Commit a crime and get treated far better than you do by the DWP.

A while ago I wrote about the governments war against the poor. Indeed, I said that they treat you worse than a criminal. Well I was right. I know people that I have spoken to outside the Jobcentre who have said that they’ve had to steal to eat. Getting caught was a bonus because they would get a bed for the night and some food and  sympathy from the police officers. Compare that with the distinct lack of sympathy and compassion from the DWP.

 The police  aren’t happy with this either. The crime levels have risen as a result but police staffing has been cut to the bare bones. I speak to the PCSOs that sometimes attend our demos, and they say the same thing. They say that their workload has got much harder and they are dealing with alot more suicides and attempted suicides than they have ever known. Shoplifting is commonplace and issues like alcoholism amd drug abuse have worsened because there is less help for them than ever before. 

If you see someone shoplifting, don’t be too quick to judge. They might not have had any other choice.
Also today (Thursday) is demo day so join us outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre from 1-3pm. We demonstrate on behalf of the claimants going inside the Jobcentre. We also offer advice, sometimes food and clothing and a shoulder to cry on. We make no judgements. No one deserves to be treated like they are being treated. 

9 thoughts on “Commit a crime and get treated far better than you do by the DWP.”

  1. I can see a huge influx of people deliberately trying to get in jail soon and the courts/ jails are not going to cope.
    I don’t think the Tories have thought this through, that in desperate times people will be driven to desperate things.
    I think there will be riots when people have nothing left to lose

    I would love David Cameron to answer why sanctions are acceptable to someone whose crime is being unemployed and so breaching the bare minimum money the law says they can survive on by cutting that. But people in prison have food and warmth and a roof over their head!


  2. Always been the case ask at any prison and they will tell you that they get the annual intake of well known prisoners over the christmas period because it’s warmer and you get a good meal.


  3. I received a letter from the JCP advising that I have a meeting with my “Job Coach” it happens about every 3 Months,we are supposed to talk about Training,Jobs or Education,sadly according to the Coach these are not available(?) then why put it in the letter? It also advised that if you need help with travel talk to your adviser,I happened to get it the day before I signed on,so as I signed on I requested a bus ticket “Sorry the Finance office is not open yet,can you come back in a few hours?” Actually I have an appointment on the other side of town,can you post it to me? “No we do not post tickets” No problem I will pay and you can reimburse me “No we no longer do that,just comeback later” But that will cost me as much as the ticket that you will issue,what if this arrived in the post before I signed on? “You would have to call and make an appointment to come in and get a ticket” Once again that would cost me the same amount,don’t you get that fact? “Those are the rules,is there anything else I can help you with?” Arggh!


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