Terrible please read. 

I found this story on Facebook. It’s shocking but not unusual. Please read and share. I will keep the people concerned  anonymous as always. 

I am writing to let you all know that last night my brother ********was rushed to hospital after he collapsed in his home last night.

The hospital have said that ****** had been starving himself for over 3 weeks following losing his benefits to which he was found fit for work.

The doctor has stated that this has resulted in complications with his Diabetes that has triggered to his internal organs shutting down.

I have been told to expect the worse and that he may not pull through.

***** had kept quite that he had lost his benefits from me and his family which was rather stupid.

I have also been told that he had been taken advantage of by an neighbour who was stealing food from my brothers home including money.

I will keep you all informed of my brother condition and I can only hope and prey that my brother pulls throughCreative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

26 thoughts on “Terrible please read. ”

  1. Similar things happen in Australia. I was also unjustly denied benefits. The Government officials refused to recognise the existence of my impairment for years. Please, find my true story at isitjustice.com


  2. You may think that I’m being irrational with this next comment but your MP’s are not going to be very helpful at all on this matter. If you are not aware already of the human rights bill being slowly demolished there are far more sinister things happening than you care to imagine in the government and above. Check out the “Earth Summit” of 1992 in Wikipedia. There you will find something called Agenda 21. Believe me when I say this but Agenda 21 is well under way with its depopulation program and if you haven’t noticed the chemtrails above your heads or rise in cancers, autism and other debilitating diseases rising on a massive scale then there truly is no hope for anyone. It is time for something to be done in a huge way before this spirals out of control. The only way forward is to all come together as one voice and rid ourselves of the controlling elite corporate bankers.

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  3. I agree with every thing that had been said I am just going through same thing with my husband who I might had is on enhanced rate for mobilty and care with pip but they want him to work .i hope things turn out ok for your brother


  4. I’ve tried to post this but am unsure whether it arrived.
    Get on the record.
    Go to the claimant’s MP constituency surgery with two copies of the case.
    Get the MP to sign one copy which you keep.
    Get an agreement the the MP will give you a written statement about what remedial action will be taken.
    Try to persuade the MP to raise this matter in Parliament.
    Take a friend with you as support and as a witness. If they have a bit of know-how of benefits, health or similar so much the better.
    Good luck. Keep us posted.


  5. Please get this “on the record”. Take this appalling case to the claimant’s MP, in person, at her/his constituency surgery. Take your written statement with you in duplicate so your MP can sign for receipt on the one you keep.
    Take a friend with you for support and witness.
    Get the MP to raise this in Parliament and also an agreement in writing as to action to be taken.
    Good luck. Keep us posted.


  6. This is awful to hear, being a diabetic myself i know how much pain he is in. Im really sorry and i hope he makes a full recovery. Please keep us informed on how his progress is

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  7. This is very sad, and frighteningly all to common. Take a close look around you if you live in a poverty stricken community. You will no doubt hear the stories about sanctions and the numerous other ways which the DWP social planners have developed to intimidate and cheat people. These attacks are nothing short of GBH being dished out on a mass scale, and those who are ‘just doing their job’ NEED TO BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS!!
    PCS are not just ‘passive’ with regards this matter, they are acting as the most VIOLENT ARM OF THE GOVERNMENT. They are dragging the ‘just obeying orders’ into our trade unions as though in some way ‘legitimate’. The TUC must act now, and stop this murderous co-operation from spreading. Those affected by sanctions etc,. should be kept in touch with by Community Branch (esp,) and other trades unionists as a first step to what amounts to self defence against these murderous attacks. This terrible hospitalization of a man for being unemployed is a ‘legal’ beating dished out by government paid, backward thugs.

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