Yesterday’s demonstration. A stark reminder that hardship can happen to anyone, Junior Doctors and buisness rate relief ended. The Tory onslaught continues.

It wasn’t raining for a change, and it wasn’t too cold. It was a little quiet, but I was expecting that. I’ve got my suspicions that the Jobcentre are shifting appointments around so the claimants don’t speak to us. Knowledge is power they say, and they don’t want claimants to have any knowledge.

A young man walked out of the Jobcentre. He had worked for all of his adult life, but had become ill. The gods of Maximus had declared him cured of course, and he didn’t know what to do. The Jobcentre told him that he had to sign on for JSA. Of course if he did this then he would be declaring himself fit, which he shouldn’t do. It was all new to him, and he was a little bewildered. I told him that he must appeal, that he has every right to appeal and that he must inform them that he is doing so. I signposted him to welfare rights, they will help him with his appeal etc. He said that he was glad that he had spoken to us. He had hope now he said.

A young woman stormed out of the Jobcentre. She too said that Maximus had declared her fit and the Jobcentre had told her that she couldn’t appeal, but she had to claim JSA. She did as they said because she was scared of having no money. I signposted her to welfare rights, I just wish that I had the time and place to offer solid advice. I, and my collegues have the knowledge but we can only do our best whilst stood outside the Jobcentre.

A young man that I know stopped me. He has a serious medical condition and his sickness money had been stopped. He didn’t tell me exactly which benefits he is on so I can’t elaborate. He had managed to sort it out over the phone. They told him that his payment had been released but he wouldn’t get it until the next week. He was starving so I bought him a plate of chips. Just why are people being made to suffer like this?

Each one of the people above are vulnerable and society should be taking care of them, and not discarding them like yesterday’s newspaper. They have feelings and deserve respect. It’s so wrong.

Right now I’m a bit fed up of society using the words “benefits” and “welfare”. These are American words and have been created to demonise the poor and those in need. Please can we all start using the words social security? We need to stop using Tory terminology!

I’m also devestated that Mr Hunt is now trying to impose the new contract on our junior doctors. Of course it’s all a part of the plan to privatise the NHS. He openly admitted it in a book that he wrote years ago. Please, junior doctors, don’t leave. This is exactly what he wants you to do. Stay and fight. We are fighting for our NHS! And we all need to support them. We will miss the NHS when it’s gone!

There’s been a massive blow to the small businesses and independent charity shops in the local authority that I live in. The discretionary rate relief that had previously been awarded has been stopped. Central government have stopped the money to fund this ensuring that my local authority can’t find this anymore. There’s simply no money on the pot.

One things for sure. We will see lots of small local buisness shut down along with the small, independent charity shops. This will result in our high streets being cleared of local businesses, with the big corporate, often non tax paying businesses taking over. A few small business owners and independent charity shop owners are already talking about shutting down.

This will be devestating. This weeks cruel onslaught by this evil Tory Government has left me almost speechless, but angry.

I’ve heard that Ian Duncan Smith doesn’t like blogs like mine. He’s not too keen on us exposing the truth. Well let me tell you Smiffy we will not stop blogging etc. Fellow bloggers, keep up the good work!

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8 thoughts on “Yesterday’s demonstration. A stark reminder that hardship can happen to anyone, Junior Doctors and buisness rate relief ended. The Tory onslaught continues.”

  1. Please don’t give up This week as been hell for me They stopped my money with out tell me when i phoned them ESA the could not find my national insurance number mmm I could smell a rat .The reason was my mail had been returned to them as I no longer lived their which is strange as my mail box is on a wall in the next street and their council tax bills came in so I had to reclaim again over the phone My Esa And Dla I have a rare form of hypoglycemia and I have to eat carbs every 3 hours. so here is what happen next they released my payment in to the world of cyber space and it lands on the 15th .5 days no money and no food do they care about us the answer is a big fat NO we are just numbers on their spread sheet to balance their books when i asked them to help they told me i just been payed and that is right . 5 days before i can get old off it . my blood sugar as been all over the other day I passed out for 6 hours I am so lucky I woke up and did not fall in to a coma I would like to thank Charlotte for getting me a plate of chips she is a real life Angel does so much to help and that day she help me I love you babe keep it up and never give up


  2. “Just why are people being made to suffer like this?”. Simple! It’s all part of the plan to grind people down. Mike Sivier has been writing some blogs about IDS and the fact that he’s been moaning about his blog and probably won’t be long before he’s moaning about yours. There was an undercover investigation done by channel 4, whereby DWP staff were told not to tell people about some of the types of financial help available, unless they specifically asked. The DWP are deeply deeply corrupt! But then that should hardly be a surprise. It seems that every week that goes by, some ugly Tory secret comes out ! DON’T EVER GIVE UP!


    1. Oh yes I know! My daughter was in the first programme in that series of 2 dispatches programs. Oh I’ve been trolled by the Tories and kippers for quite a while now. I’m aware of all their tricks and their reasoning behind them. But one things for sure I will never give up!


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