No money, JSA claim not even processed yet forced to work for nothing.

This happens all the time now. Even before your claim is processed people are forced to go on work placements miles away from their local town. Here’s what happened.

A lady that comes along to our demos occasionally contacted me yesterday. She lives with her partner and both were previously claiming ESA. Their claims were stopped because they missed attending an interview because they went to a babies funeral. This baby was a family member and they were heartbroken. They had informed the Jobcentre who said that it was ok to go and that they had noted it. They hadn’t noted it. Instead their money was stopped. As a result their claim was stopped and they’ve been made to make a new claim. They were also persuaded not to claim ESA but to claim JSA. And to add insult to injury they were asked to produce the babies death certificate that’s terrible and is also against data protection rules. Disgusting but I wasn’t there to advise them, otherwise I would have told them not to do this. So here’s what the Jobcentre expect this lady to do from now on, bearing in mind she hasn’t recieved a penny yet. They have no money, I’ve been helping them with food. If this doesn’t make you angry I don’t know what will. This is in her words and she will remain anonomous out of fear of repercussions and respect for her privacy.

The Jobcentre are getting me to work for 6 hours a day all next week knowing full well that I haven’t had any money for over a month. I’ve asked them for bus fares and money for dinners and teas, but they have refused. They say that I’ve got to work from 7pm until 3am and I have to walk home in the dark on my own. It’s too far to walk it’s more than 2 towns away. They have also told me that I’ve got to go to another Jobcentre in another town which again is too far to walk to. This is for a work experience open day. They said that it’s not mandatory but if I don’t attend then they will see it as I’ve turned a job down so will sanction me. Unless they sort the bus fare out I can’t go. How can I? I don’t have any money and it’s too far to walk to. There’s not a lot that I can do. I feel so fed up, I’m not a scrounger I’ve always worked until I got ill.

This is terrible. She hasn’t recieved a penny yet is being punished for being poor. They know that she hasn’t got any money but they choose to send her to job centres and work placements that they know she can’t get too. It’s an old trick now, a good way of getting the unemployment figures down.

I know that this is wrong, I know that this must stop, but to get this whole regime to stop we as members of the public need to start standing up and say that this is wrong. We aren’t going to put up with this anymore. But people won’t. Why? Because they are scared, because they read the Murdoch press that demonises the poor to such an extent that they are seen as the enemy when the real enemy is this government.

The BBC want to make a new programme based upon the hunger games…. Britains hardest worker. Pitching working poor people against unemployed poor people against each other. Poverty porn taken to a whole new level. I have already boycotted the BBC and I urge you to do so as well. We are not objects to laugh at, we are living breathing human beings that have feelings and emotions. We are not animals in a zoo to be looked at and laughed at. In the old days the rich used to pay to go and visit prisons as a day out to look at the prisoners insode suffering. This is much the same.  And for anyone reading this that says it’s ok, remember that everyone is only 2 payslips away from being in the same situation. We need to stop this trend of poverty porn, programmes that mock the poor. Let’s make them so unpopular that they stop making them. We can do this.

Remember the people have the power, we are many they are few.

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15 thoughts on “No money, JSA claim not even processed yet forced to work for nothing.”

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    We’re returning to the Vctorian age at an alarming rate! Similar tactics were used to take people off the land and work in factories for subsistence level incomes just to enrich the already rich! Work or starve seems to be the order of the day! I feel another Peterloo rapidly approaching!


  2. the great cull by the tories culling the stock rtu ids way but one wonders has he surpassed that summer of 41 action t4 jeff3



    In London, a shop was opened by a charity in an empty former police station, with the help of a charity called ATOP, which helps charities take over buildings which are out of use.

    I’m sorry but I cannot find this charity on the web. You might ask the charity Best Before Project direct.

    This is a kind of social supermarket, which sells food which is past its shelf life.

    This date is not when food ends being safely eaten, as it is only about looking pretty on display only.

    This so-called pop-up shop has an 80 per cent reduction in business rates because it is a charity.

    The charity puts no price tags on the food.

    People come in, choose the products for themselves and pay what they feel, to help those who have no money to pay for food.

    The founder of that charity had worked in the food distribution industry and seen the sheer amount of massive waste of still edible food when so many are going hungry, and this will only increase now.

    The charity down in London is the Best Before Project.

    The shop would be open 3 days a week to start with.

    The charity had collected tonnes of surplus food from suppliers, beyond their display date.

    But of course being a pop-up shop has a short term use of the building inbetween business renters.

    The charity informed what I’ve found for years, that the ‘best before’ date on food is safe to eat (well I’m still alive and I have a delicate stomach more and more in old age).

    The charity informs the distribution of such food is legal.

    The UK does not provide, as the rest of the EU member states, the 7 day free cafes providing surplus food to the hungry in work or not, without all the voucher restrictions nonesense.


    Link to Best Before Project:

    And In Leeds a man opened a free cafe – pay if you can, pay a bit more to help, not pay if you have no money.–and-started-a-worldwide-movement-9926579.html

    Tripadvisor had a review from customers, dated April this year, so it appears this charitable cafe has staved off closure.

    But the end of the article is telling.

    Four million going hungry with UK suffering some of the highest food inflation in the world.



    This has already reached the 100,000 signatures to trigger a debate in parliament, but is keeping going.

    Blegium has a law that requries all supermarkets to give all their surplus food to food charities. France is about to pass such a law.

    In the UK, the government subsidies energy from waste firms to burn still edible food, but does not subsidise the foodbanks or require supermarkets to feed the starving. That would have to be an admission that the government is the cause of the starvation.

    But there is a hunger conference going on in the House of Commons in June, that is for government types as expensive to be a delegate.

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  4. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Jesus! How many more of these stories must we advertise and share across social media before something is done to stop this DWP/JC+ tyranny?
    When the f*ck are the people going to wake up and see the real poverty people are in, often through redundancy, illness & disability, and often through no fault of their own, before those in power can show some fucking basic humanity and good old common sense in dealing with those who’ve fallen on hard times.
    Is it any wonder altruism has failed when everyone is so shit scared of falling into the same downward spiral that they decide to just look after number one and think “Fuck the rest!”

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