Doing my job. A song by Eliza P singer/ songwriter.

Inspired by life.

Doing my job.

Well I want to get some justice for a man who died

Sanction to suicide

They threw him in the sea with boots of lead 

To see if he could swim and now he’s dead. 

They took his pride, they took his house, took his life with the click of a mouse 

It was somebodys decision, you tell me who

Oh civil servant was this you? 

I’m so sorry for your loss

But I think you need to see my boss. 

I was acting on a memo on my desk

I’d lose my job if I protest. 


Don’t put the blame on me

I’m a small cog in a large machine

Acting on orders from above

And I’m just doing my job. 

So I saw the management, I said, was this you or the government? 

She said I don’t know what you mean 

I just do what it says on the computer screen. 

I ticked the box but, no offence 

I don’t make the rules I just follow them.

It’s written in my job discripton

Go and see the politician. 


The politician met me then 

He said what’s all this about your friend? 

He put himself into that grave

Now leave me alone I’ve got money to save. 

Not me he said why don’t you know? 

These decisions are made by people below.


Eliza P 2015

All words copyrighted by Eliza P.

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