G4S security guards taking personal information yet again! 

I really don’t know what sort of unofficial arrangement G4S has with the DWP, but they seem to have forgotten the rules regarding the data protection act. It comes as no surprise, maybe that’s why they had the Windows blocked at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre so we could no longer see their unlawful actions. Nothing fails to surprise me though, and it seems that today they have excelled themselves in being rude and uncooperative. 

I was made aware of a post put on my personal page on Facebook. I have kept it anonymous to protect the identity of the claimant. This is important, because the DWP can be vindictive at times and I don’t wish to put anyone at risk of being possibly targeted by them. This is also in their own words, so please no criticism of grammar etc, as they obviously wrote it in anger and disbelief over the way they were treated. 

“G4 guard believe they are policing the job centre. Ashton job centre stories. “Can I use the toilet please” G4 guard (chubby, short dark hair basin cut) no can you cant, imagine the state they would be in if we let them lot use them looking at queue of people. Moving a chair to a table, to fill out form, ordered to put it back or police will be called. Chubby G4S guard asking what is your national insurance number! When asked why he wanted to know and him being told he did not work for the job centre (personal information) he responded saying he does. Ashton job centre in house joke.  Such lovely people. Its not just sanctions it about hating  the poor.”

There are several things that alarmed me with this. The G4S security guard should not be asking for personal details, once again this breaches the data protection act. If they ever ask this of you, refuse and state your legal rights. 

Secondly, there is no access to a toilet. Now I know that this is usual, but I do feel that there should be a toilet available for claimants to use, especially when more and more disabled claimants are being forced to use the Jobcentre. 

They also threatened to call the police because the claimant moved a chair to the table to sit on to enable them to fill a form in. A completely unnecessary possible use of police time. 

None of this is unusual though, this happens everyday, and I’m doing my very best to report and prevent this happening again. The G4S guard has obviously got some kind of agreement with the Jobcentre which they shouldn’t have. Personal information should only be dealt with by a trained DWP member of staff. Threatening a claimant with the police for wanting to move a chair whilst they fill a form in is totally ridiculous, and to be honest I’m not very happy with the treatment dished out to this claimant, who is a totally respectable, well mannered member of public. 

Oh and as for the G4S security guard criticising the claimants using the building, I can bet they have better manners and show more respect to the public that he does. Claimants might not wear designer clothes but most have the biggest hearts that you could ever find. I suggest that you take a lesson from them in common decency. 

And yes it’s a direct war against the poor, but we will fight back! 

My thoughts are with the families of the people killed by the Orlando gunman, and for those who were injured. Incidentally the gunman was employed by G4S since 2007. 

Keith Ordinary Guys latest letter. Please read. 

11 thoughts on “G4S security guards taking personal information yet again! ”

  1. I used to work in the Jobcentre years ago and we helped the DWP because they were under staffed plus it made the time go quick.As for the toilets;guard has to leave the floor and wait until the person in finished. Most stoppebd because (some) claimants would s_t all over the walls. In the sites I worked at they did allow mothers with small children and girls that were preggers.


  2. This should be reported not just shared on FB. Tell the local Member of Parliament. MPs have direct contact with a DWP regional official to cut through the system when helping a constituent.


  3. bring a sample of dog poo in a bag and leave it there conspiciously if they wont allow you to use a toilet, they might soon learn then


  4. I’ve noted the lack of toilets in Jobcentres before – it makes me very angry! Anyway, I got so angry that I made a petition on the Government website. After two and a half months it’s only got 2322 signatures, sigh. Please publicise it!

    I’m fortunate enough to not have to go to Jobcentres as I’m retired, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care! I hate the state this country has come to. I worry about my grandchildren, how will they manage to live if this country moves even further to the right wing, ditch all benefits and the devil take the hindmost.


  5. G4S Guards are just that, guards. Their only role is security for the jobcentre in which they are employed. They don’t interact or even speak to the claimants in my local jobcentre, unless there is some sort of trouble.
    It is outrageous that in Ashton they are acting as Jobcentre staff in this way. There must be some reason behind this, for it to become so established. Perhaps a deliberate management policy, to make things more repressive and increase the sanction figures ? Or put people off claiming altogether ?
    Ashton was a special pilot area for Universal Credit, and maybe this extra-harsh regime using G4S is being tested in an unofficial way to see how it affects things ? Very wrong in any case.


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