Rememberence service Thursday 17th December. 

It’s time for our second Christmas rememberence service. We can’t quite believe that we are still having to protest about the injustices that occur inside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre every Thursday. But we have made a commitment to be there for the claimants because they depend on us to be there.

Being poor is very isolating. You don’t have a social life and all you can think about is keeping warm and stopping yourself from feeling too hungry. Christmas is a particularly bad time of year. You are constantly reminded of what you don’t have. And as a result you avoid places that are commercial etc. It’s much better to stay at home where you don’t have to be reminded of just how little you have.

We know this so we will be handing out hats, scarfs, gloves, mince pies and hopefully a few biscuits. These always go down well. We have found that a lot of claimants do not have warm clothing and just a warm hat can make such a difference.

We will be remembering those that have passed as a result of the draconian rules implemented by this government. Wether it be a sanction or a failed medical by the gods of ATOS or Maximus. Everyone is important to us. And in light of this we will be laying down a wreath along with a memorial service in their name.

We would love it if you could come and support us. If you can’t attend please share or hold your own memorial service or lay a wreath at your local Jobcentre.

The service will be held from 12.30-3 101 old street Ashton under Lyne Lancashire

Thank you so much for your continued support. We really do appreciate it.

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4 thoughts on “Rememberence service Thursday 17th December. ”

  1. Charlotte thats fantastic. I wish I could come but I cant and do plan to be there in the New Year. sisterly and fraternally. Sandy Rose(from Michaels course)


  2. David Cameron and this corrupt tory government don’t give a shit if you are disabled, sick, young,poor or a pensioner, their sick ideas are to cull the disabled and pensioners off and cimontunue the real white genocide that is going on behind our backs disguised as mass immigration,, they treat these filthy scum and vermin like royalty compared to how they treat the real British people who they steal from and destroy with their private hired American quacks who are not even real Drs etc. Even when these scumbags say that a person is fit for work, this does not. Legally stop them from being disabled, that is down to their own Drs only to make this decision about their health and if they really are fit to work.


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