I have joined The Labour Party.

I’ve been pondering on this issue for a long while, and have had many sleepless nights concerning this. I used to be a member of The Labour Party, as local people will know, but I left because of their then stance on most things. They had become almost as right wing as The Tory Party and I felt that I couldn’t be a part of that anymore. So we parted company and I joined The Green Party.

I felt that The Green Party had a place for me. They represented the views of old Labour before it became New Labour. And I have really enjoyed my time with them. I have managed to stand in local elections twice, and in The General Election. This has been a fantastic experience and I really value my comrades in The Green Party.

However, it was very hard, my local Green Party membership is very low and I at times, felt like I was getting nowhere and that I wasn’t making a difference at all. And above all else I want to make a difference. I haven’t sold myself out, as some might say, and I haven’t been persuaded by anyone else, this has been on my mind for a long time now. Certain events made me reassess what I wanted to do regarding my politics.

This has not changed how I feel about anything at all, and I hope that my choice hasn’t upset anyone, although I feel that it might. I feel that the left side of Labour needs all the support that they can get, and they now with Jeremy Corbyn as leader would support our campaign outside the Jobcentre. I’m already a member of a Labour Party affiliated union (Unite in the community) and I feel that this matches my trade union beliefs.

As a result, I feel that I may have stabbed myself in the foot so to speak. There’s a  big chance that my voice might get drowned out amongst everyone else’s, and locally it might not be as strong. But if I find that to be the case I will shout even louder.

This has been a very difficult decision for me to make, so once again please respect me for taking the time to make this decision. I haven’t just jumped ship straight away. My stance on environmental issues has not changed one bit.

I hope to be able to join in any local Labour Party activities and I hope that my voice will be continued to be heard.

Many thanks for your continued support.



16 thoughts on “I have joined The Labour Party.”

  1. I understand your dilemma. I like everything the Greens stand for and felt Labour had sold out. Unfortunately the Green Party hasn’t got a strong enough foothold to be an alternative opposition. I felt like there was nowhere to go. Now Labour has Jeremy Corbyn there is a real chance of the Tories finally getting some serious opposition and he needs all the support he can get to ensure this happens.


  2. As a Green I am sorry to see you go. As a socialist I won’t quarrel with your decision. I know about low numbers of activists in such areas as yours, but I also know that just because the top and bottom of Labour have changed, the vast swathes in the middle haven’t. At a local level things are still often very problematic, look across to Rochdale. Labour need to be opposed, and not by LDs or UKIP. Good luck though, look forward to hearing how it goes.


  3. Your not selling out at all, Jeremy Corbyn’s values and principles speak for many people & he needs help, I’m a green at heart but care enough to lend JC & Labour my support in my own little way.
    Very pleased your joining the ranks.

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  4. Charlotte, you are not alone. Many have rejoined, or even become active for the first time later in life because of the situation. I understand your feelings about the Greens, but their time may come but not right now. There is strength in unity, and Corbyn supporters are now the vanguard of the fight against neo liberals. Welcome, fraternal greetings.

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