Ashton under lyne Jobcentre…. G4S security staff threatening two defenceless women.

Well you couldn’t make it up. It’s sad that we aren’t making it up. But the following is true and I only wish it wasn’t true. Please read and join me in being disgusted about the way Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre condones such behaviour.
Thursday was our usual demonstration day. This week there was only 6 of us. Myself and another woman, and 4 men. We aren’t a threat, we are indeed very peaceful as we believe that violence isn’t an answer. We were stood outside the Jobcentre giving out information and help to passers by. Whilst doing this we happened to glance into the Jobcentre. Not hard to do because of the windowed front of the building. We weren’t causing any trouble and we weren’t even making a noise because our mega phone has broken. We were just standing there peacefully.
A member of the public came out of the Jobcentre rather pale in the face and was shocked. She said “I’m sorry to bother you but that security guard has just threatened to punch you.” We were a bit alarmed and asked her what had happened. She said that she was doing a job search and the security guard shouted “If they turn round and smile through that window one more time, I’m going to go out there and punch them” I asked which security guard it was….. The description matched the security guard that had tried charging at me through the doors but was stopped by my cries of help… He’s also raised his fist at me in the past.
It gets worse…. She went in to complain again as she had already reported it to the desk manager who clearly did nothing as he was still out there laughing at us. Ashton under Lyne Jobcentre refused to give her his name or badge number and refused to do anything else saying “he’s a well liked member of staff”.
Well this will be going further. Spread this far and wide. Can you imagine how intimidated members of the public are when they enter that building? They guard the door, watch your every move and throw you out if you get upset when you’ve been given an unlawful sanction.
How can this be right? It isn’t. Mark my words we will be back on Thursday and we will remain peaceful as ever.
Please come and join us peacefully. There’s strength in numbers and we need to show them that they cannot be allowed to threaten anyone like that.

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27 thoughts on “Ashton under lyne Jobcentre…. G4S security staff threatening two defenceless women.”

  1. Cooool.

    >”but it didn’t describe exactly how harsh they were with us”
    quelle surprise :/
    Does the Morning Star support The Judean People’s Front… or The People’s Front of Judea?

    Anyway, remember –
    Witness Intimidation –

    Especially, Part 5 –
    “(5)The intention required by subsection (1)(c) and the motive required by subsection (2)(c) above need not be the only or the predominating intention or motive with which the act is done or, in the case of subsection (2), threatened.”

    They can make up as many ‘just following orders’ and ‘dog ate my homework’ excuses as they like… any more s*** from them IS Witness Intimidation and Misconduct in Public Office.


  2. errrmmm I missed one, so more spam.. 🙂

    Unum pay University’s fee
    Then say “I can do science me”
    Fakers claim ‘I’ve been bashed’
    When insurance cheques cashed
    They are “cured” miraculously

    (The dwp’s “It Works” online “Therapy” anyone?)

    How did your interview, and this weeks demo go?
    Any more s*** from them? or are they crawling under their rocks… for now.


    1. It went really well she did a good job but it didn’t describe exactly how harsh they were with us. And the g4s goons were as good as gold yesterday. The one that threatened U.S. Was out of sight because I doubt he has been sacked. It was very quiet lol. Going to update this blog later


  3. Um, As you like a bit of poetry I thought that I would spam this to you….
    ( sorry 🙂 )

    So you think that Atos/Maximus are bad?…


    Sick General Practitioner Swart
    J**ks off, by inflicting Tort
    He rants and he lies
    But here’s the surprise
    Recording his voice gets him caught

    (audio, and his lies coming soon-ish)

    Ravenscourt surgery staff
    Think their job’s just to have a laugh
    They’ll rubberneck harm
    Think lying’s the charm
    Makes honest folk just want to barf

    (audio etc coming soon-ish)

    Psy-col-o-gists are not ‘Pro’
    Fake ‘Doc.terates’ claim it is so (their phd’s are not in medicine)
    They talk loads of woo
    Then lie about you
    Lets nursey go “poota sez no”

    (audio etc coming soon-ish)

    Cardiff and Vale bought new software
    My privacy’s wrecked and they don’t-care
    “Four thousand plus” voyeurs
    None of them lawyers
    Perv through all the lies that are up-there

    (Do you think that ahem.. “therapy” sessions are confidential? I did.)
    Here’s a video about their – Jimmy Savile Memorial Porn and Grooming site –
    [video src="" /]
    (P.A.R.I.S – Perverts Are Reading It Secretly)
    (audio, reports etc coming soon-ish)

    The Uni does pseudo-sci stuff
    Mock ‘research’ that’s nothing but fluff
    Steal my whole life!? NOT
    In hell they can rot
    Fake ‘treatment’ for data? ..enough

    (since when have harm inflicting Non-consensual medical experiments been legal?… from Unum funded cardiff university)

    Internal complaints just waste time
    Designed, to cover up crime
    Investigate naught
    So mates don’t get caught
    Ignoring the proof that they’re lyin’

    (audio coming soon-ish)

    “Obsolete” Whitchurch “cookoos nest”
    Can jail me for just being a pest
    On the word of a shrink
    Who will lie. d’you think?
    Nurse Webber was them, but at their best,+Whitchurch+Hospital,+Cardiff,+Wales,+UK
    —— police thought their lies mine?
    So didn’t investigate crime
    GBH done
    No justice won
    Hope ‘health care’ staff made to do time

    (audio coming soon-ish)

    I’m trying to raise the alarm
    On employees who inflict harm
    Got ‘post’? stress disorder
    A sound recorder
    plus plenty of Proof and no qualm

    (audio coming soon-ish. It’s all legally obtained, completely admissible, *evidence*)


  4. My blog’s still blank… had it a couple of months but I’m still trying to get over all the latest criminal abuse… It’s a proper website, based in Iceland so that I can name names without ‘them’ getting it taken down with empty threats of Libel.

    And after five years of it I have *tonnes* of evidence (about 15Gb, stored in lots of places), mostly audio and document scans, some video… and it’s not just the dwp… e.g. nhs sickos make atos look like pussycats.

    So, not really sure where to start… probably with the latest, from ‘wrag’ group lowlife called WorkingLinks…. Their latest criminal abuse is about due now (it’s every three months).

    Have you made some sort of ‘official’ complaint about the threats you’ve had?… They’ll cover it up of course but it’s useful to get the paperwork… then next time you get *any* threats of financial harm (sanction threats count) you can go “Witness Intimidation” back at them officially, and have the evidence to prove it.

    Yup… the cheap ‘spy’ video cameras are cr*p (but better than nothing)…


  5. Gnnnn, more trolling from me 🙂

    Well… ‘no publicity is bad publicity’

    It’s just good to be aware of where that journalist *might* be coming from…. (like knowing a bit about the law, information is power)
    If you don’t have one get a voice recorder and record the interview, plenty of cheap and really good ones on ebay. The ones around £12 with a built in speaker are fab, saved my life more that once (yes really).

    I doubt that her ‘piece’ would be a stitch-up, probably very positive about you, but I also doubt that the finished article will have much, if any, critisism of poor-down-trodden-dwp-workers.

    Give em hell 🙂


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    1. Ta chuck. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, how hungry and tired we get, if we get threatened again by the G4S goons we are watched by the police anyway… Or if we get any negative press…. We will still be outside the Jobcentre xx. I’ve got nothing to loose and help to give


      1. I don’t think that her story will be negative, probably very positive…. but in a ‘standing up to the Tories and nasty big private company’ sort of way.

        > ” if we get threatened again by the G4S goons we are watched by the police anyway…”

        The police will be watching you…. and turning a bling eye to their dwp/g4s mates.
        You have to watch them yourselves, video?

        BTW – their threats are also Witness Intimidation (most parts of that crime don’t need an investigation to have been started)

        I have to get round to doing my blog… You should hear how police officers behave… It’ll include a cheif inspector. :/



      2. Oh yes we have the police watching us every week. We’ve been doing these demos for ages now and it’s to be expected am used to that now. Shows that we are making a difference I think. Send me the link for your blog I’d like to read it


  6. From Twitter –
    @JayneLinney do u have contact for someone there on day? would u b so kind and put us in touch? need comment for piece i want to write on it

    Joana Ramiro
    @JoanaRamiroUK to get in touch c


    1. Hi seercharlotte71,
      Sorry to be a bit trollish on here (I’ll stop after this)….

      If you meet up with Joana Ramiro could you please ask her a couple of questions from me?

      Why is her newspaper, the Morning Star, happy to defend all of those sick lowlife sub-human criminal abusers at the dwp/jobcentre???

      Is she aware that the ‘Nuremberg defense’ – “Ve voz just following orders” didn’t work then, and does not work now???

      Is she aware that no one is putting a gun to the heads of those dwp swine?
      They can say “No”.
      They can go and get an honest job.
      They don’t because they’re getting themselves off on their criminal abuse.

      “Solidarity”? Yeah Right.



      1. Think she needs to stand with us and talk to the victims of this Jobcentre and all the other Job centres. We need to stand up to the bullies. And if she shows us in bad light her paper will get boycotted by many people


  7. Tho… I would say that there are a lot of ‘unofficial’ scumbags too… the few advice forums remaining now seem completely polluted with fakers and trolls spreading public sector friendly bad advice and misinformation.

    A lot of political crazies too… i.e the sort who think that union members can never ever ever do anything wrong ever and it’s all the nasty bosses fault.

    And of course all the ones who think that Monty Python’s – Life Of Brian is an instructional video.


  8. No. ThankYou, Hero.

    I’ve set up a blog for my five years of crime and abuse from all of those sickos… but it’s still blank… just trying to listen to those criminals is extremely difficult (a ptsd thing)… but it will be up, eventually….


    1. When it’s up I can’t wait to read it. It’s rotten it really is. We are going on legal observer courses and I met people yesterday who were very helpful and gave me lots of info. Boycott workfare are also right behind us as well. We all need to stand together against these oppressors


      1. Yes, it’s like trying to report paedophiles in the 1970’s
        I’ve had nothing but silence and/or corruption from all of them – police, ipcc, dwp, atos, wrag, local council, pova, ico, nhs, ombudsman, mp, cab, mind. Even direct emails to ian duncan smith and david cameron. (jimmy savile fanclub)
        Cameras, recorders, youTube and blogs are the only protection we have.


  9. Checkout –

    Common Assault, contrary to section 39 Criminal Justice Act 1988 –
    “An assault is committed when a person intentionally or recklessly causes another to apprehend the immediate infliction of unlawful force.”
    “A battery is committed when a person intentionally and recklessly applies unlawful force to another.”

    Just the threat is Common Assault.

    Jobcentre G4S staff do count as “Public Officers” so also checkout –
    Misconduct in Public Office –

    Misconduct in Public Office also counts for all those malicious reasons for sanctions that you’ve blogged about –
    “wilful excesses of official authority;”
    “‘malicious’ exercises of official authority;”
    “wilful neglect of a public duty;”
    “intentional infliction of bodily harm, imprisonment, or other injury upon a person;
    frauds and deceits.”

    The thing is, you need *evidence*. Video or audio DO count. And if any of them use excuses/lies to ignore that evidence –
    Perverting The Course of Justice –

    Try finding a lawyer willing to give you advice about criminal offences, I can’t find one. Not one.
    All they want to do is ambulance chase for insurance cash.
    This is stuff that we have to find out about ourselves. It might seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of how laws are written it’s pretty simple.

    The most important thing – get evidence.


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