Government plans to change the point system for those applying for PIP. 

The Government would like to make it even harder for those who want to claim PIP. PIP has replaced DLA and people claiming DLA are now being shifted over to PIP. If you have received your notification of change then you must apply for PIP within the 4 weeks stated. If you don’t your money will stop. 

Now applying for PIP isn’t easy. The form is very long and repetitive and I can’t stress enough that you should always get help when filling this form in. It’s very easy not to fill it in correctly and sadly that’s what this government want you to do. 

The governments plans to change their point system is unfair. They want to basically cut the points for “aids”. An aid can be a stair lift, a handle at the side of a toilet to help you stand up, a seat that you sit on whilst having a shower. Anything that basically makes your life easier so you can function. 

Now the government are saying that these aids are inexpensive and therefore shouldn’t be regarded as being important. Disabled people, they say, should provide these themselves.

I’ve yet to meet a disabled person claiming DLA or PIP that have been wealthy enough to be able to pay for all the aids that they need. On the contrary they often have to fight hard with social services or other organisations to get these aids that provide the essential support that they need. 

Being disabled isn’t an easy ride as the Tories seem to think. It’s a very hard and often lonely life. The way that they have been attacked by this government is shocking and I’m sure that they could well have broken many human rights laws. 

Please click on this link and become involved in the consultation. It’s very important that you do. 

Please share this with as many people as you can. We can’t let them change this behind our backs as they often seem to do. 

Personal Independence Payment: aids and appliances descriptors – Consultations – GOV.UK Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

13 thoughts on “Government plans to change the point system for those applying for PIP. ”

  1. The problem is that it is not means tested Cameron claimed it so dose Katie price if you need the money claim it if you don’t need it fine but if you don’t claim it I will have to claim for my partner with mental health and dementia thay have made is difficult for people when will this persecution of the disabled stop


  2. The cheap labour response is correct though agree we should unite though and not infight. This Tory party is a disgrace, they expected to lose and when they won , They thought it was a mandate from the people. Damn them all and Damn Labour for the ED’s. Labour lost the last election exactly one second after Ed’s election as leader. Who will come to the aid of disabled and less fortunate though?


  3. Seriously. Inexpensive my chair was four thousand. And I can’t shower or
    Bath and something to get me into the bath would be 500£ which I just can’t afford so can’t do.


  4. This is more bad news for the disabled. However, let’s not fall into abusing immigrants or others who are in need. This Government is making a very good job of dividing and ruling. Let’s not help them.


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