This is why I write this blog. How many deaths will it take? 

Here is a comment that has just been added by a reader of my blog. It shows how heartless and immoral the DWP and the Tory government actually are. Thanks to this lady for sharing this, I really appreciate it.

This is the very reason why I write this blog and why myself and my comrades continue to demonstrate outside Ashton under lyne Jobcentre every week. We want to continue to raise awareness, encourage others to take a stand and to start their own demos and also to tackle these issues.

This blog has become an important tool in the fight against the DWP and the inhumane sanctioning system. I really thank you all for reading and supporting this blog.

How many more deaths will it take before the DWP reach their quota? I do think that they will keep this system. It works very well for them. They don’t see people as people they see them as numbers. If someone commits suicide it’s not regarded as a tragedy, they see it as one less poor person. The Tory party hates poor people this I am certain of. They hate everything that isn’t them. If it breathes but isn’t the same as them then it must be got rid of in some way. We can see how much of a disregard they have for people, animals (don’t they just love fox hunting and badger baiting), and our planet. Wanting to frack most of the north of England just shows this. It’s not the desolate North, it’s a stunning place to live and the people are lovely as well. Make no mistake we will continue to fight all of the above.

The sanctioning system is the perfect system for them. They don’t have to get their own hands dirty. Just starve people into submission until they can’t take anymore. If someone commits suicide then it’s seen as just collateral damage, they don’t care. It’s one less person to feed. They just move onto the next victim.

Be aware this is happening, despite their constant denials. Be aware that the death figures will be fudged. I have no doubt about this. But we want justice and one day we will get justice. And I will be waiting for that day. So will my comrades.

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Many thanks to the trades council for printing leaflets for us. They go very quickly and we are always in need of more!

Please donate to this blog to keep this blog and our campaign going.We don’t receive any funding and I’m on a very low income. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “This is why I write this blog. How many deaths will it take? ”

  1. “Arbeit macht frei”. Eerily familiar, this was on the entrance to Daschau, Auschwitz and the other concentration camps. The translation is “work makes you free”. Not saying for one moment that the tories are Nazis; just a familiarity with what IDS has been saying recently about “work making you better” to people with mental and physical disabilities.


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