Please watch this video.

My friends at DPAC have made a new video. It shows the reality of this governments evil attacks on the ill, disabled and poor. It is upsetting, but its meant to be.

This is the reason why we continue to campaign outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. We don’t get any support from those that should support us. Those that do support our campaign we, and the claimants at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre are very grateful.

Remember we are there to support those victimised by this evil government.

Many thanks DPAC.

Please watch and share.




8 thoughts on “Please watch this video.”

  1. RIP all those beautiful & good people slaughtered without care by the malignant bastards in power. You were good people, you had every right to be cared for by the “system”, you did nothing wrong. You should still be here with us, instead of only now living in our hearts.

    Through tears


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  2. This is just so awful and more f I don’t get into ESA support this time I will be one of these people and still have to go through the PIP yet as to am still on dla lower rate. God help as all..


  3. Certainly not fit to govern…IDS, Gove etc.etc. they all dabble in a world though know nothing of. My wife takes direct aid very seriously, Living on the streets of our town is an ex-soldier cursed with what is, and always will be named shell-shock in my book. She has ensured he has a stock of thermal underwear, woolly jumpers, the old coats she deemed I was not wearing plus regular coffee and scoff…he is one of many she taken under her wing as best she can over the years. Wish you every success in getting your message spread far and wide.

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