Ashton under lyne Jobcentre now perform miracles.

Yes you heard it right. Advisors at Ashton Jobcentre are now providing miracle cures to the people claiming ESA. Even with sick notes and consultants letters they are pronouncing them fit for work. No medical assessment, no doctor present. Nothing. Well they must be fit then if Ashton Jobcentre say so. Saves a few quid on travelling to Lourdes or undergoing medical treatment! Ashton under lyne Jobcentre can cure anything! Even serious heart disease, high blood pressure and angina.
A lady went into the Jobcentre to see her “disability advisor”yesterday. I use that term very loosely because what she is really there for is to get people off the sick.. To perform minor miracles. She went in with her consultants letter, her sick notes and all of her medication… Which incidental makes her drowsy. She’s been advised to rest because she’s at a high risk of having a heart attack and she has a child to look after. After 5 minutes with the “disability advisor” she is pronounced fit for work. She’s not fit for work.she can’t work. Her doctor won’t allow it.
This is obviously another ploy to grind down and intimidate the poorest and sickest in society, and sadly it’s nothing new. What we need people to do is to talk about it, let others know that they are being intimidated in this way, it’s not acceptable at all. She is appealing though after speaking to me today.
If you know anyone who is suffering like this please support them in any way that you can.
Meanwhile Ashton under lyne Jobcentre will continue to provide miracle cures and the gods of ATOS will be rubbing their hands because it saves them a job.

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30 thoughts on “Ashton under lyne Jobcentre now perform miracles.”

  1. Ah, maybe your ‘Yes I have’ meant something else?

    Oh, and is the John Pearson who had a little dig at me, above, the same ‘John Pearson’ who is/was a PCS UNION MEMBER

    That is the same union as those dwp criminal abusers are members of.
    Easy to see why he doesn’t want to see his mates going to prison where they belong.



  2. Hmmmm well I’m *trying* to be polite (and probably failing :/)

    I’ve heard all of this sort of stuff for five years now. Have you told her about the criminal offences they are committing? Have you told her about ‘Vulnerable Adult Abuse’?

    Have you told her that the dwp’s own ‘appeal’ procedure only drags things out for as long as possible. Whilst it is going on they cut benefit rates (financial harm = Witness Intimidation). And only ends up in them covering up their crimes. If all of that doesn’t cause a heart attack first (another ‘martyr’ for John Pearson ?)
    She could have got that advice straight from ian duncan smith.

    > You aren’t even allowed a legal witness on their
    Says who??? dwp and their mates? Well they would claim that wouldnt they.

    She has a dated consultants letter, dated sick notes and dated medication, along with whatever the dwp has done since.
    Any honest police officer would call that *evidence*…. and you *can* go with her to a police station.


      1. > Yes I have
        To a police station? Coooool.
        Did you record it? 😀

        Seriously avoid the dwp’s own ‘appeals’ it only inflicts extreme stress and harm… (*really* bad for someone with a heart condition)…
        They almost got me that way :/ … until I found out that my “advisors” the local CAB are getting bribed for their bad advice by the dwp (cab’s accounts are online at the charities commission). They even stole legal aid for it (“independent and impartial” yeah right – Fraud).


  3. If you don’t like my comments then delete them, it’s your blog.

    How do you know about what is happening to this woman? Did she come to you to try and get some help? Is she too scared / intimidated to do it all on her own?
    So what are you advising? Do nothing?

    > cliched snipe at the left
    Because that is all that they do, left right centre or wherever.
    ian duncan smiths little helpers.

    *Inaction* speaks louder than words.


    1. No I like your comments. I have advised her to appeal and also to see her m. P etc. I’ve advised her to do everything that is possible. I know this woman and she is keeping me posted. Unfortunately you can’t just send people in especially without their permission. And we can’t force anyone to do anything but we can advise them. You aren’t even allowed a legal witness on their. We do our best.


  4. What’s happening with that woman?

    Have you called the police and adult protection yet? Before she has a heart attack.




    1. Be careful about this advice Charlotte. The advisor shows his/her motivation with their cliched snipe at the left. You can’t go calling in the police or social services without the agreement of the adult concerned.


  5. Meanwhile…

    For protecting yourself with recordings, search ebay for ‘voice recorder’ (the ones around £12 with speaker and three buttons on the front are fab).

    For reporting any wrongdoing online you’ll probably want to make recordings ‘troll safe’ (blanking out your personal information).
    One of the best audio editors, used by lots of podcasters is ‘Audacity’ and it’s *Free* –
    You can also use Audacity to directly record too. A ‘tie-clip’ type microphone taped to a phones earpice works great for phonecalls. (Yes recording *your own* communications is completely legal).

    Video is of course much more powerful than audio. But the cheap ‘spy’ cameras I’ve tried have v.poor sound quality and a lens with a narrow angle of view (you get 30 minutes of someone’s elbow).
    But for about £20-40 you can get some great little hd video cameras with good sound and very wide angle lenses. But they need to be ‘hacked’ to make them wearable and with bigger longer lasting lithium batteries.
    Editing can be done with windows movie maker.

    btw. was that comment I spammed with all the police and crimes links too long for moderation? Sorry about that.


  6. > have tweeted Tameside council, quinn and Taylor as well lol

    Oooh… and another thing…

    Local authorities are ahem.. “RESPONSIBLE” for protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse. (POVA)
    Abuse of Vulnerable Adults –

    Click to access No_secrets__guidance_on_developing_and_implementing_multi-agency_policies_and_procedures_to_protect_vulnerable_adults_from_abuse.pdf


    Here is Tameside Council’s ‘official’ line –

    Here is who is “RESPONSIBLE” –
    and here –

    Click to access leadershipteam.pdf


    Yup – Neglect IS Misconduct in Public Office that is Perverting the Course of Justice.


      1. Ta 🙂

        I only know all of this c**p because they’re doing it all to me here… I’m in their ‘wrag’ group… getting all of those criminal abusers off my back and into prison where they belong certainly counts as a “work related activity”. :p


  7. >She went in with her consultants letter, her sick notes and all of her medication… >she’s at a high risk of having a heart attack

    Again –
    Misconduct in Public Office –
    “wilful excesses of official authority;”
    “‘malicious’ exercises of official authority;”
    “wilful neglect of a public duty;”
    “intentional infliction of bodily harm, imprisonment, or other injury upon a person;
    frauds and deceits.”

    Criminal Attempts Act 1981 – (attempting to cause injury/death)

    Abuse of Vulnerable Adults –
    In England

    Common Assault/Battery/ABH/GBH/Attempted Murder

    Call the Police… And record everything the police do/don’t do too.


    1. Oh yes. I advise everyone to audio record. Unfortunately I only found out after this had happened. I can’t tell her to but I can advise her. These are all crimes and they should be held accountable for them


  8. I’ve been asked to go to these meetings several times. I was told by the woman phoning me that they are non compulsory so I haven’t been. Can they dock your ESA for not going to a non compulsory meeting? My ESA is already docked for council tax etc and I only receive £50 per week, well under the £62 that they are supposed to leave you to live on. Confused and scared!


    1. Basically they do what they want. Even if it is illegal. Always cover yourself. But if you haven’t attended before and recieved your money it’s a good sign. However they like to act illegally so always be aware of that and never trust them


  9. Did you advise her to also see her councillor and her MP Charlotte? I know there is a widespread and justified view that most councillors and MPs are a waste of space but doing this can help to open up faultlines within the Tameside Council regime. What we have to bear in mind when considering the significance of this particular Jobcentre in Ashton is that it is the first Universal Credit pilot office and that Tameside Council is as ‘thick as thieves’ with the government in developing Universal Credit. Don’t forget that Council Leader Keiran Quinn was named by Miliband last year as leader of a task force to save the failing UC system.


    1. I’m on a mission now john to expose each and every illegal and immoral activity that occurs in that Jobcentre and others. Am meeting boycott workfare later to discuss matters and hopefully bring back more info. We are all doing a fantastic job. I’m like a dog with a bone at the mo… Im as they say on a mission lol


  10. Is Atos still involved? I thought they had been shown the door due to their bad press(not their incompetency of course)


    1. They’ve been taken over or are still in the process of being taken over by a different company but same situation but a different name… Just following the governments orders Im afraid!!


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