Please read my article in the Morning Star.


11 thoughts on “Please read my article in the Morning Star.”

  1. There are enough marginal seats with low majorities gained by the sitting MPs Tory, Lib Dems and Labour, where benefit claimants outnumber the majority gained by these sitting MPs, to completely upset the apple cart and vote in a government that will not continue to threaten our lives.

    The Tories intend to cut benefit by 23 per cent if they win in May. Labour’s Mr Balls has always maintained Labour would be even harder on welfare rform than the Tories.

    The excellent Benefits and Work website has published where these marginals are in the UK.

    Most of these have Green party candidates that replace all this cruelty and all benefits admin (putting these nasties out of work finally) with:

    – automatic and universal Citizen Income, in work or out just the same, to all.

    – Full Citizen State Pension, irregardless of National Insurance record
    (when the flat rate pension is ending the state pension for huge numbers of men and women).

    Supplements to either of above to the disabled.

    Where these have been further broken down by me, on my personal website

    If there are not Green candidates, you might query with the Greens, as these voting areas also have no socialist real little parties either.


  2. Has the law been changed? Years ago when I did a law course I was taught that proof of posting is NOT proof of delivery. Is there even proof of posting? Is this inefficiency due to privatisation of the Royal Mail who earned a reputation for reliability? Consider an alternative case. You post a cheque to the taxman which does not arrive. The taxman comes after you for the cheque he did not receive. You tell him you posted it. Is the taxman going to say – that’s OK?


      1. As this appears to be happening a lot – people reporting letters hadn’t arrived – I am really surprised that no civil liberties body nor investigative journalist has taken an interest. If people are being denied their just entitlement through chicanery – instigated by the govt no less – surely indicators of corruption are of great public interest. At the end of the day we ALL may need the social security net.


      2. They are people I believe that are investigating this. It was brought up in parliament last week however it takes more people on the ground so to speak to speak out. They are committing fraud however as they investigate themselves nothing happens but I won’t give up

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