Thursday’s demo and a live video.

As regular readers will know I never expect anything on a demo, I never demand anything from anyone but we had a massive turnout. It was fantastic.

I was also furious for reasons stated in my latest article which is below. It seems that all this suffering has been for nothing, but I’m sure that you already knew this. I can’t see the government stopping their cruel benefit regime. In fact it’s going to get a whole lot worse. This does actually scare me, but it also gives me the fire in my stomach to carry on.

Comrades could see that I was furious, not with them of course. I’m still also not 100% well and I  just want to thank them for their concern. It really cheered me up seeing everyone. Just the tonic that I needed.

We had approx ten food parcels to hand out, five from Pauline, the rest from a facebook friend who came with her friend from Glossop a small town which isn’t too far away but is awkward to travel too and from. They were all very gratefully received and we gave one of our regular attendees an extra one. You will see why if you watch the video which is on the link posted below.

Our friends from Unite Community arrived laden with information, again time and distance prevents us from meeting more often. I am a proud member of Unite Community Union. It was fantastic to see them. Things like this really gives the team and myself a boost. It’s cold and it is a struggle, although this week the temperature wasn’t as low.

Before I left home in the morning I had a surprise delivery of hats, gloves and scarfs in the post. I discovered who the sender was and I thanked them. Some I have saved for next week.

Words can’t express how awful and cruel this system is. I’m sure in the future it will be looked upon in similarity to war crimes, and I would hope that we will eventually be able to hold them accountable for their actions in a court of law like the Nuremberg Trials.

I’m exhausted, it’s been a mad week, and I’m sorry that my blog is short. I’m just tired.

Anyway watch the video. This is a short example of what we actually do outside the Jobcentre.

Here’s an interview that I did with Buzzfeed news this week. There is a slight correction that needs to be made. I am still campaigning, but you get the jist.

Also here is my latest article in The Morning Star newspaper. I don’t get paid for this, however it is a fantastic way of getting the news out there and our voices heard.

Apart from attending the actual demo, I have been constantly dealing with issues concerning the demo..Also dealing with press, phone calls, writing articles, having meetings, promoting our campaign and talking to concerned people who have similar issues. I haven’t stopped.

Please donate if you can. Thank you.


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