DWP workers please read. 

We’ve been working on this for a while now, this things aren’t quick to publicise because we have to ensure the legalities are correct.

For too long now DWP workers have been wrongfully implementing rules that aren’t set in stone, nor does the DWP care much for honesty, compassion and common sense. So we’ve outlined the rules, knowingly ignoring these could well end up with possible court action, with the DWP worker being taken to court. Before everyone starts laughing folk have had enough of being treated like rubbish, discriminated against. So take heed, read and learn.

Also for any DWP workers out there that want to do the right thing and feel unable to, this will empower you to be able to treat claimants fairly.

Please note we don’t sit around doing nothing. We work hard challenging and trying to end the barbaric sanctioning regime.

Print this out and share.

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42 thoughts on “DWP workers please read. ”

  1. your council tax pays for this corporate tyranny and treason , ask questions in all tiers of government, make them work for ordinary people, they are servants you were not born to serve private corporate greed, go and hold your elected councillors to account. I did this week and it will continue, its time to put the brakes on this corporate extortion racket follow this example , an ex councillor who is flabagasted and outraged https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw4I2gEtOCg


    1. Thanks Yvonne
      What are they accountable for? Re housing me? Keeping me within the same area? I have serious commitments within the area at mo. Also do they have to rehouse both me and my adult sons together?


  2. They told me I have to get a job or my ESA will stop but am alcohol dependant or go on course to learn to read and write


  3. Thanks Corky…I read the shelter info that will be really helpful in the near future but I m not due to apply for housing benefit until my tenancy ends as i paid upfront. My problem is getting ESA through in time that enables me to pay my way until i am able to work again. Plus my landlord wont except benefits hence having to leave his property. I havnt a clue how to look for a property that excepts benefits. Shelter gave me a website but no local landlords on this. Has anyone got any suggestions please?


      1. Ive been given a website from shelter(no local landlords on their one.All of them 50 plus miles away) but nothing from council. Just told me to look privately. Ill try asking again. Thanks


    1. I am given to understand that private landlords cannot evict without a court order! If he tries to then ring the police if he does this forcibly.
      Sorry this is late for you and you may be ok now


  4. Thank you Corky. Ive been to homeless section at council to be told I have to wait for section 21 before I get info for my circumstances?? Also Shelter basically told me same and that my only option is to find somewhere else to live or wait for section 21. Im currently waiting for approval of benefits as well. Im unable to work through longterm sickness at mo.


  5. Have you any info on human rights before Section 21 eviction from privately rented accomodation?
    This is a major problem in this country and within the DWP system. Eg: not recieving benefit in time before getting a threat of a eviction notice. Therefore it is impossible to pay your rent.


    1. Article 6 (Right to A Fairing Hearing and Public Authorities to Deal with A Person’s Affairs in A Timely Manner) and Article 1 of Protocol 1 (Protection of Possessions) the possession being the tenancy. Breaches of ECHR Articles by public authorities is unlawful under Section 6(1), Human Rights Act 1998.


      1. Basically, if they know you are in danger of eviction, they should act to prevent it. In most cases, timely manner is determined by the circumstances of each individual case.


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