My latest Morning Star article and a message from Mr Ken Loach himself. 

It’s not often that I get praise from above, and today was a day that I shall always remember. This is one for the team, for everyone who actively campaigns against this governments inhumane policies. 

I received this via my editor. 

Here is the article that Mr Loach was referring to. Mr Loach is a hero of mine, his films portray the reality of life for many, including my own. And I would like to thank him for his kind words.
To all my haters, and to those who say that I cannot write, spell or use correct grammar, you might like to speak to Mr Ken Loach who obviously disagrees with you. Peace. 

13 thoughts on “My latest Morning Star article and a message from Mr Ken Loach himself. ”

  1. well done Charlotte, you can’t argue with that, keep doing what your doing, its clearly reaching the right people. i can’t help thinking your blog had a small part in shaping the film over the last year

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  2. Cracking article as always Charlotte, the haters are a sad sorry lot and attack all those who stand up and campaign against this Govts vile inhuman ways, Jack Munroe you may or may not know of has put themselves out there campaigning on many levels gets abuse too, guess these days success and getting the message out there can be measured by the ‘haters’ spelling and grammar police,So you must be getting read an awful lot 😉 so well done! x

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