Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre staff intimidating claimants yet again. A statement.

Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre have  yet again been questioning a claimant today as to why they stand and talk to us outside the Jobcentre on Thursday mornings.
Not only is this a total infringement of a claimants privacy, it is yet another way that they like to intimidate vulnerable claimants.

It also infringes on many basic human rights issues, including that of being able to peacefully gather in a public space.
For Ashton Under Lyne JCP staff reading this, I would like to remind you of a statement made by your superiors at a meeting that we had with yourselves a while ago. In this meeting you agreed that no claimant would ever get threatened with a sanction for standing with us. This agreement was put in the official meeting minutes by both ourselves and Greater Manchester Police whom attended this meeting.
If you threaten any claimant with a sanction for talking to us, or indeed continue to question vulnerable people as to why they are talking to us then we will take further action. I’m sure all colleagues will accept that this behaviour is not acceptable.
Ashton Under Lyne JCP employees might like to remember that your union the PCS agreed to support our actions to help stop this cruel system of sanctioning. If you are not a member of the PCS you might like to join.
We provide valuable help and information to claimants as well as handing out food parcels to the claimants whom you have sanctioned.
To intimidate people like this is cruel. If you want to know what we are doing come and speak to us. After all we are supposed to be on the same side aren’t we…….

As a result we will be handing these leaflets out on Thursday

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6 thoughts on “Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre staff intimidating claimants yet again. A statement.”

  1. This just shows how effective these weekly demonstrations, and claimant advice & support really are.
    Of course the Jobcentre don’t like it much, it shows up the cruel reality of their system.
    Not like the political propaganda that they hide behind.


  2. These DWP goons need tracking down and beating into quadriplegia. For the inevitable pathetic, whining apologists, we know they are only doing their jobs. So were the guards at Auschwitz.


  3. It’s ridiculous really cos claimants can take a leaflet and contact you later anyway.
    You guys at the JC – have a heart eh?


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