Hammersmith Jobcentre approaching claimants to take photographs for DWP promotional material. 

I, amongst others have always had a sneaking suspicion that the DWP likes to approach claimants in their quest to find willing victims for their promotional material. They’ve been caught out in the past when using paid models, so now they are trying it on with claimants. 

Whenever I see any DWP promotional material, I and others like to research the validity of their photographs and information. Indeed their new Universal Credit promotional material is extremely misleading and inaccurate. So you can imagine my joy at receiving confirmation of their plot to involve claimants.

 Please note that the person involved is not easily intimidated. I’m sure that a person who is scared and vulnerable would give in to their requests straight away. They might think that if they refuse they could be put at risk of a sanction or worse. 

Now, it’s extremely rare for a claimant to be actually smiling inside a Jobcentre. You are usually extremely stressed and it’s the last place that you want to be in. And shaking an advisors hand? This very rarely happens, at best claimants are treated like they have the bubonic plague. A decent advisor still won’t shake your hand. Manners don’t really exist in a Jobcentre. 

It’s just more evidence of the DWP trying to send out a completely misleading message. 

Kudos to the claimant for sharing this. And watch out for the new fake smiley photos posted in local newspapers and Jobcentres. 

16 thoughts on “Hammersmith Jobcentre approaching claimants to take photographs for DWP promotional material. ”

  1. if you dont smile you sanctioned if you dont partake you sanctioned hmm were will it end aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado jeff3


  2. No matter how outrage I would feel, I would Never use language like that! To me it demeans the person and the message they want to put out. There are plenty of expletives to use apart from the “C” word!
    I am not a snob, I have lived a rough and violent life (from others) but I do have limitations on what language I use.

    Aside from that, I would ask for their request in writing, so that I could successfully fight it, if I was penalised for refusing and I would also ask for a rather large fee, benefits are Not renumeration!


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