursday was extremely busy and I found it hard to keep up with everything that was going on. The reason being that there were complex issues to be dealt with and because we are outside the Jobcentre and not in an office, it’s not the easiest of environments.

The feeling of worry fills the air and sometimes I wish that I had super powers to enable myself to solve everyone’s problems in a flash.

A lady,  one of our regular attendees arrived crying. She is featured in the film that I posted last week, which was made by ARD tv. She has complex issues, and to be honest doesn’t have a clue what is happening to her.

She explained the latest developments, and I immediately saw the need for our intervention. She was due an ESA medical examination at her home the next day and I was frantically phoning colleagues to see if anyone could sit in with her to witness this. I couldnt be there because I had a very rare job interview. I felt awful about this.

I managed to get in touch with a colleague from my local branch of Unite Community who after a bit of juggling around managed to be able to agree to sit in with her.

I also telephoned my local MPs office to ask them to contact her. They are always very nice and promised to do so.

This lady has so many complex issues, and in the past she would probably have had a carer and would have been living in some kind of supported living. Hopefully an application for her to claim PIP will be successful also. We can’t continue to see her suffering like this. We are doing everything in our power to help her and so are other agencies. We also gave her a food parcel and lot’s of support. She looks forward to seeing us. Hopefully one day soon she won’t have to.

It was hectic handing the food parcels out, everyone who attends the Jobcentre is dealing with an awful situation. Young people, older people, single parents and families. In particular the people having to claim Universal Credit. The deliberate failings and complexities of this system is literally killing people. They say that it’s working , but tell that to the people trying to exist on this.

I was exhausted after the demo, but we had to have a meeeting about this weeks special Christmas demo. Costumes have been made, some are arriving today. It’s important that we hold these special demos. It highlights the wrongs of the system and this one will highlight the similarities between the Workhouse and the Jobcentre. Please scroll down to see the event details, they are on a different post.

I had a very rare job interview. I was shortlisted, but wasn’t successful. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to be successful, but I did give it my best shot and many thanks to everyone that helped me. I don’t have much good luck as a rule.

This week so far I have been dealing with issues related to the campaign. Yesterday I was called to meet with a person urgently. They had been forced onto Universal Credit and their life had been destroyed. In one day every bit of security had been taken away and they were about as low as they can get.

I urgently signposted to relevant organisations, gave them step by step instructions on how to do things. Their Jobcentre advisor had even told them that ESA has been stopped and they could no longer claim it. They are now seeking advice upon this, and will hopefully be taking relevant action. I will be checking up on this.

Yesterday evening I listened to the sanctions debate in Parliment. Of course they ignored all the worries and complaints made to them, instead they kept repeating that the system is working well. That claimants dont have to make unnecessary job searches etc etc. They ignored evidence to the contrary. Many thanks to DPAC who were there for also keeping me posted.

They also referred to claimants as stock. Nice. Not unexpected, but it blatantly shows the disregard for human life that they have.

A big shoutout to all of our supporters! THANK YOU!

I’m running on empty. Myself like thousands of others am dreading Christmas. I simply cannot afford it, the worry is all consuming. I just can’t wait until it is over. What I am doing though is making all Christmas presents for next year, and making as many as possible for this year. I don’t think we are having much of a Christmas dinner, but then again thousands of others aren’t either.

My thoughts this week are as follows. The Government aren’t going to go easy on anyone, they will do the opposite. It’s in their remit. If you haven’t been affected by their cruel measures then you most likely will be in the near future. Be prepared if possible.

Please donate if you can. It would really help. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Last Thursday’s demo. Sorry it’s late.”

  1. It is all consensus politics now as far as the unemployed and disabled are concerned. Supporting the status quo and the so-called ‘welfare reforms’ that have been made. Look at Universal Credit, a system tailor-made to provide cheap, desperate workers for the new world of dead-end zero-hour and part-time jobs.
    Virtually no-one supported the recent failed SNP Bill. A courageous effort, which asked only that some concern be given to people’s circumstances before a sanction was applied. The Labour Party made no effort to support the Bill, nor did the Liberal Democrats.
    In an almost empty parliamentary chamber, the Bill was deliberately talked out of time by the Conservatives.
    As you mention above, the sanctions debate has been little more than a pointless, empty ritual.
    Despite the overwhelming evidence of the hardship and real harm that the sanctions system has caused, it is still supported by the government. Because of course that’s the point of sanctions, to cause hardship and suffering as a punishment.

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