G4S security guards handling personal details and making appointments for claimants!

Well well well, they are at it again. G4S security guards are under the impression that they can handle claimants personal information. Of course they should not be doing this, as it breaches the data protection act, and neither should the DWP be allowing them to do so.
At Ashton under Lyne Jobcentre they seem to think that they can, and I suspect that this is the case in many more Jobcentres up and down the country. This security guard even felt it was his duty to make an appointment for a claimant, an appointment that didn’t exist. He did not tell the claimant that it wasn’t put on the system, so resulting in a wasted journey.
I will state again that G4S security guards are not allowed to do this. Only a designated employee of the DWP can do this. This breeches data protection laws. If they try this with you or someone you know, please pass this information on.
I’m sure that they must imagine that this makes them look more in charge, but they are actually breaking the law and should be treated as such.

To all journalists reading my blog. I also write for a national newspaper and I also am on the front line helping people, and gatherimg information. I do not just sit behind a computer, I and others do put the hard work in. Therefore my work has value, and I have worked hard gaining the trust of claimants, which isn’t easy. If you want a story then come and join us one week. There you can meet the people affected by the issues that I have raised. I do appreciate that channel 4, RT news and Aljrzeera have done this in the past and are more than welcome to join us again. I value all claimants, and I appreciate their need for anonymity. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “G4S security guards handling personal details and making appointments for claimants!”

  1. I can’t help thinking there is some sort of tacit arrangement here between the G4S guards in Ashton, and the local Jobcentre management. This couldn’t really be happening without that initial consent.
    Perhaps it is being justified as an issue of staff shortages. But even so ,this is entirely wrong for G4S guards to be employed in this way.


    1. Exactly I’m thinking the same. This jobcentre seems to have a culture of its own. They will behave for a while now and turn start again. And if they state that they don’t do this, I’ve seen it and so have almost all of the claimants attending their appointments.


  2. I am suprised to hear this about the G4S guards in Ashton Jobcentre.
    They are not allowed to act in place of Jobcentre staff, their role is simply Jobcentre security.
    If they are involved with the claimants, then it must be at the request of the local or area manager, but even so, this is completely wrong.
    A formal complaint of some kind needs to be made about this, perhaps via the local MP ?
    As I mentioned in a previous comment, my local Jobcentre, in the southwest, has two G4S guards placed behind the reception counter. They do not speak to, or take details from, any of the claimants, this is all done by the Jobcentre staff.
    From time to time, one of the guards will take a slow stroll through the office, looking completely bored. Then return to their position behind the counter. Unless they have to eject a claimant for violence or threatening behaviour, they are just a silent presence in the Jobcentre.
    And yes, we have Universal Credit now in our local Jobcentre, but it has made no difference to the way in which the G4S guards are deployed.


    1. Also we have had to make official police complaints due to them threatening us saying they are going to knock us out. Every word that I write is the truth, and G4S are notorious for breaking the rules. This is not unusual. Indeed when I was signing on they used to handle my personal details.


    2. But I can assure you that this is a very common occupance, and they’ve developed a pattern. They get reported, they stop for a while, a few weeks later they start again. We’ve had JC here for 3 years and they were doing this before UC was introduced.


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