My interview with Ken Loach. 

As some of my readers might know I also spend my time writing for The Morning Star. This is unpaid, but I enjoy doing it. Writing and spreading the word about what is wrong in this world has become my passion. So I was extremely happy and honoured to have been given this opportunity.

Before you read my interview, I must tell you that Ken is one of the nicest and most inspiring people that I have ever met. He’s a long time hero of mine, because he challenges the wrongs in this world and isn’t afraid of a challenge, a bit like myself. 

I was supposed to just be interviewing him, and that alone would have been a great honour, but I ended up spending the day with him, assisting him at the event Wigan Diggers that we attended. Ken was receiving an award.

He’s a quiet man, or so it appears at first and he has a great sense of humour. We chatted about all sorts and he gave me some advice, which I will be taking. 

Thanks for the memories Ken, I hope that we meet again it was a great honour. 

Many thanks to the team at Wigan Diggers for arranging this interview.

6 thoughts on “My interview with Ken Loach. ”

  1. I’m jealous I could listen to Ken for hours, I couldn’t think of anyone who deserved to interview and spend time with him than you Charlotte, with people like you on the front line I know we will win this fight.
    Darn good interview too xx

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  2. I laud you for helping as many people as you can,
    I do my best to help people, but, I sometimes feel I’m fighting a losing battle.
    I have recently taken to twitter to fight the injustice of increasing council tax support for the poorest in my area, but, they won’t listen to me or the rest of us trying to make a change in my area.
    I wish I could do more, but I am a carer of two disabled relatives,
    but, at least there are some people that care.

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