Is the Jobcentre the new Workhouse? My latest Morning Star article.

Hi folks.

I thought that I would share my latest article with you all because it is very apt at the moment. I do not receive any payment for my articles, but I do enjoy writing and documenting everything. Sometimes the power of the pen is far more powerful than the power of words and actions. You may disagree on this of course.

Hope you enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Is the Jobcentre the new Workhouse? My latest Morning Star article.”

  1. Excellent article and so true. Life is so difficult for some people these days. I’ve recently seen poverty (related to sanctions) that was so bad it’s hard to believe we’re in 21st century England. I’ve seen families where the choice is (poor quality) food or heating – there just isn’t money for both. There are people who spend evenings in bed to keep warm. These aren’t lazy people either. Many of the people I’ve run into are older and have worked most of their lives and are now on the ‘scrap-heap’. Yet at 50 and 60 the Job Centre still expect them to do lengthy job searches, knowing full well that in this time of job scarcity nobody is going to employ them. I’d go as far as to say the system is actually preventing some people from getting work, because they don’t have the time to do the rounds of employers and just ask at the door if there’s ‘anything to do’.
    I can’t wait for this Government to be voted out. They have no understanding of ordinary working-class people, tar everyone with the label ‘Lazy’ (which is a damn lie) and have failed in providing the economic environment needed so that there is enough work for all.


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