Whilst people are celebrating people are suffering.

I won’t be involved in any new year celebrations. i don’t have the money and neither can I justify it whilst people are suffering. I was walking past Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre today. Two people stopped me. Both with the same story. They stopped my money at Christmas. I had nothing. I’ve tried to get an explanation from them but they are saying that I’m sanctioned but they won’t tell me why, they say they won’t help me. This isn’t unusual it’s an everyday event sadly. It has to stop. In light of this Im not making New Years resolutions but I feel that this government should make some. So here are some that You might think are appropriate.
The abolition of the cruel sanctioning system…. This is a cruel system and is meant to demoralise and punish the poor for being poor. We want it stopped too many people are suffering and dying as a result.
The abolition of the bedroom tax for everyone. This is a cruel and heartless tax to pay although they don’t call it a tax they call it the spare room supplement…. It echoes of the last when people were taxed for having too many windows.. So people used to brick their windows up.. Pity we aren’t allowed to brick the bedrooms up…
The abolition of the council tax supplement. This combined with the council tax prescribes a life of poverty and deprivation for anyone undergoing these extra costs.. No wonder people just cannot afford to pay their council tax… As a result local authorities use underhand bailiffs to collect the money. They bully intimidate and threaten innocent people who have had to make the choice of either eating or paying the council tax…. Eating of course wins every time. And quite rightly so.
The abolition of the so called fitness tests that are conducted by the DWP under the guise of the company ATOS and the like. Many many people have died as a result and no one should be persecuted for being ill.
The abolition of the selling of the NHS. Anyone saying that this is ok needs to question their financial situation… Will they be able to pay for all their medical care? I doubt it. The NHS is fantastic and the government needs to stop the withdrawal of funding and they need to stop the negative press that they keep feeding everyone.
The abolition of any plans to frack out gorgeous country. It won’t be nice once they start and that combined with no NHS is a recipe for disaster.
The list could go on forever. We need to bring back caring for each other, helping each other and knowing that we have the ability to stand up to this government and any future government.

And to the lady who stopped me today on the street and thanked me and my group for helping her I say to her… No thank you. Thank you for showing me that you are ok, that you have survived. One day she might be able to conquer her fear and stand up to the Job Centre bullies that have made her life hell this year.

Thank you to the people of Ashton Under Lyne. We love you. Even the ones that shout to us get a job… When it’s your turn to go into the job centre we will help you too.

To David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, Esther Mc Vey and their pals one day you will be held accountable for your crimes against humanity. One day you will and one day we will all be watching.

11 thoughts on “Whilst people are celebrating people are suffering.”

  1. Most of what is asked for in this blog would have been available from The Greens if only they had put into The Greens’ 2015 manifesto there new and unique policies, that sit unused inside their policy website.

    The cruel benefits system would be entirely replaced by The Greens’ policy not offered for 2015 general election:

    – universal and automatic Citizen Income, to all citizens irregardless if in work or not, to the level of the basic tax allowance.

    – Full State Pension to all citizens, irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history, to same amount as Citizen Income.

    Both above have a supplement for someone living alone and for those who are disabled.

    The state pension is being morally stolen from those whot urned 60 from 2013, while the other political parties call the non-paid out state pension since 2013 as a surplus in the ring fenced and full National Insurance Fund, that has not needed a top up from tax for decades.

    The National Insurance Fund is well in funds whilst the taxpayer pays for all the extra cost of admin of 1 million benefit sanctions, constant re-assessments et al ad nausem, whilst the poor are left more and more to penniless starvation.

    Equally to a heavily pregnant young woman, young mother with a new baby and someone 60 and disabled/chronic sick also denied state pension payout.

    But for women born from 1953 and men born from 1951, half of whom are within the working poor and majority reason they are not in work is due to being disabled and/or chronically ill, there is worse to come with NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE and for bulk of rest LESS NOT MORE state pension that already is lowest of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.

    If only The Greens would put in their 2015 manifesto, their life saving policies that end starvation for all, from babies to grannies.

    Because the flat rate pension, not content in leaving the poor to starve in old age, also even hits the old pensioners turning 80 in 2016, by not giving them the tiny top up to an even tinier part basic state pension.

    The more sign my petition and spread the knowledge of the biggest con in UK history of the flat rate pension, that is more about withering away and ending the state pension, the more The Greens could gain the people who come out and vote the most – the over 60s. And then all ages gain from The Greens forming a majority government, something no other party is due to achieve in 2015.

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    1. Infact I got so wound up about it I phoned head office so to speak up and had a good rant lol. I don’t think it did any good but I gave it a shot. More people need to do this. They might get the message then


  2. Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    Like you Im not celebrating this year either, for one I cant afford it, and I live alone and away from my family.

    Thank you and your blog/group for supporting those being bullied by the DWP in your area. Your actions bring hope that there are still courageous and compassionate individuals out there willing to stand up for those repressed and undermined and bullied by the state.

    I wish you all the very best for 2015 in the hope that we can vote in a Labour Government in May, and can begin to repair our broken country which has been cruelly decimated by the Conservatives and their Fascist policies.


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