Come and say hello! 

Tomorrow will be our weekly demonstration day please come and say hello!!

We have been protesting every Thursday for nearly 15 months now and we have never had a week off. Whatever the weather decides to be like we never miss a week. 

We do this to offer compassion and support to the claimants that have to use Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. We hand out informative leaflets, warm drinks and hats, gloves and scarfs to those needing the warmth. 

Sanctions are unfair and unjust. After being sanctioned people go hungry, become ill, and some can’t see no way out so they commit suicide. 

We are a committee bunch of people and the demos are A political which means that anyone is welcome to join us providing that they come in peace. 

Please come and say hello. We would love that. 

You can find us outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre 101 Old street Ashton Under Lyne.  1-3pm. 

Just bring yourself that’s enough!! 


2 thoughts on “Come and say hello! ”

  1. I think your protests are wonderful and I’m grateful for the help you gave me when I was sanctioned but I wasn’t too keen on the noisy protest the other night. Just sayin’. Found it a bit scary!


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