DWP plans to harass children. 

Not content with harassing adults to the point of dispair, the DWP now have plans to come into schools and offer “advice”. This will consist of workshops and one to one sessions to ensure that no child is at risk of “worklessness”. 

They’ve already stated that children are at risk of worklessness in their Troubled Families phase 2 scheme. This is terrible. Children should be allowed to be children. To deny them of this ability is in my eyes downright cruelty. 

No child wants a DWP official constantly brainwashing them into becoming a drone for the capitalist society. They want to learn standard lessons and to be able to play with their friends. Work should be far from their minds. 

The school that has allowed this to happen have stated that they find this “exciting”. I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t agree with this. 

Having witnessed many, many accounts of DWP cruelty, bullying and harrasment I cannot see this as being exciting.

There’s an old saying and I can’t quite remember exactly how it goes, but it does say that to fully indococtrinate society you have to start with the young. They are easily mouldable into new ways of thinking. 

Parents need to oppose this. There aren’t enough job positions out there for all young people to become employed in. A lot of previously paid jobs have now been changed to workfare positions. But maybe that’s what they want all our young people to do, to work for nothing. After all they’ve made it impossible for poorer children to attend university and achieve good qualifications so that they can find a good job. 

Please read the below post. Oh and my daughter will not be attending any of these DWP sessions if they do start in her school. They aren’t getting their hands on her. After all th DWP wanted my unborn grandson to die. 

Do not let this happen folks. 


4 thoughts on “DWP plans to harass children. ”

  1. It’s highly instructive watch talking heads on TV dribble on about DWP giving careers advice! It’s a middle class fantasy overlay on the brutal evidence they chose to ignore. These classroom fascists will be yelling them about what forced labour scheme they will be sent on if they refuse an offer of one of the crappiest Apprenticeship schemes in the world. .


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