Ashton under Lyne Jobcentres equivalent of the X Factor is here! 

Ashton Jobcentre are now branching out into talent shows like the X factor. They now have recruitment agency called “reform radio” that whisk you off to Granada studios (at your expense of course) to record you speaking into a microphone telling folk what “talents” you have! Now is it just me but the very name “radio reform” is wrong. It’s insulting. Just because you are poor does not mean that you need “reforming”. 

It is also compulsory to attend this. If you don’t you will get sanctioned! 

Please don’t say it’s just myself that finds the whole thing ridiculous and offensive. 

Less time making up these silly courses and stunts and more time is needed to let jobseekers actually look for real jobs if they are able to.

I have emailed this radio station and am now awaiting a reply. Let’s hope they see the error of their ways.


23 thoughts on “Ashton under Lyne Jobcentres equivalent of the X Factor is here! ”

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Lets see if you get this one. I’ve not tried for awhile since my last efforts failed to appear. Anyway as regards ‘Reform Radio’ I’m having some fun on Twitter and including the DressForSuccess charity shop in Audenshaw too while I’m at it.

    Too many charities and voluntary organisations, perhaps being more in it for CIC’s than anything else, are seeking free slave labour from Ashton Jobcentre. I therefore advocate Subterfuge, Subersion, & Sabotage to make these organisations pay in other ways for their transgressions!

    Love, Light & Laughter
    Steve Starlord

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  2. I am getting increasingly suspicious of Reform Radio, are they another front for the queasy episcopal Christian movement? I can find little enough about them other than they are a CIC trading since 2013 . iam in process of following this interesting theme in my researches.


      1. They worry me, here in Rugby we have an invasive charismatic church group, so whilst apparently serving the community (hosting food- bank, supporting small business, hosting local CIC, etc) are actually slowly accrueing to themselves
        much property (and paying no rates because they are charities, or “supposedly” social enterprises) but in actuality acting as a divisive force by virtually insisting that in some way you should participate in their communion, and meantime diverting any grant aid available unto themselves. Please excuse my rant.


  3. It sounds more like the forced public confession during reeducation in Moaist China.

    It also sounds like an attempt to publically humiliate. This is so wrong, in so many ways.


  4. well you can take a horse to water but you cant make them drink. similarly you can take a person to Granada studios(where are they anyway?) but you cannot make them talk into a mike.I for one, would 1. have difficulty getting there, or finding my way around the place .2. would not know what to say assuming i even got as far as a mike before breaking down with nerves. about time they stopped all this stupidity. not everyone has the outgoing nature neccessary to be able to speak into a mike. back in my day we didnt need all this damned stupid hype up ,selling ourselves etc. we needed the get up n go to do the job yes, but unless it was an executive position , we just needed the skills and the willingness to be able to do the job. simple. i never had any problem walking in to jobs. never once failed an interview. this is going tyoo far.


  5. Don’t know if you’ve already got there or not, but you need to link this site and contents to Corbyn’s twitter feed or email. He probably knows all about this, but it might get a much wider audience then?


      1. Charlotte, I may of used the wrong word when I said ‘link’, but what I meant was, whenever you post a new article on here (I know this gets reblogged elsewhere), bang a tweet on Corbyn’s twitter feed, which could mean that your posts reach a much wider audience (which is what you want). Follow JC as well. @jeremycorbyn #jeremycorbyn. I actually found his gov email address a while ago, and sent a message, but due to the sheer volume of emails he will receive (I’d imagine), I didn’t get a response. You could even setup a twitter account #thepoorsideoflife ? Unless you already have?


      2. Unfortunately he’s a very busy man and is only 1 person. So many people rely on him to change everything when he can’t possibly do that. Believe me I send this everywhere and I’ve no doubt he reads the morning star whom I write for. But I need other people to do this as well it would help so much.


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