Could only happen at a Job Centre near you…

It was 9am.. I’m an early riser so I usually make an early start on most matters. My mobile was ringing but it was a number that I didn’t know. It must have been urgent. The call went like this “Hiya I’m a advocate for a person and I was to attend the Job Centre with a person just now. They knew I was coming. We had an appointment. Guess what? I was refused entry to the Job Centre. I said I’m his advocate and the law states that I am allowed in. The answer from the people behind the desk and G4S was well your not coming in we aren’t allowing it. It was a standoff. They refused to budge. He was going to be late for his appointment so I had to give him all his paper work and wish him luck. This is so wrong. I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve never experienced such hostility and blatant rule breaking. I will be taking this further”
Just goes to show that Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre are openly willing to break the rules because they are answerable to no one. It’s happened before. They do it all the time. This goes on everyday. It’s not right and it’s not fair. No other organisation could get away with this. Everyday they are breaching our basic human rights. And what for? So they can achieve their sanction rate.
One day we will hold them responsible for their actions. And one day we will be there to do this. And I for one am counting the days.

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