Northern Resisters.. A book review.

I don’t often do this but I read this book quite recently and I thought it would be nice to share it with you all.
The book is titled Northern ReSisters:conversations with political women, written by Bernadette Hyland and was published on the 1 May 2015.ISBN 978-0-9932247-0-06 £5.95. It also is 75 pages long.

This book contains several interviews with a number of women from the north west who have been active in some way either in activism, the trade union movement and other important organisations that have helped to change the way we look upon the world. It includes interviews with women who spent time at Greenham Common, women involved in many different campaigns throughout the years. You may recognise or know some of the women in this book. I am also included in this book.

It sheds light on what it actually is like for a woman to be active in these type of movements and what affect it has had on their life’s.

The book is excellently written in such a way that it easy to understand and you feel that you can relate to their experiences in one way or another.It also leaves you wanting to know more and to become involved. Being a woman should not stop you from becoming active politically.

It also highlights the many struggles that women can encounter and how to overcome them. All of the women in this book are very inspirational in their own way and I can imagine that Bernadette found it hard to choose which women to include in this book as there are so many inspirational women in the north.

I can fully recommend this book to anyone and as it isn’t a very long read it is very easy to digest and keep for further reference.

Bernadette herself is a very inspirational woman and I feel that one day she should write a book about herself and her experiences. She writes for The Morning Star, Contributoria and many other newspapers and publications. She also has a WordPress site titled The lipstick Socialist which is very popular and is well worth a read.

This is the first book review that I have published so please be kind!!

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