Sanction and suicide.

We don’t easily get shocked on our weekly demos, we hear so many terrible stories but yesterday was a day that I won’t forget for a while.
We were stood in our usual spot and I got called over by a member of our group. “Hiya this man would like to speak to you. He wants to be heard” I walked over and spoke to this lovely man. He was sat in his mobility scooter and shook my hand. He went on to say “my friend committed suicide just before Christmas. He hung himself at the top of his stairs. He had been sanctioned but he had mental health problems. He was that scared that he was going to loose his house he killed himself. He couldn’t see any other way out. I miss him everyday life without him isn’t the same. Since when was this government allowed to hurt people like this? It’s wrong so wrong. They’ve put me on the work programme and Ive got to go to manchester for an interview for a workfare job. How am I going to afford to do that? I won’t eat just so I can go, I’m too scared that I will be sanctioned to do otherwise. I already volunteer but it’s not good enough they say. They won’t let me breathe, I want to work but I am limited in what I can do”
To most people this is shocking, it’s wrong. To the government this is ok, this is right. How can it be right?
Other stories heard were, an 81 year old man having his pension credit stopped. He couldn’t understand why so he went into the Jobcentre. They told him well we won’t help you write them a letter…. So we helped him.
Another man refused his travel allowance for a workfare interview that he was forced to attend in manchester. The Jobcentre are supposed to give you a travel allowance but they refused. Luckily he has a job interview on Tuesday, a job that he found himself. We really hope that he gets this job.
Another man shouted me and said can you come out of the way of the Jobcentre and talk to me? He said he was scared and didn’t want them to see him. He wasn’t a young man he looked like a tough man but he was terrified. He said I can’t hang around ive got to get away from here. I’m scared he said they won’t leave me alone. I gave him my telephone number and he said that he would phone me, he said that its safest that way. He hasn’t phoned yet and I hope that he’s ok. Ive been worried about him all night.
How can it be right that people are scared like this? People are terrified you can see it in their eyes, the way that they walk and look at the ground when they walk. They just want to disappear away from the world, desperate to hold onto what little they still might have. It’s got to stop.
Please join us in supporting our demonstrations. Start your own in your local area and don’t be scared. Don’t let them grind you down.
And to the Jobcentre staff reading this we come in peace. We want you to stand together and say this isn’t right. People are dying as a result of your actions which are dictated to by this government. Call upon your union for support and take action. Come and join us.
One death is a death too many.



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  1. Again thank you for your concern, here’s a thought I had this afternoon:-

    Of the following list which ones claim to be omnipotent, perfect, incapable of error and claim the right to dispense their own form of ‘justice’ in their ‘kangaroo courts’, often without recourse to the normal civil or international law?

    1: God.

    2: The Catholic Church led by the Pope.

    3: The Department For Work & Pensions and their ‘attack dogs’ The Work Programme and Maximus,(previously Don’t Give ATOS ‘Healthcare’).

    4: The Tory Party.

    The answer is…. the DWP and the Tory Party.

    How can this be?

    Well, let me explain…. God is claimed to have all the attributes listed, but even He had the humility to admit an error and try to correct it by causing the Great Flood and creating the New Covenant with Noah and his descendants, or so the Christians have it.

    The Catholic Church, as represented by the Pope used to claim infallibility and to be incapable of error, however in recent years after the revelations by outside investigations into various scandals, including child sex scandals, ‘dodgy’ financial deals (such as investing in arms manufacture) and their failure to speak out against the slaughter of Jews in WW2 they too are starting to show some humility and admit to past wrongdoing, (even if only under the external pressure of the media). Who knows, maybe even the Cathars and so-called ‘heretics and witches’ will get an apology for their slaughter some day?

    On the other hand The Tory Party leadership has always been made up of rich, arrogant, ex-public schoolboys, mainly Old Etonians, with a scattering of Harrow and Rugby ‘types’, who have been brought up from birth to believe themselves to be an ‘elite’, to be born to rule and with a Divine Right to do so. As a result of their over-privileged upbringing and the brainwashing of their education they find it impossible to conceive they are capable of error and never apologize, but always try and ‘weasel’ their way out of things if caught. In the case of the current ‘junta’ they feel they have been given carte blanche to do what they like because they have a tiny parliamentary majority, even though this represents nowhere near even fifty percent of the potential electorate or their views. Despite this they act, and will continue to act, as if they won by a ‘landslide’ and carry out their dogmatic, tunnel visioned and poisonous policies of hate against those they despise. Their targets being the poor, the sick and the ageing.

    Finally we come to the DWP, and their associated hired thugs in the Work Programme and ESA Assesment system. Little more needs saying about them and their actions that I haven’t already said about the Tories, since those appointed to head the DWP are mostly party members and all too keen to carry out their increasingly vile oppression. As to the ‘foot soldiers’ who work for these organisations well that is a different matter. The ‘minions’ of this system are often terrified that they will themselves become targets, lose their jobs and that they and their families will be made penniless and homeless if they speak out, or fail to do their master’s bidding. So please don’t take it out on them as a group. However certain individuals in the ‘system’ do seem to enjoy their role a bit too much and act in a very sadistic manner. By all means put in official complaints about them, they deserve it!
    Many Blessings.
    Oriondruid, (John).


  2. I suffer from long term depressive illness and some physical limitations. I am 62 and have been forced onto the work programme. They have already sanctioned me once for four weeks, for not being able to attend to different simultaneous appointments they had booked with with the jobclub and my so-called ‘advisor’. Apparently claimants are suposed to be able to be in two places and do two things at once and it is our fault if we can’t! They are probably in the process of sanctioning me again for an unknown length of time, because the Work Programme claim I failed to answer a telephone call from them which they had made mandatory! It is however hard for me to answer such a call, as my phone never rang from this alleged call! I will keep you posted on the outcome of their fraudulent attack, that is if I don’t decide to kill myself first, as so many other victims have.


      1. Thank you for your kind reply.
        At present I am awaiting the outcome of the latest attempt to sanction me, only two months after the previous travesty. I am under counselling and back on medication again for my depressive illness, (something the work programmed caused me to need again, by stressing me). If sanctioned again for longer than before I don’t know what I would do to survive! The irony is that there is a simple solution, if only they’d convert my Jobseekers Allowance into a Workfare type payment and let me carry on doing the voluntary job I do for the British Heart Foundation, thus allowing me to work for my benefit rather than trying to harass me to death.
        I don’t know what they expect of claimants, it seems the intent is to cause people to kill ourselves and stop us being a ‘burden’, The poor, sick and ageing are being treated as ‘enemies of the state’, as frauds and liars and being made into beggars!
        In my case all this is despite having worked for forty years, paid all my income tax/national insurance, plus all the other many taxes we are charged by the government. I also saved them thousands of pounds in care costs by giving up my job in the labs at Guy’s Hospital to look after my sick father as his full time carer. By doing this I had to survive for several years on a pittance of Carer’s Allowance.
        However this it counts for nothing and I am now subjected to this heartless regime which is probably illegal (under the Human Rights Act) but which can, at the ‘DWP Death Squads’ whim, remove all financial support and abolish all my basic human rights! If you complain about this to the so-called ‘advisers’ they simply parrot the standard line that ‘I’m only following orders’. Now where have we heard that excuse before eh? The next stop will be reintroduction of the Workhouse or possibly Forced Labour Camps!
        Indeed that’s my money making tip of the week, invest any spare cash you may have in British companies making railway cattle trucks, there will probably be a lot of them coming into use in the near future. :o(
        Many Blessings, thanks again for your concern.
        Oriondruid, (John).


  3. Found on another blog:
    Now for our next trick: making elderly JSA claimants grovel to use toilets at jobcentres
    Posted on January 24, 2015
    More on the sort of ritual humiliation people must now tolerate at jobcentres as a matter of course:

    Jobcentre staff enforcing staying in Jobcentres for hours with no toilet facilies, when interviewed criminals have a right by law for toilet breaks in a police station.

    This will be the fate of the elderly, stuck on Jobseekers for life, with
    coming on and from 6 April 2016

    See why under my petition


    1. Terrible. They won’t let you use a toilet in any Jobcentre that I know of and these places are created as a place of torture Im sure. I remember the days when you could look for work and be helped by the staff.. Also you could use a toilet if needed….


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    We need to start our own campaigns outside JobCentrePunishment Centres just like this coreagous group of citizens who are appauled at the way the unemployed are being frightened by the DWP


  5. Iain ‘Duncan’ Smith belongs to the Roman Church so, by confessing his sins, he can gain absolution and so feel better about himself.

    There is a positive side to his faith, though. He is less likely to be cremated (when he is dead) and so someone in the future could make a tidy fortune by arranging coach tours of people who’d wish to piddle on his grave.


    1. Trouble is his soul cant be redeemed hes caused so much distress so much abuse so many dead I wouldnt even p on his ashes has hes gets to stoke hells fire jeff3


    1. I will do I might also write a book. I feel that this government will be remembered as the worst that we have ever known. And I hope that they are held accountable for their crimes against humanity. Ive got lots more but have to keep the blog short or people won’t read.

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      1. Wen in british history has a government robbed thepoor to pay the rich this lot if that number gets out how many they killed through their benefits denial and abuse they met out would or should be standing in the hague then marched outside and shot just like the trial pity humanity they aint got but pure greed yes it sounds very much like by the summer of forty one seventy thousand killed of their own peoples sounds similar today doesnt it jeff3


  6. I don’t know why an 81 year old can lose his Pension Guarantee Credit – you qualify for PGC as soon as you reach your 60s (at whatever the actual age is at the moment) unless you have extra income. Pension Credit is means-tested and administered by the Pension Service, not the Jobcentre. As far as I know, PGC not sanctionable – I receive PGC and don’t have to report nor declare anything to anybody. The only situation I can think of if some fraud has been alleged, the DWPs fraud squad seem to work from Jobcentre Plus.


      1. It’s possible that that such “errors” are actually deliberate, if they can’t sanction someone they’ll find another excuse to cut off what is in reality OUR money, Money that we paid in NI contributions throughout all of our working lives. Just this week I was worrying whether my own PGC would be credited, and that was before I read this post. We must ensure the Coalition scum get the boot on May 7th, and Duncan Smith in particular is arraigned at The Hague.

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    Seercharlotte tells some of the harrowing stories she’s heard from people at the very sharp end of the government’s benefits reforms. These are the scared, the confused and the bereft. People with very obvious mobility and other limiting health problems, who are nevertheless forced to go on workfare. Elderly people with their pensions stopped. Most horrendous is the story of a man, who out of fear after he was sanctioned, took his own life. Enough’s enough. It’s time to get rid of this government. They are literally killing Britain.

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    “People are terrified you can see it in their eyes, the way that they walk and look at the ground when they walk. They just want to disappear away from the world, desperate to hold onto what little they still might have. It’s got to stop.”


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