Our demonstration yesterday and a paralysed man told he has to apply for a job hod carrying roof tiles.

Yesterday was a very cold day and a  tough day to be standing outside. I arrived at the venue Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. I was greeted by two people from channel 5 wanting to speak to people that are living on universal credit. They are making a programme along the lines of benefits Britain . A programme that I despise. I said to them they are more than welcome to chat to people but their programme has nothing to do with our group. I made my feelings clear about how this programme and others like it have helped to demonise the poor. They said it would be different so I gave him the benefit of the doubt… But I will not hold my breath. Programme like that do nothing to help our cause.

Onto the terrible sanction stories heard yesterday. One woman given a 4 month sanction for not attending a computer course that they had supposedly sent her a letter out for her to attend. Guess what the letter never arrived. The result was a 4 month sanction. No food over christmas. She is a shadow of herself she says. She had never suffered from depression before but she does now. By the way this is the first time that she has been unemployed.

A man living on a grand total of £30 a week because he is having deductions made out of his universal credit due to a loan he had made to pay for a funeral…

Sanctioned for changing a phone number. This man had changed his phone number. He had informed his advisor or coach as they like to be called. They had taken note of it. He saw them do it. He was sanctioned because the advisor didn’t update it and therefore it was the claimants fault thus resulting in a sanction.

A gentleman who had suffered a serious back injury and was paralysed as a result was told that he had to walk up the stairs to his appointment and he couldn’t take his mobility scooter upstairs. He was also threatened with sanction for refusing to apply for a job as a hod carrier… Remember this man cannot walk he cannot carry roofing tiles he can only get around using his mobility scooter. When the gentleman said hang on I cannot physically walk up the stairs they accused him of being aggressive!!  No he wasn’t he was being truthful. How on a paralysed man do this type of job? The same advisor also criticised him for having a hobby.., how dare he have a hobby… The hobby being making figurines and very good they are too… He showed us the photos. He wants to work but Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre need to realise that he is disabled and unable to do a large amount of work. He was also told by the advisor that he needs to stop using his regional accent because it sounds too “common”!

Claimant told to wear a suit and to look smart when entering the Jobcentre.., ok when you have the money to do this.., and why should he just to look at a computer screen? Their excuse well an employer could walk in. Well sorry but the chancelike is of that are next to zero. They told him if he doesn’t smarten up they will sanction him. He looks no different than anyone else who enters the Jobcentre.

Please help us stop this!! We were shocked yesterday. These are only some of the stories we were told.

we are outside Ashtin Under Lyne Jobcentre every Thursday. Please join us. Please support us in any way you can. And to the Job centre staff please start treating claimants in the manner you would like to be treated. These people should not be talked to like this and should not be treated like this. It’s illegal and you need to stop. We are watching you. Sanctions kill and we will carry on exposing your crimes against humanity.

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13 thoughts on “Our demonstration yesterday and a paralysed man told he has to apply for a job hod carrying roof tiles.”

  1. Sorry to hear about all the unessecery suffering of the poorest and most vulnerable people at the hands of job center staff bullies and monsters in Aston under Lynn terrable if those bullies behaved like that hear in London they would be given a hideing sanctioning pregnant women isn’t that against human rights isn’t that abh against the unborn child I think everyone must pull together and support each other in thease monsteres times good luck god bless


  2. Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    This is a blight on our collective human decency and Im sure like me you are Appauled at the Inhuman behaviour being directed toward those with the least power in our country. The DWP and all those politicians who do nothing to speak out against this type of coercion and victimisation are basically Reinforcing it in their abstinence.
    These stories (facts) are terrifying, which I think is the point of the behaviour. They call their model BioPsychSocial, which is another word for BULLSHIT. No reputable scolar of the social sciences, has ever heard of it until now. There is no validation for its claims, no evidence other than what they dream up. Its born out of Social Darwinism and the Eugenic Program designed to rid society of those they consider inferior to their Messiah Complexes. Trouble is Psychobabble, bullying and victimisation, along with dehumanisation and demonisation have always been the tools of the Wicked amongst the Human Race.

    Shame on them and may they get what they deserve. I dont suppose for one minute they feel any shame, cause their doing their utmost to project this onto their victims.

    Love to all those being beaten down, You are not alone and we will not give up the fight.

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  3. Amazingly the Tory newspaper The Daily Telegraph has shown that there is no hope for those who are hit by sanctions, when they reach the new retirement ages, with the flat rate pension.

    Most people will not get the full flat rate pension of £155. In fact some people are getting forecasts, even after 33 years in work, of just £55 per week, below the basic state pension today.

    Do sanctions hit peoples’ NI credits towards a state pension? As below an earnings limit there are National Insurance contributions and no credits accrued on the benefits.

    The flat rate pension gives NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE to poorest people with less than 10 years NI contribution / credit history.

    Nor will housewives be able to inherit their husband’s state pension, when have no NI record of their own, especially bearing in mind above.

    The more people sign my petition, another Tory lie is revealed and could be debated in parliament if enough sign:


  4. Having heard these horrible reports, I will make a new placard for future demos, “Welcome to Roston Vazey Jobcentre ..”


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