This is why we hold our weekly demonstrations. 

It’s Thursday and our usual demonstration day outside Ashton under Lyne Jobcentre. Why do we go back every week? Because people are suffering and dying needlessly at the hands of DWP officials who in most cases act unlawfully by handing out unlawful sanctions. Combine this with the new troubled families phase 2 trial we expect to see many more deaths. It’s too much stress for people to handle. The minute you walk into the Jobcentre you are treated like a criminal. You aren’t allowed a friend or witness and you aren’t allowed a mobile phone either… There are notices all over informing you of this. You have no access to water or toilet facilities and children are frowned upon, some advisors even stating illegally that children aren’t allowed in the building. Single parents are being lied to.. You have to return to work when your child is a baby which is a lie, and you have to join this scheme which is a lie.

Every week we remember the people that have been lost up and down the country due to the evil benefit reforms up and down the country. They are never far from my thoughts. Anyone reading this should remember that this can happen to anyone we are all one step away from this. Ive never met a so called benefit scrounger yet, but I have met some very downtrodden, genuine and lovely people who have had the misfortune to fall on hard times. My local authority laughs at us, they think we are a joke. At our demonstration on Tuesday outside the town hall they mocked us online and laughed in the faces of the people who they are enabling to suffer. We saw a massive change we had applause, cheers and boos for the local authority who, one again have sold their citizens to yet another trial that will enable more people to suffer. But why should that matter? The local authority will get their £1000. Please read my previous blog for more information.

Please watch this video and come and join us at Ashton under Lyne Jobcentre from 1-3. Anyone can join us in peace. Our group is called Tameside against the cuts and we are a friendly bunch!

3 thoughts on “This is why we hold our weekly demonstrations. ”

  1. The support by informal counselling will save lives from suicide, because money worries are the biggest reason for suicide.

    Whilst you save lives each Thursday, the worse that is to come from the end of all welfare state even as soon as 2016, with the abolition practically of the state pension, See end of:

    The Tories have to be voted out of power, as they will kill as many as they did with the 19th century workhouse, of up to 5 million mostly vulnerable people.

    My little website has parties that can the poor, who now outnumber all other voters, can vote and vote out Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Osbourne and DWP Iain Duncan Smith.

    This is why the media is silent about these parties, so share them on your Twitter and Facebook and extol voting for them in all Tory and Lib Dem areas in England.

    TUSC – running 134 MP candidates and 1000 councillor candidates

    CLASS WAR – Double doel and pension – about a dozen candidates

    SOCIALIST GB – the original – about 10 MP candidates

    THE LEFT UNITY PARTY – about 10 MP candidates

    MEBYON KERNOW – can easily oust the 6 Tory and Lib Dem MPS in Cornwall
    as the poor vastly outnumber all other voters and those are the msot marginal seats the Tories and Lib Dems have in England.


    A group of parties are the sole way to reach the threshold of 323-326 MPs to form a majority UK parliament.

    By voting for TUSC / CLASS WAR / SOCIALIST GB / THE LEFT UNITY PARTY / MEBYON KERNOW in Tory and Lib Dem MP areas, you actually get rid of the biggest Tory Ministers of all.

    And reduce the Tories and Lib Dems into a minority opposition, unable to stop this anti austerity group of parties from rolling back all the welfare cuts and the end of the state pension.

    Voting SNP gives 1 less Tory and 11 Les Lib Dems.

    Voting Plaid Cymru in all 40 Welsh seats, means a lot less Tories and Lib Dem MPs.

    Labour won around 250 seats in 2010.
    Will be reduced to around 190 seats this year.
    So Labour cannot rule ever again alone.
    Labour needs these small anti austerity parties, that are not small, but the biggest parties of all by voter power, if only the poor knew they existed and realised the
    UK parliament has forever changed from being ruled by a single party forever again.

    LINKS TO REGISTER TO VOTE (only have about a week left)

    We have all the power we need to end all this cruelty that threatens lives.
    The blogosphere is full of the early dead and suicides as personal testimoney from those they left behind.


  2. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    You do fantastic work supporting the vulnerable against these Nazi styled JCP centres. We, the downtrodden,poor and disabled are all with you and cant thank you enough for the support you give to others.


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