Our short film with The Guardian.

Around a month or so ago we spent three weeks filming with a journalist and film maker from The guardian. Having worked with The guardian before I held  a certain level of trust with them because they have always been nothing short of brilliant. Always giving a fair and honest opinion and treating both ourselves and the claimants with the respect we all deserve.

I’m not sure that John and his team from The guardian knew what to expect. They had a remit which was to make a film that backed up Ken Loaches film I, Daniel Blake. To counteract the naysayers and the right wing that would say that its just a piece of fiction. And I was proud to have been asked. After all Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre is one of the worst in the country. A reputation very much deserved.

So for three weeks they joined us and spoke to Melvin, a man who due to redundancy and ill health found himself a victim of the DWP regime.

There was also lots of other footage taken, but they didnt make the cut.

Watch the film, its very powerful. It might make you cry. It might make you angry.

But one thing is for sure, we hear many more awful stories each and every week and our work has become invaluable. This week all of our food parcels were handed out within ten minutes, which has got to be record timing.

It’s getting cold, and people are becoming more desperate. Also as we move towards the Christmas season we notice a sharp uptake in sanctioning levels. We have already noticed a far higher level of disabled and sick claimants being turned down at their ESA medicals. We know the reason for this and its awful.

We do rely on your support to keep going. At times our morale can be very low, because the stories that we hear are very harrowing.

Please donate if you can. This has become a full time job for me and it doesn’t just stop outside the Jobcentre every Thursday. I spend my time lobbying, writing, attending meetings, informing people and campaigning. As well as planning our demos.


This week we held our special I, Daniel Blake demo which was a resounding success. The Jobcentre asked us to remove our banner. We politely declined their request.

12 thoughts on “Our short film with The Guardian.”

  1. A few years ago I made this petition after reading about the sanctions:


    Not that it has had any effect after sending the amount of signatories (then 20K) to the DWP …

    I am still getting signatures and emails from people telling me their stories; I think sending them to you and putting them on your blog with their permission would have a much bigger and significant impact than just on that petition page. Would you like to receive these on an email or shall I just post them as comments?



  2. Governments own commission Ed research shows sanctions do not work. Europe has said the UK is treating the disabled badly. And the reality is even worse than the officials admit. And yet nothing changes. The hounding and sanctions and lies and pain continue. It doesn’t save very much money or help people get jobs. It’s simply a process designed to cause misery like the recent tax credits/Concentrix dramas. Now people over a certain age remember better days where benefits were not so hard to get, and people who needed it had some help. Young people will have never known that and I wonder how they see this world we are in? Rotten society, if you judge it on how it treats its most needy. Your work outside the job centre is vital. You have become an extra emergency service.

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    1. Thank you! Absolutely it isn’t fair, its punitive and its meant to punish the poor for their own poverty. We all need to take a stand in ensuring that this government is held accountable for their direct punishment of the poor and most vulnerable in society.

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    2. The aim would seem to be making social security worthless, with a view to then opening up what would be a multi-billion pound private insurance market. Plenty of gravy for all the politicians involved then, from all parties. Their actions suggest they don’t care how many they kill to achieve this.

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