Walk right past…. 

Manchester today. Walk right past….. There’s nothing to see here….. Buy expensive stuff that you don’t need….. But there’s nothing to worry about, just walk right past. 

Manchester today, like any big town across the country. It’s resembling the Manchester that Engles, Marx and Dickens wrote about. But don’t worry… Walk past, pretend it’s not happening and continue to buy expensive things that you don’t need. 

Permission was gained by the chaps in these photos, and drinks and food was handed out. Many thanks to the amazing groups and people that help the homeless on a daily basis. Never has this help been needed more than it is today. 

2 thoughts on “Walk right past…. ”

  1. Always sad when you see this, particularly in the case of young people. So much wasted potential.
    But this is the problem with destroying social security. Instead of support, there is just destitution and sleeping on the street.

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  2. Unfortunately, this has become such a common sight that people just don’t see it any more. The good old tories are determined to get us working class oikes back where we belong – as serfs and slaves to their money-making scheme, grateful for a bowl of gruel and a crust of bread if we’re lucky and, preferably, not asking for more! 😦


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